F1 Visa Students Have Work Opportunities Too

F1 visa job opportunities

College is expensive. It’s no secret, and many students find themselves working at least part-time to finance their education and living expenses. But working during college is not just about making money, it’s also about building a resume and gaining first-hand experience in your field of study. International students have even fewer options when they find themselves with empty pockets and an entry-level resume. But there are options for international students too!

As an F1 visa holder, you are considered an academic student in the US. You must maintain full-time status at an accredited university, college, or other academic institution that is authorized to accept international students. F-1 students are allowed to accept on-campus jobs, with certain restrictions and regulations, but are not allowed to work off-campus, like a typical US student can, during the first year of their academics. After the first year, your international office and the Department of Homeland Security can grant special permission for you to work off-campus. There are three program options that a student can apply for for off-campus work:

Curricular Practical Training (CPT)

What is CPT? Check out this descriptive CPT article for more information.

Optional Practical Training (OPT) (pre-completion or post-completion)

What is OPT? Check out this descriptive OPT article for more information.

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Optional Practical Training Extension (OPT)

Graduates in the STEM fields – science, technology, engineering and mathematics – can apply to extend their OPT for an additional 17 months to increase their hands-on education. In this case, the total time available for post-graduation OPT can be up to 29 months.

All of these programs require your job to related directly to your area of study. Working off-campus without one of these three types of special permission is a huge violation of your F-1 visa and could result in the revocation of your visa. InternationalStudent.com has put together a comprehensive resource regarding this topic. Check out their Working in the US section for more information on eligibility and applying for these work opportunities.

Read more about OPT and CPT health insurance options

Keep in mind that it is crucial to have health insurance while in the USA to protect you from any unexpected illnesses or accidents while abroad. We offer student health insurance plans perfect for your F1 visa status:

Posted by Victoria Troupe

Victoria is currently a marketing specialist with Envisage International. She has had the opportunity to live and study around the world, including Germany, Poland, and China. A native of Wyoming, Victoria received her Bachelor's degree from the University of Wyoming, her MBA from the University of North Florida and her Master's of Intercultural Communication from Fachhochschule Köln, in Cologne, Germany.

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MarwA says:

I need that visa

richard says:

hello how are you doing today i want to fine out if u can convert my f1 visa to a working visa

Hi Richard, check with your international student office to see what your options are. Your employer will need to sponsor your working visa. Good luck!

Sreebalaji says:

I am planning to do Under graduate degree in US. I already selected university of potomac virginia campus.
I want to know Under graduate students can able to do part time jobs while studying ? Kindly suggest

Bryanna Davis says:

Hi Sreebalaji,

It will depend on your situation. You will want to contact your international student office for further guidance on this. Good luck!

Wafa E says:

Dear Victoria,
My brother is currently taking English Courses in New York, he is there on account of my sister studying at a college paid for by our government ( our family is kind of strict about him accompanying her) . He has an F1 visa but unlike my sister his studies are not paid for. Is there any way he can get part time employment?
Thank you

Your brother may be eligible to work on campus. Tell him to check with his advisor to see what his specific options are. Good luck!

Max says:

Hi victoria. This is my second year studying in US. Since I am on F1 visa I am not allowed to even on campus. Would you help me?

Max, unfortunately, I cannot help you. You’ll need to ask your school advisor to see what your options are. Good luck!

inshaf says:

hI victoria..for f1 visa per week how many hours can work

You can work up to 20 hours per week while school is in session. Check out this article for more info: http://www.internationalstudent.com/study_usa/way-of-life/working-in-the-usa/

Maria says:

I have a student with an F1 Visa and OPT eligible to work in the STEM field wanting to work with our organizaton (this would be consider work outside of school or off campus). As his employer, would I need to sponsor his Visa?

Hi Maria, Check with the DSO at his/her school to find out what their OPT process is. Good luck!

kirat says:

hii victoria…i have f1 visa..what will happen when i start work of campus illegaly..and i leave my study

Kirat, you cannot legally work off of campus unless you apply for a work visa and your employer sponsors you. If you quit your studies you are required to leave the US within 60 days. Otherwise, you’ll be deported.

Varun says:


I am applying for an F1 Visa and need to mention a sponsor. If I mention my brother as my sponsor (he is working in the US on an H1B), will it affect my chances of getting a VISA? Also, if he is sponsoring me, where do I need to submit the I-134 affidavit? During my Visa Interview here at my local consulate (in Hyderabad, India) or somewhere else?


