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International Student Health Insurance

The Student Secure plan provides international student health insurance to both international and study abroad students who are studying outside of their home country either in the USA or around the world. This comprehensive student health insurance plan offers coverage on a monthly basis that will meet and exceed nearly all school and government requirements, and for those students on the J1 and F1 visa (even those on OPT) you are automatically eligible for coverage.


$200,000 Policy Maximum

As low as $50 deductible

80% Coverage

Starting at $27/ month


$250,000 Policy Maximum

As low as $45 deductible

80% coverage up to $25,000

Starting at $36/ month


$300,000 Policy Maximum

As low as $25 deductible

100% coverage in network

Starting at $62/ month

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Student Secure Essential - If your school requires students to have a plan with benefits similar to those required by the ACA, we have a special plan that may meet these requirements. The Student Secure Essential insurance plan will cover up to $500,000 policy maximum, pre-existing conditions after 6 months, wellness cover and more - please click here to learn more.

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