Top 10 Ways to Fail your F1 Visa Interview

F1 Visa Interview Tips

All international students know the stressful feeling of applying for and interviewing for an F1 student visa. Many students prepare for months, only to be denied their visa. The truth of the matter is that on paper, you might meet every qualification, but if you don’t have the right answers for your interviewer and be able to say them with substance and sincerity, you will not succeed. Here is a list of 10 things not to do during your interview:

1. Don’t show up

You are required to schedule and attend your interview before you can be granted an F1 visa.

2. Don’t bring all of the documents and receipts that are required

You must bring the following documents with you to your interview:

  • a valid passport
  • a Nonimmigrant Visa Application, Form DS-160
  • an application fee payment receipt
  • a passport photo
  • a Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant (F-1) Student Status (Form 1-20)

3. Be vague about your study plans and goals

Your interviewer will ask questions regarding your study plans. Does your major have to do with your previous studies or work from your home country? Make sure you can explain your goals to the consular officer.

4. Choose a university at random

To be granted an F1 visa, your choice of university must be carefully calculated. You must consider the caliber of the program you will enter as well as your living arrangements, and be able to prove your preparedness.

5. Underplay your academic capability

Can you be successful in a US university? Additional documents may be requested to prove your eligibility for the F-1 student visa, including academic transcripts, diplomas, degrees, or certificates. Test scores such as the TOEFLSATGRE, or GMAT may also be requested.

6. Don’t have a solid plan to finance your studies.

The most important factor determining your eligibility for the F1 visa is your ability to finance your entire program of study, including tuition and fees, room and board, transportation, travel,  health insurance, and all other relevant expenses.


7. Have no plans to return to your home country after graduation

The F1 visa is granted to students who have strong ties to their home country that will lead to their return to their home country after their studies are complete. This could include family, property, or even a job offer.

8. Lie during the interview

If, for any reason, your interviewer believes that you are being dishonest, you can be denied your F1 student visa.

9. Do not consider cultural differences

You must demonstrate cultural sensitivity and the ability to adapt and live in a different culture than your own. You must be open to new experiences.

10. Be nervous

If you are well-prepared for your interview, there is no need to be nervous during your interview. Make sure you have all of the required materials so that you can answer all of your interview questions with confidence.

Now that you know what not to do, it is time to start preparing for what you should do! Be sure to check out all of our F1 Student Visa articles too for more guidance regarding your F1 student visa.

Please note: We don’t provide any guidance or advice on how to apply for a student visa or what to do if rejected, we can only help you with your health insurance needs while in the US.

Posted by Victoria Troupe

Victoria is currently a marketing specialist with Envisage International. She has had the opportunity to live and study around the world, including Germany, Poland, and China. A native of Wyoming, Victoria received her Bachelor's degree from the University of Wyoming, her MBA from the University of North Florida and her Master's of Intercultural Communication from Fachhochschule Köln, in Cologne, Germany.

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Ram kinker says:

Hi Victoria, I am a student applied for f1 visa. But it got rejected under section 214(b). I am planning to reapply for the same. Please guide me how can I show ties with my family as I don’t have any property on my name or current job.

Is my father’s property can be used to show for my cause?

Hi Ram. Yes, your father’s property could be a strong tie to return to your home country after your studies. Be sure to emphasize that you plan to return to your home. This will help your chances of being approved for the visa.

deep says:

hi Victoria

I am married my wife wants to pursue her masters in usa but i am running a small business in india
so icant go with her .she applies f1 visa 20 day before and she got regected as counsilor asked her r u going alone or with husband she said alone . very next she got rejecterd. so could it be a reason to got regected as she is going alone . even she is gonna attend a new inerview in next week so what we shd be carefull thanx

Your wife should have been notified of the reason for rejection, probably by mail. It is up to the consular officer to decide if she is eligible. Good luck!

Rahul says:

Hi mam, my name is Rahul and I’m 20years old. I’m going to apply for i20 visa this December. My parents are holding US Multiple entry visa. They travelled US In 2012 and came back after staying 25 days. My parents have sufficient funds (sufficient funds above $100K) for my stay and study expenses in US. My father was a government bank employee. And my Brother is also running a successful business of tour and travel. My mother is a housewife. Even we are regularly paying income tax returns. I have done 10+2 and going to apply for undergraduate program. I also had Europe Schengen Visa, In 2011 I have travelled countries like Italy, Switzerland, France and Belgium and stayed there for 2 weeks and last year I visited UAE and stayed there for 5days. I also have appeard for IELTS test and scored 6 bands. Very soon I’ll start preparing for my US embassy interview. So, could you please help me up and tell me how many chances that my US study visa will be granted. please reply as soon as possible.

Thank You.

shree says:

maam my daughter is facing problem of sponsor from blood relative and in this case if her collegue can sponsor her does she stand strong chance to get f1 visa.

Marian says:

Please I’m yet to go for an F1 visa interview for the first time. I need some tips or help on how to answer questions and if possible the kind of questions likely to be asked. My uncle is the one sponsoring me and my mum is a single parent with no properties. What can be the ties between my home country and myself. Though I love my country and would be back to support it with what I’ve learnt. I don’t have fiancé too.

Sally Mcleod says:

Hi Marian,

If you haven’t already, feel free to check out our other blog post on the Top Five F-1 visa interview questions.

I hope this helps!

deep says:

hi victoria

so what kind of ties she can explain to return home as there is no property on her or my name

Family members, job offers, and future plans can be a good sign of intent to return to one’s home country. Being honest is the key. Good luck!

Sangam Maharjan says:

Hello,I studied A-Levels and I scored c,C,D,E in General Paper,Accounting,Maths,Business respectively and 1020 in SAT. I am not sure enough that this is good enough and will I get rejected in visa interview?.Thank you for spending your time in reading.

Sam says:

Hi Victoria,

My degree certificate is “laminated”. Will that present a problem at the interview? My transcripts are not laminated so I am hoping it would be alright.

Thank you!

Rajani Yarragunta says:

Hi deep.. my interview is on 15th July.. even my husband running business and I am planning for master’s. Did your wife got approved in herror secind attempt.?

aamna sheenh says:

hi mam…. i have applied for my study visa in u.s.. can my spouse go there after i will have done my first semester(6 months).

This is a question to ask your consular officer. Good luck.