Ajay Sharma says:


i want to do MBA from Southern State university. i talk to them already but they said i can not work on f1 visa as part time even.

i did some research too but some articles says i cant work and some says i can work for 20 hours a week.

bit confused, please help me

Ajay, F-1 students are only allowed to work on campus, part-time. If the school does not offer this option, then you are not allowed to work at all, unless you qualify for OPT or CPT.

ZC says:

Hi Victoria, I have a peculiar though real question: can F-1 students maintain a job in their home country? Note that the job is not a US job, but in her home country. She can perform her job duties remotely (online, phone calls, etc.), and the employer is not a US company. Will such job arrangement violate any F-1 rules?

Thanks a lot for your advice!

P.S. Of course she’s a full-time student in excellent standing, at a very reputable university.

Thanks for the great question. I would double check with the embassy or with her DSO officer to confirm that it is okay to do that.

Mariana says:


I am currently a film student on an F-1 visa. I want to know if there is any possibility at all to get a job that isn’t really related to my area of study. I live in Orlando and I would like to apply for Disney World’s college program but as I said, this position would not be directly related to my area of study which is film. Is there any sort of option for me to be able to do this or am I just unable to ever apply for a position that isn’t related to my major?

Thank you in advance!

Mariana, it is a violation of your F-1 visa to work off-campus unless you meet certain qualifications. Read more here: http://www.internationalstudent.com/study_usa/way-of-life/working-in-the-usa/

Aatef Nazar says:

Hey. I will be joining for a filmmaking course in New York and will be there on an F1 visa.
I have enough relevant experience to get a job in the film industry .
Since it is my field of study is it a violation of rules ? If not should this work be in internship more or part time mode ?
A friend of mine who was learning hotel management worked 2 jobs while studying as a chef and he worked for more than 40 hours a week. This was over 10 years back . Is that allowed today ?

You’ll need to check with the DSO in your school’s international office. They will need to give you permission to work on or off campus.

You’ll need to check with the DSO in your school’s international office.

Babak Nikpour says:

I am an international student currently studying at UH since Spring 2015. My visa status is F1 and because of my On-Campus job I have social security number.
there are two questions:
1- If it is legal as a teleworker, I work for a foreign company ( Ex a Chinese one ) and they pay me directly to one of my accounts in USA?
2- Am I eligible to be active in US stock market ( By and sell stocks) and make some money based on this activity in US?
I am looking forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

yours faithfully

Check with your DSO about these questions. They will know best.

Jasdeep says:

Hey, I’ve completed my first year as an international student in the US. I was wondering if i’d be eligible to work in stores or Starbucks or any other such places under CPT or OPT or whatever.
My major is business accounting, and if any of the above aren’t real options, what would you suggest would be the possible opportunities with my major.

You must speak with your DSO at your school’s international office to see what options you have. Good luck!

Sandra says:

Hi , I work with a girls and she’s have student visa.She here for about 2 and half years and she’s working 47 hours a week , under the table cash.She’s a part time student.Is she allowed to work this amount of hours a week and out off campus?Im american and she’s doing so many illegal things at work under the boss supervision and mistreat so many at the facility.

It is possible to work off-campus if a student has official permission from their international office and if the work is related to their studies.

Marta says:

Hi Victoria,
I am currently in the USA with a F1 visa. I did the process of applying for the F1 visa while in the USA and was accepted, USCIS sent me a new 1-94 that is valid through duration of status.
I want to visit my family during winter vacation, what do I need to do so I can come back in the USA since I do not have the actual visa stamped in my passport?


Hi Marta! Check with your the DSO at your school to make sure your documentation is set and that you are able to return to the US if you leave.

Hailin says:


I am a F-1 student. And I am applying vacation semester in Fall semester. Is F-1 student eligible to apply Full time CPT during vacation semester? Thanks

Hailin, check with the DSO at your school to see if you are eligible for this.

Nathan says:

Hi Victoria,
Currently I am on a F1 visa, full time international student in Chicago going into my junior year. Do I need to apply for a CPT to work as a telemarketer at home or do you know if there are any exceptions or other ways I can do it without? Please let me know.


Nathan, check with your DSO to see what you are eligible for. Good luck!

Omar says:

Hi Victoria
I have F1 visa and I study in Ohio.
I found Online job. The company that I will work with is located in UK.
Is it Ok to work Online??
Thank you

Omar, check with your DSO to see what you are eligible for. Good luck!

Aref says:

Hi Victoria
Iam an F1 Visa , and in the first semester .

If i found a company that can sponsor me from now , can i go ahead and work from now , or shall i wait tell the year is finished ?

Aref, check with your DSO to see what you are eligible for. Good luck!

