What Belgium Offers International Students!

What Belgium Offers International Students

What Belgium Offers International Students

When looking at international destinations to study abroad, most students who are looking to Europe tend to opt for England, Spain, Italy or maybe even Germany. But, a country that is often overlooked is Belgium – and we are here to tell you why you should consider it as a study destination as Belgium has so much to offer.

So what does Belgium offer to International Students?


Without a doubt, you cannot get more centrally located in Europe than Belgium. The country borders France, Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, all within a few hours drive or train, and you have access to the EuroStar which takes you directly into London, and of course air connections to all of Europe. Without a doubt, you cannot get a better location if you are looking for a starting point to explore all parts of Europe when you have time.


Most schools in Belgium teach in English, so for a lot of students this is an added benefit – but the level of multiculturalism is unrivaled. For example, there is not just one official language, not even two – but they have in fact 3 official languages; French, German and Dutch. You could not pick a better country if you are looking to really dive into languages and immerse yourself!


With prices across Europe generally increasing, with the UK now costing up to £38,000 in some places, international students in Belgium are typically going to be able to save more money. The cost of living is generally low, especially if you are also permitted to work during your studies, and you still have access to some of the world’s leading universities.

Quality of Life

Like other parts of mainland Europe, the quality of life in Belgium is very high. Not only do you have a vast array of architecturally rich cities like Bruge or Ghent, but you also have the benefit from being in one of the safest parts of Europe and access to an internationally renown healthcare system. All these things come together to offer students a very high quality of life, that perhaps other parts of Europe could not.

To learn more about the various options for international students, including health insurance and visa requirements, please visit our Belgium International Student center for more information.

Posted by Ross Mason

Ross is the Vice President of International Student Insurance, with over 15 years experience in the international education arena. A graduate from the Nottingham Trent University in the UK with a First in BSc (Hons) Business and Technology, Ross has lived all around the world including LA, New York, Boston, London, Hong Kong, Florida and Germany.

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