Shruti Ranjani says:

I have applied to University of Hartford, Connecticut USA for Masters in Communications. My VISA interview is on the 27th of July. I am extremely scared about two things : 1. I started pursuing MBA in Communication Management from Symbiosis College but dropped out, so I under graduated in 2015, did one year of MBA and have now applied for Masters in USA.
2. I have applied to only one University.

Will this have a negative impact on my visa ? Please guide me.

hassan says:

Hi Victoria,
Is it compulsory to take SAT,TOEFL,GMAT tests prior to applying for a student visa???

Mark Luke says:

Hi Victoria.
Well me and my wife going to apply in few weeks for 3 weeks visit, but the problem is this that i dont have any strong TIES.
1. Dont have parents. But my wife have.
2. Dont have kids.
3. Dont have property.
4. Dont have Government Job, just a private job.

But i have strong enough sponsor who is US resident. Who will support me
for my stay. So what are the chances of success. need your kind assistance.
Plus let me know how much should i have in my account.

Mark – You may have trouble obtaining the visa if you do not have strong ties to your home country that will guarantee that you will return when your studies are over. As far as your accounts, you need to have enough funds to finance your entire study in the US, including room and board and all other expenses, for the entire time you are in the US. Good luck!

Anita says:

Hi Victoria, I have an uncle who is going to sponsor me in my study in us but he lives in Canada. And I stay with my aunty in my home country what will be my strong tie to my country for me to be given f1 visa and not be rejected. I also finished my high school four year back age 16 and nw am 20year i have been giving admitted to Northeastern university will it affect my F1studentvisa because of the age differents and also will I be ask to present mySAT,ACT.THANK YOU MA

Muskan Subnani says:

Hi victoria Ma’am,
I am an indian residing in UAE and has applied for 2 universities in US for ug in aerospace engineering. i will be informed about my acceptance in june.
Do i apply for the visa already? Also my father (my sponsor) is a bussinessman here and therefore has large bank transactions will that affect my chance of getting US visa ?Also will my residence being a third country convey the visa officer that i weak ties to home country?

shaikh omur says:

Dear Victoria, I am planning to reapply to US embassy in Bangladesh for doing my Associate Degree in Airframe and power plant training from the us community college, as I also get offer from the best university in USA. I did choose this college for the reasonable price and also their good training facility.
I did collect F2 I-20 for my wife and my 14th month old son.
my uncle will sponsor me as he is very VVIP person in Bangladesh.
I would like to take my wife and son with me, is it ok.
I have also good amount of money in to my bank account
currently working at airlines company, just salary is not good less then 200 dollar a month.
also have own property around 1000 thousand dollar price.
So, please clarify what would be the reason to being rejected.

thanking to you
shaikh mohammad omur faruk

Bryanna Davis says:

Hi Shaikh,

Unfortunately we wouldn’t be able to confirm why you would potentially be denied your F1 visa. We suggest checking out for more details on obtaining an F1 visa and contact your consular’s office to get the process started. Good luck!

mounika says:

hi !I graduated in may 2016.My visa got rejected twice with 214(b) form.First time i was nervous.Second time he asked for a change,and said no,as i have made no changes like university or documents.I’m planning to apply again.What changes do i need to demonstrate in my third interview to get my visa approves.

Hi Mounika,

Thanks for your comment. It’s very important that you show strong ties to your home country to help prove that you intend on returning home upon graduation. This can include savings accounts, ownership of property and strong family ties. I hope this helps and I wish you the very best of luck!

Rishika says:

Hello, i had my student visa interview today and i got rejected under 214b.
My elder sister lives in America and she is married to an American. I couldn’t lie and i told about this to the person who took my interview.
He didn’t even look at my documents and rejected me. I will again re apply for the visa
Please advise me what should i do

dazling says:

hy mam
I have 1 year gap between my intermediate nd I have 30 backlog that I have cleared within my academic year so I can b accepted by the vo or it may b risky reply me

mohit says:

Hi mem how r u I think u r fine can u tell me some information of study visa. M 20 yr old __& I want to study in us. My uncle is in usa. He is self employed in usa he reached in usa before 7 years. Can u tell me. Which visa I’ll apply to.

Mohit, here is a link to a list of F visa requirements to see if you are eligible:

UB RAO says:

I have signed in my I20 with black ink pen and signed again with blue ink pen since I came to understand later that need to sign with blue ink pen as per instructions of the cover letter. This will lead to my visa rejection ?

Make sure to follow all directions to ensure your best chance at being awarded the visa.

Mounika says:

Hiiiii…im mounika. My visa(f1) is rejectd 8 times.what should be the exact reason for denial.every time give the 214 b form…im ‘re apply agian or not? And yearly how many times apply for visa..plzzzzz help full depression.
Thank u.

If you are refused a visa under section 214(b), it means that you:

Did not sufficiently demonstrate to the consular officer that you qualify for the nonimmigrant visa category you applied for; and/or
Did not overcome the presumption of immigrant intent, required by law, by sufficiently demonstrating that you have strong ties to your home country that will compel you to leave the United States at the end of your temporary stay. (H-1B and L visa applicants, along with their spouse and any minor children, are excluded from this requirement.)

It sounds like your chances of receiving a visa are low, but check with your embassy if you want to reapply. Good luck!

azah Noela says:

Hi Victoria! I got rejected for my f1 visa interview under article 214 b. The consular also said I can’t get a visa because I already have a bachelors degree and the degree I went in for was an associate degree. I have booked a new interview date . How can I justify my self. ug 3.

jay says:

hello. so glad i finally have someone to talk to. please i’mhoping to apply for an american visa very soon but i learnt because i have ever taken part in the american lottery, i may be denied. please how true is this? hope to hear from you soon. thanks

Chandrahasan reddy says:

I am rejected for 4 times.VO Officer are not supposed to see any doc .I was rejected with out seeing any docs.i can’t understand what the reason for rejection and should I need to change ds-160 answers.for the 1,2 time I was so nervous but 3,4 time I was confident but VO just rejected directly with out seeing any docs.plz help I am feeling so tensioned plz

Bryanna Davis says:

Hi Chandrahasan,

Thanks for visiting and we’re sorry to hear about the rejection. However, we’re unfortunately not able to provide personalized guidance on your visa. Please visit or we encourage you to check out the US Department of State website under Visa Denial FAQ’s, here:

Tayeba Ch says:

Can I choose the Urdu language in a Turkish study visa interview?