Mai says:

I know that students on OPT have 90 unemployed days. Can a remote work (US company and I am in the US) be used as employment? Thanks.

You’ll need to check with your DSO to make sure you are within your visa stipulations.

Howie says:

what if I was working off campus and was told to quit to stay out of trouble and did then the employer later tried to sponsor me and told the school what he was trying to do and the school said they had to report it that I had been working and now I am being told I have 10 days to get out of the country what are my options I am a senior and want to graduate and try to get a job in my field. Thanks

Howie, it is a violation of your F visa to work off-campus without permission. Check with your DSO to see what your options are. Good luck!

DC says:

Hi Victoria,
Im a F-1 student and I was considering being an Uber driver. Is that considered off campus employment?

Yes, that is considered off-campus employment. This could violate your visa terms, so check with the DSO at your school to see what your options are. Good luck!

paulina says:

Is there any way you can work with an F1 visa and study part time??

No. Besides the situations I’ve explained above (CPT, OPT, STEM OPT) you cannot work full-time with an F-1 visa. Check out more information here: http://www.internationalstudent.com/study_usa/way-of-life/working-in-the-usa/

Volunteer for F1 visa says:

I just started my academic studying 2months ago and I found a chance to volunteer as ab assistant teacher in public school and my major is education. Is it illegal to take this opportunity?
Please I need your answer
Thank you

Hello! Check with the DSO at your school to see what your options are. Good luck!

fawad yousaf says:

i want study and part time job in usa i need help to carry on my process..

Alm says:

Hi Victoria,

I’m a F1 student. I was considering an online job, completing surveys for new products and get paid. Will this online job violate my F1 visa terms

Hello! Check with the DSO at your school to see what your options are. Good luck!

Sundram says:

Hi Victoria

I am from India , I done ITI in electrician, Diploma in Electrical Engineer and B-Tech in electrical and having exprience in my field.

Now i git to do MBA full time opportunity in USA on F1 visa… Please advise me can i work in my field in first year or not ,if work then how much hours.

Please advise .

Sundram Saini

Hello! Check with the DSO at your school to see what your options are. Good luck!

arun sharma dahal says:


I am from nepal and now studying in class 12 and i want to styudy in usa for my bachelor degree and i want to ask u that “May i process right now or can’t process until i get the result of class 12 ?”

Hi Arun. you can start applying to colleges and universities in the US right away to start the process. Once you’re accepted, you’ll be issued an I-20 and can then apply for your visa. Here is a good place to find compare schools in the US: http://www.internationalstudent.com/

arun sharma dahal says:

you had gave me a good suggestion and i had opened a link that you gave me but in that link i couldn’t process it is for phd and master degree. In my country there is no proper education system because there is a lots of political instability and many strike occurs in my country so that our education system is not running properly so that for my carrier i want to study in USA and i am recently at high school and my school is going to over and i would like to join in usa for my bachelor degree.will you please send me a link for bachelor degree universites to process right now or i can’t process right now until i got the result…

Arun, the link I provided is for all US colleges and universities including undergraduate degrees. Best of luck.

dacha says:

hey, how does your college find out the amount of hours you are working, meaning how can they make sure you don’t work more?
And, is getting money from a friend in the US (not directly working for them) and paying bills with it acceptable?

If you’re found working more than is allowed while on the student visa, you could be deported immediately. Make sure to check with your advisor to be sure you are within your limits.

Rama says:

I’m a student counselor. My student is going on a f1 visa to USA for 2 year course. His friend owns a startup and he was employed with his friend’s company(in home country-not USA). Student wants to help and continue the work as he was a important member of startup. Student wants to help the startup in free time remotely from USA. I have 3 questions:
1 – can the student be employed with that company(not in USA) and earn salary in home country?
2- if point 1 is not allowed, can student still be employed but not earn salary?
3- If point 2 is allowed, because student is not earning salary, should he mention this to the university?

Andrew says:

Hello Victoria,

I would like to know if on student visa (F1 visa) is it legal/permissible to work full time/part time in united states ? If yes what are the options available to a student to work while studying ? or if no then Can he discontinue his studies and convert his F1 visa to H1B visa while he is in united states ?

Appreciate your quick reply

F-1 students are allowed to accept on-campus jobs, with certain restrictions and regulations, but are not allowed to work off-campus like a typical US student can. After the first year, your international office and the Department of Homeland Security can grant special permission for you to work off-campus for OPT, CPT, or STEM. See the article above for more information.

Andrew says:

Can we transfer F1 visa to H1B visa if we get job after completion of our course /program

Kelvin says:

Hey Victoria.

