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Canadian tuition fees are among the lowest in English-speaking countries and because of that, Canada is a popular choice for international students who choose as their study abroad destination. There are now over 180,000 international students who study in Canada, so its an excellent choice for many!

Finding the right health insurance, however, can be a bit confusing for international students but we have the solutions to help ease this situation. One such plan is the Atlas Travel Series, a great solution and popular choice among international students all throughout Canada. The plan provides comprehensive coverage for doctor office visits, prescription drugs, hospitalizations, diagnostic testing, x-rays, laboratory work, emergency medical evacuation, repatriation, etc.  It is available for worldwide coverage, excluding your home country, so if you also plan to travel during your time in Canada, the plan will follow with you.

After you purchase the plan, you can receive all of your insurance documents immediately via e-mail, which will include your visa letter, receipt, insurance card and policy details.

For more information about Canada Student Insurance options, please visit our dedicated Canadian page, with more details about the Atlas plan along with a very specific Canadian international student health insurance product.

24 thoughts on “Canadian International Student Health Insurance”

joel klahr says:

im a medical student from colombia, south america. i intent to apply to a canadian medical school for a 4 month elective. health inssurance is required. I also intent to apply to a school in the US for the same purpose. I need information about costs and coverage both in the us an canada.
thank you

blindblom says:

Hi Joel,

Thank you for your inquiry. I have sent you an email with further information on health insurance. Please feel free to reply with any questions you have and we will be more than happy to assist you.

kanwal says:

I’m a medical student from India. I intend to do a 4 week elective in Quebec. i need to purchase health insurance and malpractice insurance for this period urgently. kindly give me information regarding this.
thanks in advance

blindblom says:

Hi Kanwal,

Thank you for your inquiry. One plan that you might be interested in for health insurance is the Atlas Travel plan. This plan will provide you coverage for illness and injury around the world!

If you have any other questions just let us know.

Cindy says:

I’ll begin a year long program at VFS in Vancouver and I’d like to get an insurance that covers that whole year (from april, 17th 2013 until april, 25th 2014). I’d like to get a couple of estimates to choose from. Also, my payment method would probably be a money transfer from my bank, would that be ok?
Thanks a lot for you atention!

blindblom says:

Hi Cindy,

Thank you for your interest in the Atlas Travel plan, I would be happy to provide you with a quote. Additionally, this plan will allow you to make a wire transfer payment. I have sent you an email with further information as requested.

I hope you find the coverage you are looking for.

ariyo muibat says:

I want to apply for health insurance for studying in Canada. Kindly lead me through.

Expecting tour reply soon.


Bryanna Davis says:

Hi Ariyo,

Thanks for your interest.

We are happy to help you find and purchase your plan, however, we would need to be able to assist you over the phone to do this. Please feel free to call +1-904-758-4391 Monday-Friday 8am-6pm EST, and we will be happy to help you further.

Christina says:

Hi I’m Christina. I will be moving to canada to do my masters I’m currently residing in India. Please help me with information on the cost and best insurance plan

Bryanna Davis says:

Hi Christina,

Thank you for visiting. I have sent you an email so we can assist you further with this.

I look forward to your reply and helping you.

Muhammad Ali says:

Hello Madame,
I am a student from Pakistan,and have an interest to take part in an medical elective program in Newfoundland.The medical faculty over there asks for a malpractice insurance and a medical & dental insurance. The applicant,for an elective placement over there, must provide written confirmation of malpractice insurance coverage,that must ensure malpractice insurance in the amount of two million dollars per occurrence.And again,I’ll be in need of medical insurance as well.Can you guide about the process and costs related to gain both of these.

Bryanna Davis says:

Hi Muhammad,

Thanks for visiting.

Although we do not have malpractice insurance- we do have an plan that will provide great medical care such as for doctor’s visits, hospitalization, evacuation and repatriation. You can find more on this plan and what it has to offer here.

Gagan says:


My son is studying in Canada, he will be on coop Program for four months from 12 May to 30 Sep 2015. As per his existing Health insurance policy, he needs to have separate health cover policy for the said duration. Because the health policy is not applicable during for breaks / Coop .
Please advise best policy and charges.

Thanks and regards,

Hi Gagan,

Thank you for your question. We have a range of plans that will work for him – our Student Health plan and Atlas Travel plan are both good options:

If you would like to email us directly at, with her age and dates, we would be happy to provide a customized quote for you.

Thank you

hind says:

Hello Dear
I am a medical student from Saudi Arabia I am applying for an elective at Canadian hospital. they asked for malpractice insurance and health insurance.
where can i get them?

thank you

Almeida Muanda says:

Hi, Sir or Madam,
I m from Angola I will be travelling to Canada I need to get the Health Insurance .

Many Thanks,

Hi Almeida,

Thanks for your email. If you are planning on traveling to Canada for up to 364 days the Atlas Travel plan is a great option to provide coverage for hospitalizations, doctor’s visits and much more. Here’s a link to view the coverage:

Daniela says:

im a medical student in colombia, south america. I intent to apply to a canadian medical school for a 4 weeks elective. health inssurance is required. I need information about costs and coverage in canada.
thank you

Haley says:

I am a Canadian citizen studying abroad in Northern Ireland. I am coming home to do an elective Physiotherapist placement in Canada however, the professional body that I am a student member with (CSP) does not cover liability insurance in Canada. Would you be able to offer me liability insurance for a 6 week placement in a Canadian hospital?

Hi Haley,

Thanks for visiting! Unfortunately, we would not have any insurance plans that would cover Professional Liability for Physiotherapists. Our plans are primarily designed to offer coverage for eligible new injuries and illnesses that occur outside one’s home country. We wish you the best of luck in your search.

Have a great day!

Azzam Omer says:

Hello . I am an international medical student from Student from Saudi Arabia . I am applying for 1 month elective at Mcgill’s University. I was asked by their office to purchase a general liability insurance including malpractise incidents. can you provide this kind of insurance ? or you know any company that could provide this insurance. any help would be appreciated . thanks

Bryanna Davis says:

Hi Azzam,

Thank you for your message. Unfortunately we do not have medical malpractice insurance plans. However, if you need medical insurance for your time here in the US as an international student just let us know and we’re happy to help. Best of luck in your search!

SA says:

Hi, I am a medical student studying in the middle east and I am planing to apply for an elective at McGill university for one month. They require a malpractice insurance, Do you provide a liability insurance for international medical students ?

Hi SA,

Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, we do not provide malpractice or liability insurance. Our plans are designed to cover new illnesses and injuries. I would recommend contacting your school for additional options.

Best of luck!

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