Hello Tayeba,

Thanks for your comment. We recommend reaching out to the embassy to inquire about the language you may speak during your visa interview.

Best of luck!

Ajay katkuri says:

Hi victoria,
i done my under graduation (Btech) ,now i decided to study abroad for
Master’s nd for that i applied 2 times for f-1 visa,but i got rejected under214(b). now i’m re-appling. with different university so Give me some valuble tips for approve my f-1 visa .

Bryanna Davis says:

Hi Ajay,

That’s great that you have decided to apply again, best of luck to you!

While we can’t give you information on obtaining your visa, we can help you with international student health insurance questions. If you need coverage once you get approved please let us know and we will be happy to help you obtain a plan for your studies in the US.

Good luck!

Rakesh kumar says:

Hi i am Rakesh kumar and i have applied for a french student visa but it is rejected so plz sugguest me that should i apply again for student visa in france or not and what is the reason for rejection and when should i aaplly again in how many days plz reply me

Hi Rakesh. You should check with the French embassy for more information about this. This might help you –
Good luck!

Ali says:

Hi Victoria I’m Ali I have been rejected for f1 visa under section 214 stating that I’m not 5 on 5 what does it mean ? Should I get more prepared or can I reapply again with the same university without making any changes because the questions asked were focusing only on the university ? Please reply I need help

Raviteja says:

Hi madam
I had rejected twice madam in last time they had asked all the questions and I had answers well at last they asked me that is any changes made my me then I had mentioned that I did not make any changes then they rejected me ..
Can you tell me what answer want I give to them

Hi Raviteja,

Thanks for your blog comment. Unfortunately, we can only help you with your health insurance needs. You may visit for more information about interviews for your student visa and their processes there. You can also contact the USCIS website which is completely free. However, it is very important that all of the information you give is correct.

Best of luck!

Rakesh kumar says:

Hi mam
I hv applied 2 times for French student visa but it has been rejected again and on passport thier is a stamp on that the code is 411905 and the date but i dont know the rejection so plz tell me and sugguest me what i can do when should i apply again should i apply again with same college or not plz help me i am very sad.

kiranmainekkalapudi says:

hii….victoria…i have a low score of gre but my acasemics everythng are of 75% my plus2 of 92.5% and my secondary school of 87% and ielts of 7band score but i have a gre of jus 280 so jus lemme know what to give as a reason for my low score of gre. let me know soon my date is on 21st

If you’ve been accepted into a US college or University, then your academics have out-shined your test score so far! Try to emphasize your best scores during the interview. It’s best to be honest, so if you are asked about a score you’re not happy with, give them an honest answer why it might be lower than the rest. Good luck!

bhavesh dasani says:

Respected mam. I am applying in us embaasy for student visa.
And my uncle is going to sponser my studies and other expenses . I want yur help that how can i frame my answer to tell them .and i have a dought that what i say if they ask me why dont your father is sponsering your studies .

Mam i am applying for first time please give me some tips and solution of answer
Revert back as soon as possible mam.


You should always answers all questions honestly. Here is a helpful articles about questions that you might be asked during the interview:

Reda says:

I am a student from Morocco, in july i have applied to get my F1 visa but during the interview the officer asked me about my brother that lives in the usa and after seeing that he went to the usa by a tourist visa he rejected my visa with the 214 b law. While seeing with two agents that will prepare with me my next interview one of them said that the the probleme is your brother that went by a tourist and immigrated in the usa and during the second interview you need to prove that you will comeback after graduation and the other says that in order to get your visa you need to change the university and apply to an expensive 20 000 tuition (fisher college in boston) rather than the one i got admitted in 11 000 tuition per year and got a visa refusal (metro state university in minneapolis). Can you please help me and give me an advice because i am to cofused and i dont know who should i listen to and whta decision to take between those two choises i have. Thank you ine advance.

samri says:

hi bhavesh dasani i heard that your uncle is your sponsor for your education i have the same situation also could you please respond me how goes on your interview thank you.

Ali says:

Hello Victoria!
I am a freshman applicant from bangladesh and i got accepted to Texas Tech university few days ago. But i am scared to take the offer because alot of people have been denied their students visa. My father has a textile business here and several permanent assets including our home. He is undoubtedly financially sound. I have never visited abroad due to personal issues also because my father could never find the time. Can you evaluate what my chances are of getting the visa?

raaam says:

hi victoria,
i have compleated my bachelors in bsc(B.Z.C)(botany,zoology,chemistry).and i applyed for MBA IN HELTH CARE
PROGRAM IN USA. BUT I GOT BACHELORS ADMIT,UNIVERSITY ADVISE ME TO TAKE PRE MASTERS COURSE TO LEAD MBA.then i got a admit in bachelors in business adminstration and management….apart from that first time my visa interview wsa rejected…because visa officer ask me abot my backlogs …i said no..but again he asks me how many back logs do u have,,?again i said no.then he asks me my individuals .then i told to vo sorry sir i forgot to take my individuals
then visa officer told me sorry im not going to trust you,am not issuing the visa…..can please give me a suggetion….

Bryanna Davis says:

Hi Raaam,

Thank you for visiting.

I’m sorry to hear that you did not pass your visa interview. Our best suggestion would be to try again, but be honest and give as much information during your answer as possible. If you don’t understand a question make sure you tell them that you don’t understand and ask for further clarification. Good luck!

James says:

Hi Victoria,

I have a quick question. my gf has her student visa appointment coming up for a year long certificate program. Her sponsors will be my family. My concern is that the visa officer will see this as a red flag and deny her, even though the certificate is something she can only really use in her home country. Do I have anything to be worried about?

Hi James,
Thanks for your comment. It will be important for your girlfriend to prove that she will be financially supported, even if your relationship does not work out. She may want to show a backup plan in case she is asked about this problem in the interview. Good luck!

withjesus says:

hi Victoria ,l am sending this message from Africa ,one month ago l went for my f1 visa but it got rejected the reasons were : bank account has two big deposits
2.the vo did not believe that l found the college on internet ( which is true cause l do not know anyone in the USA )
3.l did not prepare answers concerning my sponsor

please tell me what to do.