I am Kelvin, thanks for your great responses for F1 students to get more clearly about everything. Well, i have a question for you. I have only 5 more classes to graduate, and my major is bookkeeping ( a bit relating with Income Tax). I have been received agreement to work for TAX Service Office, and my thoughts was a good opportunity to get more experiences and more knowledges. In this case, please give me some advices such as i can apply for a CPT program before i apply for an OPT Victoria? Thank you so much, and you have a great day.

HI Kelvin. Thanks for reading! Actually, you’ll want to ask your DSO to see what your options are. Good luck!

Hi Victoria says:

What’s the minimum a student can make with an f1 visa.

Sasidhar says:

Hi, I finished my Masters’ in one university in December 2015 and plan to start my PhD in another university in August 2016. I am on my OPT looking for jobs, but I did not receive my EAD card yet. I have two questions.

1.If I go back to my home country in the interim period before August 2016, do I need to apply for an F1 visa again, for my PhD?

2. Can I take up any jobs which allow me to work from home, before I receive my EAD card?

Thank you.

Arunima Roy says:

Hi Victoria,

My husband is planning to study in a premier institute in US. I understand he ‘ll be eligible for F1 or M1 Visa. Will there be any provisions for me to work part time to support him while he is on a student visa?

Hi Arunima,

Thanks for contacting us. Unfortunately F2 visa holders are not able to work while accompanying an F1 visa holder. Please keep in mind that you will need to prove to the embassy that you both have the financial means to live in the US without a working income before your F visas will be granted.

jagdish says:


recently i got i-20 from Trine university,Angola for MBA.i am coming to USA in next mount.i want to transfer my collage to Mississippi collage pleas tell me its passably r not.

Svana says:

Hi Victoria,
I am an international student-athlete and I have F-1 student visa. I am trying to work off campus for a part of the summer. It would not be related to my field of study but more like a “typical” summer job. So I just want to make sure that it is an option for me and I am not violating my F-1 visa terms?
Thank you,

Alex says:

Hi Victoria,
I was wondering how the DSOs finds out about f1 visa student violations if a student is, in fact getting paid under the table, or receiving other forms of payment? Im wondering because my best friends had a child with an international student. He has been publicly boasting his involvement with some catering business he started working for, helping out in the kitchen. He tells my friend that he can’t help her support their baby because he cannot legally work here and has stated that it is illegal for him to earn any kind of money because he’s a full time international student. Im only asking to try and help her because if the school had possibly let a bio major work in a kitchen the DSO should be responsible for approving this on paper. She also thinks it should be a priority form the school to provide some sort of documentation that he is indeed, receiving some form of income while here in the US. Thank you

Hi Alex,

Thanks for your question and I’m happy to respond on behalf of Victoria. There are a number of ways that the DSO may find out that a student is in violation of their F-1 visa status. If a student is worried about their financial situation, it would be best for them to contact their international student advisor. They may be able to provide alternative financial assistance.

Kathleen says:

Good Afternoon Victoria.

I have been studied English in USA for one year with a F-1 Visa. I already got a sponsor to get a job. My question if I can apply for a CTP or OPT if I have been studying only English for one year?.


Hi Kathleen,

Thanks for your message! To see whether you qualify for CPT or OPT, you will need to contact your international student advisor.

Howard Sanderson says:

Hello! I’m student in NYC with F1 visa. My question is on this official website,


F-1 students may not work off-campus during the first academic year, but may accept on-campus employment subject to certain conditions and restrictions. There are various programs available for F-1 students to seek off-campus employment, after the first academic year.

and also,

As an F1 student, you are not allowed to work off-campus unless authorized by the DSO (Designeated School Official). Off-campus employment is authorized by the DSO under extreme financial hardship caused by unforeseen circumstances beyond the student’s control ( Authorization comes from USCIS upon recommendation from school) or a CPT which is authorized by the school official in charge. Examples of this situations are, a severe devaluation in the currency of student’s home country, substantial increases in t he cost of tuition or costs of living or medical bills.
Off-campus authorized employment based on sever economic hardship is possible only after the student has been in proper status for at least one full academic year. In addiction, there are other conditions to be met and eligibility is determined by the school DSO.

So with these information, I can work off-campus in some circumstances, and some of my friends already done with this, but I dunno how to do this in a proper way, because like everyone, I need to work here.
Is there anybody have knowledge about this situation?

Hi Howard,

Thanks for your message. It would be best for you to contact the two websites that you’ve received this information from, or your international student office. They will be able to help with questions like these!

sunny says:

Hi, can i work as a software provisional with the student F1 visa ?

