Sexual Assault Awareness and Safety Training for International Students

At International Student Insurance, we are dedicated to promoting international education and providing resources for schools all around the world to create awareness with their international students on topics like Mental Health and Sexual Assault.

This year we have partnered with RAINN, the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization, to develop a training program to help schools educate their international students on sexual assault, consent, staying safe, and bystander intervention. As part of this partnership, we are proud to announce our multi-media Sexual Assault Awareness and Safety for International Students Training Program that is available to schools. This free modular-based training program can be customized depending on the available time, and has been designed so that any school can implement it, as it comes with a step by step guide to walk administrators through the entire session.

The Sexual Assault Training Program has five key components:

  • A full length PowerPoint presentation that will guide educators and students through the training. The presentation is the heart of the training packet as the additional materials were built around it.
  • A complete proctor guide with a full script and talking points to walk the educator through the entire training.
  • Student activities to engage international students on this topic, and to help delve further into key concepts, reinforce the information, and encourage important dialogue.
  • Two videos:
    • Student Stories Video is a 7-minute video that showcases 11 international students and their perspectives on the subject of sex and consent from their home country compared to their experiences in the US.
    • Sexual Assault Awareness video is a 6-minute video that offers a concise overview of topics like sexual assault, consent, bystander intervention and what to do in case an assault takes place.
  • Sexual Assault pamphlet that summarizes the material covered in the training. Schools may request physical brochures at no cost.

For more information, please visit our website:

Please contact your NAFSA Region representative or our customer service representatives for any questions you have about the training.

Posted by Yessica Prato

Yessica joined the team in 2016. Originally from Colombia, she migrated to the United States in 2005 with her family. She has had the opportunity to travel through Latin America and Europe. Her interest in education and international studies along with her experience in bilingual customer service led her to EIC. When not in the office, you'll find her immersed in a good book or with her dogs at the beach.

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Hi Mary,

Thank you for your comment and we are happy to hear that you are able to utilize our resources and they are helpful for you. If you have questions or need any assistance at all, please do not hesitate to reach out. We love hearing from you and appreciate any feedback!

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Hello Alfred,

Thanks for your blog comment. Unfortunately, we can only help you with your health insurance needs. You may visit for more information about student visas and studying in the USA.

Best of luck!

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