Compare High School Insurance Plans

High School Insurance Plans

The popularity of high school programs and high school exchange programs for international students is growing, and the insurance needs for high school students are different from your average traveler. Students typically stay longer, and if they are based in the USA, they will need a plan that has a large provider network to facilitate quick and easy claims payments and processing.

Buying Tips for High School Insurance

When looking for insurance coverage for a high school exchange program, there are a few key things you should keep in mind when looking for coverage:

Coverage Limits Typically, high school programs tend to last a whole school year (around 10 to 11 months) and so this longer term coverage requires a plan that covers more than your standard plan. You will therefore want to look for coverage limits in excess of $200,000 or higher.
Provider Network Make sure your plan has a good provider network in place to facilitate direct and quick claims payment. The best solution is a plan that does not require upfront payment within their network for small visits (apart from the plan deductibles or excess).
Sports Coverage Many standard travel insurance plans will not cover high school team sports, but as a high school student you will most likely be participating in these types of sports. Therefore, making sure your plan includes this is vital.
Trips Home As an exchange student, you might return home for holidays such as Christmas or Easter, and it can be very helpful if your plan travels with you for short trips home. That way, you do not need to purchase additional coverage if it is needed.

If you are looking for insurance coverage for international high school students, then we have two main options:

Individual Plans

For those looking to purchase an individual insurance plan for either yourself, son/daughter, or your host-student — check out our individual student health insurance options available for purchase right online!
Student Health Advantage

K-12 School Group Plan

We have an excellent K-12 group insurance solution to fit your needs. The plan includes medical benefits, sports, wellness, pre-existing condition coverage and more! Learn more about our group options in our K-12 section.

Group Plans
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For more tips, and helpful advice about international student insurance plans, please see our Insurance Explained pages.