Hi Sunny,

Generally speaking students on an F1 visa aren’t allowed to work off campus, however specific questions like these would best be answered by an international counselor at your university.

hardey says:

pls can i transfer to cheaper uni in another state and also work to sponsor my education with f-1 visa. pls note i’m still in my country, i av got a fall admission. thank u

Hi Hardey,

Questions like this should be addressed to the university through which you’ve gained acceptance. They should be able to explain the transfer process.

Earl says:

Greetings. I have a particularly interesting scenario. I plan to travel from Jamaica to do an MBA at Brenau University in Atlanta on a student visa. This University does not offer on campus employment for graduate student neither do they have an OPT program. In this case what are my options for part-time employment as base on your suggestions I couldn’t work off campus for the first year? Are there any options for me?



Vidhi says:


I am on an F1 Visa in the US and I already have a SSN from working on campus. I have an offer for an Internship in 2 weeks. Is it possible for me to start Internship with the SSN from school and valid State ID?

Thank you!

Jose says:

I am currently in a PhD program on a F1 visa. I already have 2 master degrees and a MPhil but won’t get my PhD until May of 2017. I have the opportunity to apply to a job in an independent school. Can I legally apply to it and would this school be able to apply for a H1B visa for me. That is to say, can I go from F1 to H1B without having completed the program for which I got my F1 visa?


Hi Jose,

Thanks for your message, however these are questions best address to your international adviser. We wish you the best of luck!

jona says:


I am a first year F1 visa student and am planning to work during the summer and I have a social security number . Do I need a work permit? and if I do how do I get it?

Hi Jona,

Given your situation you should speak about job opportunities with an international adviser at your school. Not only will they be able to let you know if you’re eligible to work, they may even be able to suggest appropriate positions for you.

shelaik says:

I am holding F1 Visa and I already have done two semesters. i have full scholarship from my government however the situation over there has impeded receiving my stipend for a while. the question how can i get work permit please note that there is no on campus jobs avaliable

Hi Shelaik,

It would be best for you to contact your current college or university with questions relating to work permits. Best of luck!

Radha Hari says:

It ‘s for my cousin.Please advise – She recently graduated Masters in HR from Ohio State University .Holding F1 visa and Indian citizenship.Would like to work in the U.S. but unable to find jobs .Has 2 years work experience and done her interns in quickenloans.Kindly provide some assistance.
Thanks and regards.Rads

Hi Radha,

Thanks for writing us, but it would be best for your cousin to contact her institution for help finding jobs.

chinju mariam joseph says:

I am Chinju ,applied for F 1 visa, can I work fulltime

Hi Chinju,

Unfortunately we aren’t able to speak on your specific situation, but the international office at your school could be of great help!

siddhartha says:

hi victoria,
I did my masters in Automotive engineering(may 2016). My OPT starts from july 15th 2016. But I want to register in another school to pursue a course which has a duration of 5 months. At the same time can I continue my OPT?

Hi Siddhartha,

Unfortunately we aren’t able to answer questions like this as an insurance agencies office. It would be best for you to direct this question towards the school offering the 5 month course that you’re interested in.

Praveen says:


I am f1 graduate student who has done two semesters and back to my home country for a vacation(3 months).
I have an opportunity to work online for a travel agency located in USA
Is it legal to do online jobs from my hometown?


Ruby says:

Is it permissible for an F-1 student to work more than one year even if he is not interested to pursue his OPT? ‘though the student maintains full-time status at an accredited school.

Bryanna Davis says:

Hi Ruby,

F-1 students are allowed to work in the United States, but only under certain conditions and in accordance with restrictions issued by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service. You will want to contact your international student office for further guidance on this.

Nidhi says:


I am an international student In USA and working on campus. can I give Yoga classes off campus?
Thanks and looking forward to your reply.


Bryanna Davis says:

Hi Nidhi,

You would need to contact your international student office regarding this as it will depend on your situation.

preet says:

What if i get paid by hand in an off-campus job and not by bank?
One of my friends has been working as a security guard in australia for about 2 years now,and i think that the embassy would not get to know about it in the US also will they?

Jas says:

I am an F1 student and had a Master’s degree in May and would be continuing with another master’s program in August. Due to hardship in the month of June, I did an off campus job for 4 weeks and then stopped. Now I have to travelled out to my country and would be planing to renew my visa when coming. Please could there be a problem for me on this?


F-1 International Student can apply for SSN Card for Off-Campus Job in USA?