Thanks for your comment. If at first you do not succeed, try again! Next time, you’ll know which questions to prepare for. Remember, your financials are the most important piece of your application. Be sure you can prove that you will be financially supported throughout your studies. You should also show your acceptance letters to the college in the US. Best of luck!

Ravi says:

Hi Bryanna Davis,
I’m planned to do MS(CS) in US for Fall 2015. Actually I’m muddled, Am I eligible for F1 Visa? I’m going to take GRE by next month(September 2014).
Education Details:
UG – B.Tech (IT) 2011 passed out
Avg – 68%
Backlogs – 19
GRE – (Expected Greater than) 305
IELTS – (Expected) 6.5
Other Certifications:
1. CompTia A+
Work Experience :
1.Two Years and Eight months experience in Computer Hardware and Network.
2. From March 2014 working as Hardware and Network Training Faculty in Top Institution.
My Final Drawback is, I cleared my arrears subject in 2014.
And, How to answer for this reason.

Bryanna Davis says:

Hi Ravi,

Unfortunately we can only help you with questions on international insurance. However, if you would like to learn more about becoming an international student you might want to visit Good luck!

Emma says:

Hi, I will be going for my F1 student visa interview on 27th December 2016 and my school start date is 4 January 2017, will I be able to secure a student visa or will I be out of time

Hi Emma,

Thanks for your comment. It’s hard to say if that will give you enough time, but it is a good idea to let you school know of this time crunch. This way they will be able to hopefully expedite anything that you may need on their end. Best of luck!

Mahdis says:


I have I 20 for 2 schools in LA. Doctorate of psychology.
But i was refused under section 214(b) . For the second time i prepared job offer letter and property . But the officer just looked at my I20 and bank statement and gave me the same write letter.

I think there is problem with I 20 or bank statement.
The ranking of school can be the reason to reject me ? Maybe he though the ranking of mu school is low ?! But how US immigration has qualified this school to send I 20 ?

What about the bank statement ? My brother is my sponsor and deposit was $ 70000 and the 12 months fees written on my I 20 is $ 50000.

The deposit should be for 4 years of my studying or one year is enough ?

Thank you

Bryanna Davis says:

Hi Mahdis,

Thank you for your message. I’m sorry to hear that you were denied. Your denial could have been for a number of reasons, including the ones you suspect: the school you picked and the amount of funds you have available. You will want to double check the denial letter for more information, then change what your denial was based upon for the next time you apply.

Good luck!

prasanna says:

hi victoria,
I have got my f1 visa rejected under 214(b) . vo has asked me 4 questions and i have answered them . i dont know the reason why i have got rejected. everyone is saying lot of rejections are going because of the end of the intake. I am reapplying for the visa. Can you give some suggestions

Hi Prasanna,

Thank you for your message. I’m sorry to hear that you were denied. You will want to double check the denial letter for more information, then make the appropriate changes for the next time you apply.

Good luck!

Prasanna says:

thank for the reply. I have checked the denial letter .It is saying that I am not potential immigrant.What changes I can make for the next attempt?
What can I answer for this question
Why have been rejected for the first time???

Mahdis says:

Dear Mis

I explianed you my condition before . I have applied for visa for two time and i was ineligible under section of 214 (b).
These two interviews were during lats 2 months.
Now i want to marry with someone who is in US with F1 visa.
Do you think will they get me F2 visa ? Or maybe they think that this marrigae is not real an i just marry to get visa so they did not get me visa ?

alpha bella says:

Hi I applied for an f1 visa here in Freetown when I went for the interview the consular officer did not look at any of my document I applied at a community college but I am a graduate here in Freetown I told the vo that I have just finished my course here he was emphasizing that why do I want to go to a community college even thou I have a bachelors degree also I want to know if the finger print they did on me will affect any future travel to the USA also why I was rejected

Hi Alpha, I’m sorry you were rejected. Since you already have a Bachelor’s Degree, you might be better served by applying for a graduate degree program. A community college will not offer you a higher degree, just an Associate’s degree, usually. This can be a red flag for consular officers. Fingerprints can remain on record, but will not affect future visa applications. Good luck!

Saran says:

Hi, I applied for MS in Info systems engineering & manag in US. I got admission and applied thrice in a month for F1 visa unfortunately all time I failed. I dont know the reason why? Visa Officer simply giving a paper in that due to 214(b) I was rejected. And also I didnt give up, now I applied for MBA in Manag. If I applied again for visa they will approve or not? Please help me out. I did BCA in my UG and I have 2 year of experience. Now I have changed the course so I am little bit worried.

Hi Saran, I’m sorry you’ve been rejected. 214(b) means that you do not qualify for the visa or you did not overcome the presumption of immigrant intent, required by law, by sufficiently demonstrating that you have strong ties to your home country that will compel you to leave the United States at the end of your temporary stay. You can learn more here:

Saran says:

Thank you for showing interest mam. If I reapply means what kind of changes I want to make. Please help me.

fazal says:

hi mam,
i was refused twice for the f1 visa what are my chances of getting the visa? i do not know the reason why i was refused in my second attempt please give me some advice.


ankush kumar upadhayay says:

Hi victoria.

I am from nepal.I had applied for student visa for m.b.a
All question were faced my me very well.while i was sepaking the consular was turning the page of my files and closed it the action was continued for three times.but finally she said not sufficient funds for bank balance was nrp.30 was around 2 family income was 35-40 lakhs nrp.i cant understand why i am rejected.

Hi Ankush. You will need to prove that you have funds for your entire MBA program. Future earnings are not taken into account. Keep in mind – large, recent transfers to your bank accounts can be a red flag. Good luck!

esosa says:

Hi victoria,
I am awaiting my visa interview but I am really scared cause of all I have heard concerning people the got rejected. I already have a B2 visa to US, would that serve as a leverage for me considering the fact that I have travelled to the US for vacation on several occasions?

Hi Esosa, thanks for your comment. Yes, the fact that you have traveled to the US on many occasions gives good indication that you are ready and able to handle the cultural differences between the US and your home country. However, that alone will not be enough. Make sure that you meet and can speak to all of the required qualifications as stated above. Best of luck!

sweejarao says:

Hi i have applied to universities but i have got 5.5 in ilets and gre is 290 so does my ilets score effect in visa processing can u plzz reply about dis?

