Top 5 F1 Visa Interview Questions


Applying for an F1 student visa to study in the United States can be a long and tedious process. Once you finally make it to the interview at the US consulate, you’ll want to be ready to tackle any questions that are thrown at you so that there is no doubt that you are a qualified candidate to study in the States. Here is a list of the top 5 F1 visa interview questions that you can expect.

This and similar questions regarding your plans to pursue higher education outside of your home country can be expected. You’ll need a good reason why an education in the US is better for you than an education back home and why you prefer to study instead of joining the workforce.

Your choice of university says a lot about you as a person and student. Acceptance into multiple, reputable universities and your comparisons among them can shed light on your ambition and future goals.

Not surprisingly, you will need to prove your academic capability. Being a successful student at home does not necessarily mean that you will be successful at a US university. Study abroad experience is something to mention, as well as strong written and spoken English.

Arguably the most important aspect of your interview is proving that you can afford to study abroad. Be prepared to give details about your income, your sponsor’s income, and your plan to budget for things like room and board, food, insurance, transportation, etc., as well as your tuition and fees.

F1 visas are only granted to those that have ties to their home country that will ensure that they will return there after their studies are over.

Although these are popular F1 visa interview questions, there is no way of knowing what questions your interviewer will ask of you. Being confident and prepared is the key! For more information about the F1 visa, please check out our F1 Visa Insurance section for more details.

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Posted by Victoria Troupe

Victoria is currently a marketing specialist with Envisage International. She has had the opportunity to live and study around the world, including Germany, Poland, and China. A native of Wyoming, Victoria received her Bachelor's degree from the University of Wyoming, her MBA from the University of North Florida and her Master's of Intercultural Communication from Fachhochschule Köln, in Cologne, Germany.

21 thoughts on “Top 5 F1 Visa Interview Questions”

Vanessa H says:

Very helpful!

Ramiz Zia says:

“Why are you going to the US to study?

I am going just cause of education to the US , education is the main goal in my life . I am from Afghanistan and it’s clear for you how is the situation of Afghanistan ?
I want to have higher education and I blieve that the development of a country based on by it’s security, education and stability and US is the biggest developed country in the world wide and education level is very high .
I can reach for my goals by studying in US and about preference of US tha my home country is just education level .
I want to study in bachelor degree I hope to qualified for this program.
Why I prefer studying instead of joining in workforce , because when a person has a higher education so then they would have a gof duty but when I person does not study and work so they must to work up to end of thier lifetime for those who studied and they will be always in one position and dont promote.

Francis Paul says:

I am from south Sudan, a devastated country in the African content. I am trying to find ways of making my education high, and this is one of the reasons why I intend to go to US to further my education.Therefore, this will happen if I win the international scholarship. I had a bachelor Degree in accounting and aiming to go for master, if all goes well.

j.vikram says:

Dear sir\madam
My problem is 4 times my us visa rejected, now i have apply for 5th time,on 12 june . so i need some information about if a visa officer ask me question based on this line
1.what you did since after your graduation?
2.why you are rejected this many times?
3.why your ielts and gre scores are low?
4.why this university?

You must be honest and answer truthfully each of these questions. Then the consular officer can make an informed decision on whether or not you qualify for the visa. Good luck.

mahmood says:

Hi vikram i am from afghanistan us embassay also 3 time refuse my f1 student visa so what your experince about the visa can the us embassay the will be give visa in this 4 time or not…

umair ali says:

hi ,
i m applying for f1 students visa my interview will be in next week the question is MY UNCLE FILED IMMIGRANT PETITION FOR MY FATHER so how i convince the visa officer that i will come back after complete my studies ?what i say? please help me out please

Hi Umair,

That’s a great question. It is very important to prove that you have strong ties to your home country in order to be granted a student visa. To help prove this, you can provide information about your personal assets (such as a house, land or vehicle back home), bank accounts, family, or a job offer upon the completion of your studies.

Sundar says:


I gave my interview for MS Computer Science on may 13, 2016.He asked me for I-20 and Passport at first. My I-20 total amount was $33,335. I gave my nice answer to his first question on why ms in us? Later on he asked me who is your sponsor and how much they earn annually? I told him my parents and they earned $32,000 per annually. He than started typing at the computer and pass me sorry. I believe, he encounter me financially weak so he reject my visa. Now I am planning for second interview which is early. Now I am planning to add my grandfather also sponsor and how much amount should I show to qualify financially?

Help needed.Thanks

Nandish Patel says:

I am Nandish Patel from India. Last week I had my F1 visa interview in which I was rejected by the officer. Officer straight asked me the why Webster University? I started my answer gently and within few few seconds may 5-6 I guess he rejected me. I am going to appear for interview again. What I should bring change in me and my answer?

Benita Kavi says:

awesome environment and can do more things from yours. really great to gain more interesting content from yours. thanks keep share more good things.

James MCcament says:

Wow, great article.Really thank you! Want more.

Hi James,

Thanks for your blog comment and we are glad you enjoy the content. You can check out more blogs here:

Have a great day!

khizar says:

Hi there, Dear ma’am I wanted to ask that I’ve been refused from Hungarian embassy and UK embassy both for my student visa and I made some really silly mistakes in both but now i’m planning to apply for a F1 visa and i also have a valid visit visa to the USA. Kindly guide me Am I doing the right thing to apply for an F1 i’m mentally prepared this time. I got refused from hungarian embassy because I was unable to solve their maths question in the embassy and I provided them my companys bank statement where they needed my personal bank statement and for thr UK i got refused As i got nervous and visa officer asked who recommended you this uni I said my friends told me about it so they refused it as they said that I did not satisfy tell me how to be successful in order to obtain a F1 visa i’ll be very thankful to you.

Hi Khizar,

Thanks for your blog comment. Unfortunately, we are unable to assist you with this. We can only assist you with health insurance questions. You may find helpful as it offers an array of resources for international students including the following:
School Search Tool
Student Loans
Visa Information
Test Preparation
Essay Writing Help

We hope this helps and have a great day.

Woh c says:

First things first, I am an Indian student, and I do not wish to return to India upon completion but rather stay or immigrate to a diff. country. Is there a way I can do this?

Hi Woh,

Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, we can only advise you on health insurance. I would recommend contacting an immigration lawyer or attorney to explore your options.

Best of luck!

France says:

Hey. Thank you for your help in the interview.
I want to study at the University of California. By the way, if I say that I do not want to return to my country and want to go to Canada or Germany, is this a good answer? Or is it better not to talk? By the way, I understand that for work-earnings, I need a permit, or work at the university? Is it really true ?:

Hi France,

Thank you for your comment. We recommend that you should plan on and be prepared to address your studies and plans after graduation. If you haven’t already, feel free to check out our other blog post on the Top 10 Ways to Fail your F1 Visa Interview.

Working on campus will be coordinated through your school’s DSO or your student advisor, we recommend contacting them for more information about your work options, availability, and any necessary permits.

Good luck!

Hikmat Kazimi says:

I am from Afghanistan, a devastated country in the Asian content. I am trying to find ways of making my education high, and this is one of the reasons why I intend to go to US to further my education.Therefore, this will happen if I win the international undergraduate scholarship. I aiming to go for Beachelor in Computer Science (BCS), if all goes well.
Please keep your kind consideration on my mail. I will be gratful to you.

Best Regards;
Hikmat Kazimi

Williams says:

Hello Ma’am my question is , my parent signed my I 20 but I am above the age of 18 yrs . Is this a problem for the consular office ??

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