Pratiksha says:

Are international students allowed to do online jobs during their first year at college?

ishfaq ahmad says:

Dear Maam you are doing great great job here, keep it up maam. i had a qustion to ask i will be studying in the USA in 2017 all process for the admission has already been done my quesntion is if i get a work permit during my study tenure is it allowed to get Work permit and chnage F-1 visa to Work Permit visa, and would it be possible to study with work permit visa after revoking F-1 visa. ?

secondly whether being a F-1 visa holder my dependent like my wife with F-2 can work with me to support me and daily expenses.

kind regards

Ishfaq ahmad from UAE

Amir Olmos says:


I am a F-1 international student currently living in Texas, United Sates. I would like to know why my current college do not allow me to look for off- campus jobs. My international advisor in my current institution told me we all take the risk of being removed from F-1 status if migration catch us working under the table.

My question is: Why as international students paying high tuition rates and all at school way expensive have not the opportunity to work outside campus after a certain among of time? I been studying in the US for two years and still having the same answer from the international student office. Fortunately, I still having one year remaining before my visa expires. I have been making relations with different people and they had offered me a lot of job opportunities, but since my status is different they are not allow to hire international students.

What can we do to solve this problem and make our living standards so much better? We would like to work in other places, big companies, and big businesses.

The only thing we asking for is for legal permission to work outside campus. I would continue fighting to pursue this dream we all been waiting for. Where are those opportunities?

Best Regards ,
Amir Olmos

Mohsin says:

Hi Victoria,
How are you doing today?

I want to ask a question that i’m currently residing in Pakistan and completed a graduation with BBA with a reputable university but i want to study more in US with F-1 Visa. Can i do a job to fulfill my study? Except campus? I mean earning in the campus would not be enough for my education, Food and other expenses. I want to do all myself without any sponsor.

Best regards

Yaseen says:

i need job with study.

Ishan says:

I have my CPT approved from DSO, but it was advised that I am not eligible to work during holidays or summer vacation. However, I read all regulations on USCIS and ICE and I have not seen such restriction. Could you please confirm. Thank you.


Hi Ishan,

Thanks for your message, but we aren’t able to assist with specific questions like this. Perhaps your school would be a better resource?

Johana Navas says:


I am a F-1 international student, and I got an employment authorization to work off-campus due economic hardship. My question is: Can I work as Uber driver?

Thanks and Regards

Leah Hammond says:

Hi Johana,

Thank you for visiting our blog. Unfortunately, we are only able to assist with your insurance needs at this time. I would suggest checking with your school or possible with the Department of State visa office to find out if your are able to be an Uber driver while holding a valid F1 visa. Best of luck!

Fahad says:

How can i get permission form university to work off campus as waiter in new york?

Alex says:


I have an F1 visa and I was wondering if as long as I don’t work more than 20 hours I could have 2 jobs at the same time at my University?

krishna says:

I am working remotely for an end client located in Connecticut and my employer is located in New Jersey, where I am also currently residing. I need to apply for stem extension in couple of weeks, what are your suggestions. My employer does provide me training and proper guidance, what details should I mention in I-983 form. What should I provide in work location, my residence or company’s location?

Hi Krishna,

Thanks for your email, but we’re unable to help complete your form. Your employer is likely able to help you though!

Fawa says:

Im ginna follow the English course for 8 weeks but F1 visa validation for 1 year so when i done my course, is it allowed to do the full time or part time job

Leah Hammond says:

Hi Fawa,

Thank you for your email. Unfortunately, we are only able to assist with your health insurance needs. We would suggest contacting your school, or the embassy to find out if you are able to have a full time or part time job.

Have a great day!

Kay says:

I will be taking a certificate course for 9 months in the US with an F1 visa.
Am I eligible for an OPT after 9 month of full time school if it is only a certificate? (UCLA extension program)

I know I can apply for an OPT after 9 months but I am specifically wondering if I will get one since I will not receive a “degree” technically.

Bryanna Davis says:

Hi Kay,

Unfortunately we’re only able to help you with questions on finding insurance during your OPT period. A good place to start to have your OPT questions answered is your international student office. Good luck!

Jonas says:

Hello I study In institute in Manhattan and I would like to have a job and maybe I’ll work with my friend
My institute doesn’t offer any jobs so if I work with my friend in his shop what will happened if they know that ? You said for someone asked you they will force you to leave US within 60 days because he already quit from his studying !! But what about if someone study and work off camps without the permission ?
And please tell me more how can I take permission to work off campus please spesific details thank you


Michael says:

Hi Victoria,
I was just wondering if a F-1 student got money (passive income) from online platforms/apps, by selling unused clothes, or even freelancing, or being a tour guide for some tourists. Will that be considered violating the regulations?