Hi! Yes, your test scores will be a factor when applying for a visa. The consular officer wants to know that you are academically capable of completing high level studies in the US. If you’re not happy with your test scores, I would recommend retaking them. Best of luck!

sushan ghimire says:

hi, i want to apply for student visa and all the document are arranged properly, and my brother from usa is going to sponsor me so it will increase the probability for giving visa.??????????

Dr.Hassad says:

I’m Mahmoud hassad from Jordan I have a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy I apply to college of lake county in Illinois and I accepted so i apply to f-1 visa in US embassy I’m working in pharmacy in Jordan I want to ask you my dad and mam are US citizens and for me I have only Syrian passport is that problem for me in the interview?

Hi Mahmoud. You do not need to be a US citizen to study in the US. That’s why you’re applying for a visa. You should concentrate on meeting the F visa qualifications, like finding a good school, proving financial and academic ability, and demonstrating ties to your home country that will influence you to go back home after your studies. Good luck!

Armando Shehi says:

I am applying for f1 visa soon , I got admitted from a college and I am being sponsored by a usa citizen couple, friend of faily . I would like to know if being sponsored from this couple would affect my visa ? I have a bank account sponsored from my dad too and my dad has properties too . And would being admitted from a college affect my visa ? Thank you in advance .

Hi Armando. These are all very positive points! Make sure to know the details during your interview – how you will finance your education in the US and that you plan to return home after your studies. You must be admitted to a college in order to apply, so that’s great too. The school should provide you with a Form I-20. Good luck!

Armando Shehi says:

I have the I20 from school but I am afraid to be refused from the embassy because my main sponsor is from USA and is a friend of family . I am so anxious :'( could you please tell me if there are good possibilities or I may get rejected easily :(. Please help m me

faria says:

hi victoria,
i have applied in american national university for fall semester but i was not get visa….. counselor just want my bank sponsor paper i think i have some problem with my current account amount.besides i have a problem like i completed my high school in 2006…. and was working in a software company still i m working and i kept my experience letter with me…. i reapplied for spring semester…..could you tell me is it possible to get visa as this time i take help from american center and they told me study gap was not a problem if i have documents not only this my father lived in saudi arabia in that time now my family is ready to sponsor me with full fund.
my next interview is schedule in october 30,2014
need a prompt reply
thanks in advance.

Hi Faria,

All you can do is try again. Remember, the consular officer needs to have proof that you can finance your entire education in the US, so be sure that you have documents to show this.

Good luck!

Mamado says:

Hello Victoria , i have applied for f1 visa and its rejected for the reason that (you are not credible student). I was graduated in 2006 and joined a university for 4 years then i couldnt finish my study because of visa issues with the country i was in (not usa) .i didnt tell why i didnt finish my study the cosular was fast and no time to tell my story , i have no idea if they will accept to hear my story?? Should i try again and tell them about why i didnt finish my study. Is it a problem to be old (27 yo)and only have a high school degree without any university degrees? Why im not allowed to continue my study in usa, i want to study english first.
Im just getting more depressed about my life everyday ,
What should i do?

Hi Mamado. All you can do is try to apply again. Good luck!

Abdullah says:

Hello i am Abdullah from pakistan i am accepted by a university in usa in an undergraduate programme and my sponsor are my mom and dad i have bank statements of both of them,i have unconditional offer letter and i have paid my tution deposit and i have strong ties in my home country i will complete my bachelors degree and then i will come back i am worried about my academics, my grades are does this matter in visa?

maryam says:

It was my interview 2 days back but got rejected under section 214b.
The councelar asked to me for toefl which I did not bring to american ambassy becasue of low marks.
Got 57 in toefl ibt.
And I got accepted to richland college dallas for english language and then assosiate in petroleum engineering.
I will take my result with me next time I wanted to know that will they rejet me after looking at my result in toefl.
I also have the reason that I took admission to learn english amd then higher studies.
Plus she asked me why did you choose assosiate,
should I say thay after completiom pf assosiate I will transfer my credit hours to another university for bachelors will this statement effect?
my bank statement is just of $30,000

Arun says:

Hey, I came across a forum post that posted experiences of people who got rejected during the visa interview and one such experience really bothered me. It was said that if a person applies to more universities(10 and above), the probability that he/she gets rejected is very high and so asked to limit to 7 or 8 universities.
Is it true that there are chances for a person to be rejected based on the number of universities applied, given the academic,gre and toefl are pretty good? If yes, what could be the possible reason?

Hi Arun,

A consular officer will be interested in your choice of university. He/she will want to confirm that you’ve made a well-thought out, informed decision. Applying for too many schools might indicate that you are not sure about your study plans. Good luck!

Arun says:

Hi Victoria, thanks for your prompt reply. That really helped me clear my doubts, but just this one more query I would like you to answer. What according to you would be the average number of universities to which an applicant applies now?(If possible to arrive at such a number).
Thanks in advance!

merna says:

hi my name is Jena, i am planing to apply for my F1 student visa iam worried because i applied befor for B1 visa application with job i had in the past and did not go to the interview i had my resone so does this effect my F1 visa, do they know save my information and will aske me about it, and also my family give me recently big money i deposit in my account preparing for the studying program, i read in the previous comments about how big transfering money could be a red flag for me, a didnt know befor and my interview is close

Hi Jena. Be prepared to explain why you did not complete your previous interview, just in case they ask you. If you can thoroughly explain your plan to finance your studies, you may still be approved. Remember to be honest and confident. Good luck.

yasser says:

Hi victoria , i have been academically accepted for my mba in information technology in the us .
i have scheduled my visa appointment and iam very much nervous because though i have my I-20 and m acceptance letter from the university. my ielts scores and gmat scores are really low, will that affect my visa interview ? but the college which i applied does not require a gmat , so should i b showing my gmat scores to the visa officer ??
please revert

thanks .

Hi Yasser. Be prepared to show all test scores to your consular officer. If your English language scores are low, have you considered enrolling in an ELS program before your program begins? The more detailed your study plans are, the more likely you are to be approved. Good luck!

Yasser, yes, your test scores can affect your interview. If a score is low, tell them how you plan to overcome this barrier (ELS classes) etc. Good luck!

Jagjiwan Mittal says:


I got the admission letter with I20 from M.Tech Michigan tech university in biomedical Engineering. My GRE is 307, with 72% Marks in B.Tech. My father is assistant professor in Amity University in Noida, India. Now he present in Taiwan on a project for two year from September 2013 to July 2015. My father went on such long term projects to different countries like France, Canada, Japan and Taiwan. Is this favorable for my visa interview? Should I tell his annual income getting in India or in Taiwan currently as there is big difference. My father is last three years returns are from India (around 7 lacs per annum). His income tax return in Taiwan will be filled in May 2015. Can you answers my questions as soon as possible My interview is on 20 Nov. 2014.

Jagjiwan, you should be able to prove that you can finance your studies while you are in the US. If your father is your sponsor, be sure to show any tax returns, etc. that can prove he has the funds to support you. Good luck!

Tatiana says:

Hi!! can you help with health insurance
for my parents?

I want to buy health insurance for them while they get their green card processed but some of the insurance policies say that they have to be green card holders in order to have insurance….

thanks so much


Hi Tatiana. Yes, your parents qualify for a travel medical insurance plan as long as they do not have their green card. Check out this plan:

Ajala ayodamola says:

After writing sat twice i decided to only go through with one application ,i.e the application to UL at Lafayette.The fact that i only applied to one school those these by any means shorten my chances of getting a visa?If yes or no how best do i approach my visa interview,please i need a reply soon my visa interview is on December 12

Ajala, As long as you can justify your decision to apply only to one school, you should be fine. The consular officer will make the final decision. Good luck!

murali says:

i hav e compleated my BE
.i have one backlog ,as per our university rule there is an option to left two i left one subject and i got my original cirtificates from my it affect me getting visa chance to do MS in USA. please send me a reply.
thank you.

Hi Murali, I’m not sure about your specific situation. All you can do is try! Good luck!

murali says:

thank you very much.

preet says:

Hello victoria mam…i hv one viza got rejected bcz my responses in interview were vague…i hv and MBA degree as wel as and MA english degree…so i wanted to go for MBA again… wht can I do

All you can do is try again. Try to improve your answers according to the article. Good luck!

preet says:

Mam should I go for masters 3rd time…if I could be the reason that i m going for masters 3rd time and hav no work experience

kashan says:

hey there! I am applying for an f1 student visa in 10 days. I am very anxious about past 2.5 years because the initial year i haven’t did anything and the rest 1.5years i took 2 attempts to score higher in toefl ibt, but i did scored 50 on my last attempt which was on june15th 2014. what i want to know that is this statement gonna affect on my f1 visa? secondly, my past academic scores are also not good enough is this gonna affect? at last my grandfather is sponsoring me for my further studies by profession he is a business person and owns a machinery factory. is this the positive sign to have an acceptance? please do reply im very anxious about this matter. regards.

Hi Kashan. The consular officer will take all of these things and more into consideration. Good luck!

shm316 says:

I’m a 26 year old from India diagnosed with asperger’s syndrome. I am planning to apply as an undergraduate transfer student in the US with Computer Science as my majors, for fall 2015. I want to study in US Universities because of their more practical oriented curriculum, which would better suit my talents and interests.

I’m 8 years out of high school.Of those, the past two years I’ve been working in the software field. Before that I attended college at a local institution which I later discontinued. My performance at that institution was quite inconsistent with really good grades in some subjects and really poor in others. I suffered from depression through much of my teenage years and young adulthood. That was one of the reasons for my inconsistent academic performance and gap.The rigid education system here was another. For the past 3-4 years I’ve been getting therapy and have become much better at coping with my asperger’s . I’ve also recovered from my depression.

I’ve taken the SAT and have a score of 2260( 790 CR, 790 WR , 680 M ) in a single sitting and 2310 ( 800 CR, 790 WR , 720 M ) when super scored.

If I were to apply for a Student Visa to the US (F1 Visa) , I would definitely have to mention my depression (and possibly Aspergers) in order to explain my education gap and inconsistent academics. Will mentioning depression and asperger’s have a detrimental effect on my Visa prospects? Would really appreciate it if you could shed some light.


Thanks for submitting your question. There really is no right or wrong answer. The consular officer will consider all of these things during your interview. It is always better to be honest, so you can thoroughly explain your previous shortcomings and explain how you will overcome these in the future. Good luck!

shm316 says:

Will having asperger’s syndrome in itself be cause for denial of Student Visa? Would the visa officer consider the condition to be potentially harmful to others/burden to the US even though the condition is actually neither? Would the visa officer have enough knowledge about such things?

I’ve heard of student Visas being denied for parents with dependents having aspergers/autism in countries like Canada and Australia.That’s why I am a bit worried about my case even though it isn’t exactly the same.

Hi, it is up to the consular officer whether or not this will be a factor. Good luck!

Jony says:


I don’t think you will have any problems since you have an outstanding SAT score.You should apply to the Ivy Leagues,and consular doesn’t refuse this kind of extra ordinary students!

prakash says:

I had applied for highschool visa last year but got rejected under section 214(b) I am applying for visa again for undergraduate.. I am really worried about my visa ..does previous rejection affect my current chances of approval?
Also last year I had relatives in the same state as the highschool.. This year they have come permanently back to our home country so don’t have any relatives…
Thank you

Hi Prakash. Make sure all of the reasons you were denied per 214(b) have been resolved. Only then will you qualify for the visa. Good luck!

Ramakrishna reddy says:

i got reject under the 214b
i didnt here the questions clearly once i asked to reply once she replyed me.can i ask her to ask questions loudly…or will any problem with ansking to reply

Ramakrishna, asking to repeat a question is probably not the reason for the refusal, but it is at the discretion of the consular officer. Review the details of a 214b refusal here:

kishan says:

Hellooo m’m
I have completed graduate in B.CA. now I m applying for M.B.A. in us so any problems in interview like why do u want to change major??

Kishan, it’s at the discretion of consular officer if this fact will affect your visa application. Good luck!

Rahul Patel says:

Hello mam
I have completed Diploma in Information Technology and i have for in USA.I also got I20 and good Scholarship from the college.But my visa got rejected under the Refusal 214(B). What should i do to show strong ties with my Country??And Or I should Reapply with another University???Please reply me

Rahul, strong ties to your country could include family, property, or even a job offer. If you have no plan to return to your country after school, then you cannot be granted the student visa. Good luck!

soumadeep says:

Hi Victoria,

Next week I am applying for a 1 year internship visa for USA ie J1 visa.I will be giving my graduation exams in January but I will be getting my graduation degree in december, 2015 and by 6th I have to join the internship.So plzzz tell me what should I say if the interviewer asks me about my qualifications.