Anthony says:

Hi Victoria,
I have a F-1 visa with full scholarship. However, I have some my paintings and drawing which I sell online. Will that be considered violating the regulations? What should I do if I would like to sell my paintings online?

kiran says:

i am kiran actually i am an international student f1visa is it possible i join in army ,bank jobs,or any governement jobs

Bryanna Davis says:

Hi Kiran,

Thanks for visiting. You would need to contact your international student office to confirm if you would be eligible to work while studying. If you have any questions about insurance during your studies please let us know.

Silviya says:

Thank You for the helpful blogpost and the opportunity to interact and get valuable information.
I have 2 questions: I have a Freelancer account. I know freelancing on F1 is illegal, but my question is: Should I shut this account down before my visa interview, or as long as I don’t log in and bid, it is ok to keep it?
My second question is: I know it is illegal to operate a business on F1 unless I do it under an OPT permission. So what happens if I own a business in my home country?

Thank You for Your time and for throwing a little light on the mysterious labyrinth of the US legislation.

Bryanna Davis says:

Hi Silviya,

Thanks for your message. As mentioned in the blog, working off-campus without one of these three types of special permission (OPT, CPT or STEM OPT extension)is a huge violation of your F-1 visa and could result in the revocation of your visa. I would recommend contacting your international student office for further guidance on this.

Maria says:

What if I am provided with an F1 visa, I was told initially the only party allowed to hire me was the university for a maximum of 20 hrs. But, is it allowed to provide particular services as tutoring or babysitting, or something like that? I mean, is not like a contract with any party, just yourself trying to make some money for the living with some additional tasks?

Thanks for your help and comments

Aashutosh says:

I wanted to have an undergraduate degree in US and i already have an university in mind but i have some financial problems and i would not be able to pay for hostels and stuff therefore for my accommodation there i wanted to work off campus. So can i work there off campus on an F1 visa and if not then what should i do …?

Hassan says:

I am student of intermediate from Pakistan can I get the admission in any newyork university for graduation with part time job to bear my study expenditures I am interested in electrical engineering.

Vijay Kumar says:

Hello sir,
My name is Vijay Kumar and I am a student of 11th grade from Pakistan. I am planning to join any New York university for my further studies. I want to do ACCA and willing to study in U.S. So my question is can I apply for F-1 visa, after my intermediate, with a permission of working somewhere because I cannot totally rely on my parents to fullfill my expenditures.

Thankyou. Waiting for hearing from you soon.

Ernestine vafee says:

Dear sir. I am Ernestine Vafee from Liberia I have make like 8 months here know nothing about the United state and I am on student visa my father is here studying at the Duke University…..and I have a sister here I am thinking of working at the same time going to school I am in the 11 grade……….and don’t have a citizenship yet……..

Sharon says:

One of my neighbors is in the US on a F1 visa. He graduated with aeronautics degree May 2016. He began working through the school teaching flying. He just received permission to continue working through the school, still teaching flying for 3 years. He is no longer attending school. How is this possible?

Sujit Biswas says:

Are F1 students are eligible for online icome in USA. if Yes, what would be the process for taxation and F1 status? Would you please let us know. Thanks

Hi Sujit,

Thanks for your comment! Unfortunately, we are not able to answer questions in relations to F1 visa holders and online income. If you have any questions about health insurance coverage while in the US, we’d be more than happy to assist.

Rose says:

Hello My Name Is Rose,

I Got my visa Online today Appointment/Visa Application Email them at bancarlos007@gmail.com Now for help and further inquiries.

Thank You..

Mrs.Alryad says:

I changed my visa to F2 after graduated from U.S. to stay with my husband until he done. Is F2 visa allows to apply for STEM OPT?

Hi Mrs. Alryad,

Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, we can only answer questions regarding health insurance. I would recommend that you contact your school or your husband’s school to see if you would be eligible for OPT.

Best of luck!

Sahar says:

I have a question. My sister is getting her student visa and starting school in Jan 2018. We are wondering, if she can keep her job, back home, while is a student here. She is a part time accountant and can work online from here.
Thank you

Leah Hammond says:

Hi Sahar,

Thank you for visiting our blog. However, we are only able to assist you with your health insurance needs. I would suggest your sister contact the consulate to see if they can provide her with more information on whether or not she is able to keep her job back home while she is studying outside of her home country.

We hope you have a great day!

Sahar says:

Thanks for the reply.
I will check with them.

Dida Frank says:

So, the questions about online work (passive income) remain unanswerable?
If I understand well, F1 students who do online work for money are not violating any rule since it’s not something that could be performed by American labor. That’s how I perceive it, and so should it be.