Tell the truth and your consular officer will determine if you are a good candidate. Good luck!

soumadeep says:

Instead of my graduation certificate I have a high school graduation certificate.So will that b fine for me? And if I am a average student then will I not get the visa? Plzz reply fast

esther says:

Hello victoria,
Am an undergraduate studentt I already applied for admission to a community college in ohio and I will be going for my visa soon,my uncle is my sponsor and I didn’t write any standerdized tests because it was not requested from my soon am scared because I don’t know if my visa will be denied because of no test scores,and because I applied to a community college and not a 4 year college so what is your advice?and I graduated highschool 2012,my academic records are superb please reply asap because I will be applying soon THANK YOU

Esther, it’s at the discretion of consular officer if this fact will affect your visa application. Good luck!

vivek patel says:

hello mam
i have applied us student visa 5 time,but i didn’t got whole family is lives in usa,does it effect on my visa????

It’s at the discretion of consular officer if this fact will affect your visa application. Good luck!

Pearlious says:

i just had an interview today.
she was a preety stern woman. i got accepted but she was very diplomatic in saying that to me that i got accepted for the F1 visa.
and she took my passport as well as my I 20 and the other two letters that my university sent me.
should i be worried about it? why would she take my I 20?
she just said that we would need further checking for it.
am i really accepted for the visa. do they take the visa if i was refused?
just anxious.
thanks a lot

You can call the consulate for an update on the status. Be sure to keep you school posted on your progress as well. They will have copies of all of the documents, but keep copies for yourself in the future.

prashanth says:

Mam my visa got rejected for 2 times b’coz in embassy took my u.g certificates.they said these were fake.and they gave me form 214(b).can i reapply again with my original u.g certificates…….please help me in this madam

Make copies of these documents to keep for yourself, but bring the original documents if that is what they request. Follow the directions thoroughly. Good luck!

youer lim says:

Hello ! I want to ask you that if I have already rejected the f1 visa twice can I have chance to pass in the third time ? should I apply immediately or wait for 2 or 3 month later ?

Kishan, it’s at the discretion of consular officer if you’ll be approved for a visa. Good luck!

osman says:

Mam! I fill DS160 Again.

thank u.

osman says:

Mam my visa got rejected on 17 december 2014. the VO Asked with university,i told Northwestern polytechnic university. he told my sorry. i cann’t issue your visa and given 214 form.Mam I wanted to now that the university i am reapply for the visa in that we have login id.After fill the form the same stanley number is appearing. What should i do mam.

thank u.

Sooraj says:

Hey Victoria,
Will multiple time gre attempts say 4 or 5 will be a major factor to deny F1 visa,though GRE scora at 5th attempts is very good?
2)is GRE score mandatory to show to VO?


Hi Sooraj, it is up to the consular officer whether or not this will be a factor. Good luck!

rajan panthi says:

hello mam,
i have completed my A-level program in November 2013 with scoring E in all subject and done IELTS scoring 6.0 overall and i have been accepted by four universities in USA. now will be there any problem for me getting f-1 student visa and what should i tell if the officer ask me why yr score is low?please give me the best reason

Hi Rajan, you must tell the truth during your visa interview. It is up to the consular officer if you are qualified. Good luck!

romy says:

Hey victoria,
I have jus completed my high school with science stream having 60%. I have 6.5 bands (not less than 6 in each module) .do i eligible to apply for f1 category visa?? One thing more that i have strong ties with my home country…as i am the only son as well as having property . Does this affect my probability of getting visa? Looking for ur rply..

Hi Romy. To be issued a visa, you’ll need to apply to and be accepted at a US college or university. Then, you’ll need to pass your visa interview. Good luck!

chintu patel says:

I applied for f1 visa and I try 3 times but I am not get visa in interview he/she ask only 2 or 3 que after that they give me one page in this page 6 to 7 que and when I feel answer after chek this answer he/ she refuse my visa same situation 3 times repeat for me…ans me what can I do for f1 visa

I’m sorry you were not issued the visa. It is at the discretion of the consular officer, so you were not found to be qualified for the visa. You should work on improving your qualifications. Good luck!

Mit says:

Hi Victoria,

I am applying for a second Masters in the US in the same major. My first Masters was in Computer Science, but I have gained acceptance to a different university in Computer Science itself this time because this program is oriented towards software professionals (my first Masters was research oriented.) I have been successful in gaining F1 visa twice before and this would be my third time applying for F1 visa. Will the fact that I am applying for the same major lead to a rejection of my visa? If I am able to explain the differences between the two programs, do you think I have a better chance of obtaining the visa? Many thanks : )

Hi Mit. You should be able to explain your major decision in full. If the consular officer considers you qualified, you will obtain the visa. Good luck!

Prakash ram says:

Hi victora, i hav applied the potomac university for mba program.i m saying about how my interview is goes on but they refused visa under 214 B without asking a single question in dis matter.

Questions and answers between vo and me:-

me:- Good morning sir
Vo:- very good morning,pass d documents

me:- I pas
vo:- how many university did u apply ?

me:- Two university got one i20 And another i 20 Is pending ( Tell d name of university)

vo:- Why u apply two universities in same location ?

me:- i say its a nation capital where the indian embassy is present if face any problems got help from here,

vo:-in washington there are many top universities are their why u apply on potomac university ?

me:- i am interacted with teachers and also one of my friend was completed mba here and doing job in india he tells me about the university how good the teachers are.

vo:- your intension is different So i cant issue visa and give 214 b Refusal letter.

plz tell me when i apply for second time. My visa is refused on 30 Dec 2014 And want to apply within 7 it right to apply with in 7 Days. Plzz inform me asap

Hi Prakash, your consular officer may have had reason to believe that you do not intend to return to your home country after your studies are over. You can read about the 214b refusal here:

Sanjeev Reddy says:

Hello Victoria Troupe,

Firstly Feeling gratitude & thanks for your answers in this blog , I am planning to study in USA for next year, I have only 15 years education, I have B.Sc (3years) degree, 3 years of IT experience, Is there any chances for my qualifications to get a admission in USA universities.

Sanjeev, you’ll need to contact the universities directly to see if you qualify. You can do so here: Good luck!

Habtu says:

Hello mam,
University of California accepted my application for undergraduate studies but my home county will not grant me visa or passport to study abroad.