Leah Hammond says:

Hi Dida,

Thank you for visiting our blog!

I would suggest checking with the consulate to make sure that as an F1 visa holder, you are allowed to work online. They should be able to provide you with more information on this.

Have a great day!

Youn says:


I have a question, I am F-1 visa student.
Currently, I am working on on-campus job and want to start the part time internship.
Can I work both school job and the internship?
Total hour will be 40hr per week (20hr+20hr each)

Hi Youn, Thank you for your comment. You can work up to 20 hours per week while school is in session. Check out this article for more info: http://www.internationalstudent.com/study_usa/way-of-life/working-in-the-usa/. However, you may need to check with the DSO in your school’s international office for more information. They may need to give you permission to work/intern on or off campus. Have a great day!

Rajesh says:

Hello Sreebalaji,

I would like to apply for MSIT in ‘University of Potomac’

What are the chances of getting F1 visa with CPT? (I am thinking about working full time and attending class during weekend)

I did not attempt TOEFL/GRE but I have more than 3 years of experience in IT. Will I get admission? Do banks in India provide full educational loan?

Thank you,

Hello Rajesh,

Thanks for your blog comment. Unfortunately, we can only help you with your health insurance needs. You may visit InternationalStudent.com for more information about student visas. You can also contact the USCIS and inquire about any changes to the F1 visa while on CPT.

Best of luck!

Manoj mishra says:

I have an option to work part time on campus as student assistant i.e 20 hours and part time CPT i.e 20 hours in spring semester. Is it legal?

Hi Manoj,

Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, we can only assist you with health insurance questions. Please contact your DSO or international student advisor at your school. They will be able to answer your questions and keep you in status.

Have a great day!

Divya says:

Hi Victoria,
I graduated in December 2017 with an MBA Degree with my majors in Marketing management. Can I work as an enrollment coordinator for an institute? it is a remote job, where i would work-from-home.

Hi Divya,

Thanks for your comment. This will depend on your status and whether you have a work permit to work off campus. You may need to check with the DSO in your school’s international office for more information.
Best of luck!

Brilliant says:

Hie Victoria,

I am going to start college this fall as an international student. My college says I will not be eligible to work on campus because their policy is to hire students who are eligible for federal work study funds.

May you please explain what that really means?

Does not working on campus have repercussions on me since I am not allowed to work off-campus too?

Thank you

Hello Brilliant,

Thanks for your blog comment. Unfortunately, we can only advise you on health insurance. However, I would recommend contacting your DSO or your international student advisor to see if you can apply for CPT. You can also find more information about work study by visiting internationalstudent.com.

Best of luck!

Ari says:

Hi Victoria,
As an international student in the US, would I be legally allowed to work abroad (whether from home or another country where I have local authorisation) as a freelancer during the summer? I would be working for a foreign company outside the US. I would be getting paid to an account in my home country, as that is potentially where I would be doing the work. I would not be present in the US while doing this freelancing work.

Ramez Stephan says:

Hi Ari,

Thank you for visiting our blog!

I would suggest checking with the consulate to make sure that as an international student, you are allowed to work abroad. They should be able to provide you with more information on this.

Have a great day!

Ruby Vishnick says:

My f1 visa is 5 years but my degree is only 4. I thought I would be able to work in that 5th year, otherwise what’s the point of having it?

Hi Ruby,

Thanks for your blog comment. Your five year visa may be in place to include the option for OPT! The main use for OPT is the right to work for 12 months after completion of a degree, which in your case would be after your four year degree. You can learn more about OPT and your options, here: https://www.internationalstudentinsurance.com/opt/what-is-opt.php

We wish you the best of luck with your education!

Alejandro says:

I wanted to know if on campus employment time is deducted from OPT.

Ramez Stephan says:

Hi Alejandro,

Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, we can only assist you with health insurance questions. Please contact your DSO or international student advisor at your school. They will be able to answer your questions and keep you in status.

Have a great day!

Amyra says:

Hello there! I’m an international student(F-1 visa) in the US pursuing Full time MBA! I have a financial crisis and few bucks could really help. I phan on teaching yoga in a private studio. Would that be illegal? Thank You

Hello Amyra,

Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, we can only advise you on health insurance matters. I would recommend contacting your international student office and asking them for assistance with this question directly as you will need a work permit to work in the US.

Best of luck!

student visa says:

do I need to change my f1 student visa if I have a part time job in US? I have also a source on how to get visa to travel in US, https://getusvisaguide.weebly.com/.


Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, we are unable to advise about visas. We recommend that you contact an immigration attorney.

You can also visit InternationalStudent.com for more information about visas!

Best of luck.

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