I have family in California who will support me.

University will issue I-20 soon. After i receive I-20 i will need to file for F1 visa.

Can I file F1 with consulate outside of my home country?

I have no other choice.Please help me and thank you for assistance.

Hi Habtu. Yes, generally you may apply for a F-1 visa at a US embassy in a “third country” other than your home country.

Izaj says:

Hi victoria,I am just to apply for us visa.i am gonna do flight dispatcher course at Sheffield school of aeronautics.the school said that I can attend this course without TOEFL or ielts so can I attend visa interview without that?Plz reply me this is the only question delays my apply.thank you

Hi Izaj,

I’m happy to respond on behalf of my colleague, Victoria. Unfortunately we are unable to confirm exactly what may be required by your local embassy. It would be in your best interest to ask them directly. Best of luck!

KO says:

I will be applying for an f1 visa – my BF lives in the USA and I’ve travelled out three times this past year. Will it stand against me in my application that I have a BF in America? He’s not a USC, which I hear can make it very difficult. He’s a British citizen. I’m just wondering how VOs look upon people moving to be with their parter AND study?!

Any help you can offer is much appreciated.

Just remember, you must prove that your intention is to return to your home country after studies, not to stay in the US with your partner. The consular officer will make the final decision. Good luck!

Paulin 89 says:

I am going to apply for f1 student visa newt months .
My problem is , my father who lives in home country is US citizenship but he doesnt live there,
Is it possible for me to get visa ? I haven’t any ongoing file for getting green card.
If the officer on the day of interview asks me that why i am not getting my green card , how should I reply this question ?

Thank you so very much

If you are applying for a student visa, you will need to show adequate proof that you will not be attempting to stay in the US after your studies. Therefore, you should not have interest in a green card when applying for the student visa. Good luck!

fidelis says:

i applied for f1 student visa and was denied last week and now my school is already on i want to apply again this week any chance for me

All you can do is try. Good luck!

padma says:

hi mam,

yesterday i have attended visa interview and got 214(b) form. i want to reschedule my appointment today. can it be possible? because my college will get open on 18th. before that itself i want to attend my interview again. can i apply for another appointment after the day of f1 rejection?

You will need to check with the embassy about this. Good luck!

yashvanth g n says:

Hi,I had got my admission from one of the catholic university n my vo went with d qn like this.R u a madam vo:y catholic the course offered there is of my interest n since I respect all the religions am gng for this university.i was again rejected under 214(b).what can I answer for this question.and am a self sponsorer since I do not have parents,but I have enough property n money to go with. Is this selfsponsering will be a problem?n I own a company in India.please help me getting my visa approved.

It can be difficult to get a visa to the US, even if you are financially stable. Here is more information about the 214(b) rejection and why you may have been denied:



You will need to show that you have enough funds to finance your entire education. Any accounts proving this will work for your interview. A large, recent deposit shows temporary funds, but does not prove financial stability. Good luck!

diana says:

i will apply for the f-1 visa, but my fiance its permanet residents of usa sinse dicember 2013, it will be a problem?

It is at the discretion of the consular officer. If you are planning to stay in the United States after your studies, you do not qualify for the F-1 visa. Good luck!

Asma says:

I m grade 9th student & plan to learn english language in my summer vacation … in USA best learning center…. I m 14th year old girl … As a International student do I need any of SAT, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT etc ….. ? My English is not that Good …so What I have to do ….Please Auntie Victoria help me …..
As a minor do I need any of my Parents my Mom Or Dad have to Visit with me or they no need to go with me …..

Asma, you can apply to many ESL schools here:
They can help you with your visa process. Good luck!

Asma says:

Thanks Sweet Victoria…. let’s try

Ajaya basnet says:

as i have already been rejected for 3 times. and now i am studying on bachelor 3rd year and my bachelor completion will be on 1 and a half year more..but now i again want to apply for august session coz education here seems to be ……
so my question is that will it be okay if i apply this time with proper sat and toefl score in mid of bachelor without completing bachelor. is there any chances of getting visa or at first should i complete my bachelor..

Ajaya, it is at the discretion of the consular officer. All you can do is try. Good luck!

Saber says:

Hi Victoria, I am from Afghanistan I need you to guide me how to solve my confusion about my Canada visa.

On first of January 2014 I have applied for student visa in Canada. But u fortunately I refused my visa. The reason why I refused is.
The embassy was said in my refusal letters.
1- I am not satisfied that you live Canada at the end of your study in Canada. They mentioned this factors. 1- purpose of visit

2- you don’t have financial resources to supports your self
And your family while you be in Canada.

My visa refused for this factors.
Now I have plan to submitt my new documents with more changes to Canada embassy. I need your help to guide me how to write purpose of visit letter. And financial resource documents.

Saber, I cannot help you rewrite your visa documents, but I can guide you to additional information about Canadian visa refusals. According to the Canadian government (,”There is no formal appeal process if your application for a temporary resident visa is refused. Should you wish to re-apply, you should do so only if your situation has changed substantively or you have significant new information to submit.” Good luck!

Adriana says:

Hi Victoria,
I got denied for f1 visa for community college February 20, i got 214b. Reason was that my sponsor is US citizen and i made some mistakes with the questions.
Tomorrow i am having interview again, now my father is my sponsor.
Ha has account with recently large amount of money, his life saving, he is old school and doesnt keep money in bank. but he had to do it because of me. Also he has stable work and i have letter from his employer.
What are my chances? Thank you!

Adriana, it is at the discretion of the consular officer. All you can do is try. Good luck!

Salee says:

I need to ask few questions..i got admission in york university in canada and got visa refused twice.As for now i got admission in Umass dartmouth USA.
Will my canadian visa refusal effect my USA student visa.
And do i need to tell that i have 2 visa rejections of Canada.
My academic records are good and legit i am a genuine student.
but really confused because Canada was a badluck i believe or maybe there is something better written in my luck,when i was really young i always had a dream to do my masters from abroad and as for now i am still hopefull and i want to make my parents proud of me as they also wanted me to do Masters for abroad.
Kindly guide me.

Hi Salee. Your Canadian refusal has nothing to do with your new US application. They are two very different countries! Best of luck!

Salee says:

i have heard they dont give Visa to those who has rejections of canada as they share their data base.
so that means i should be relaxed and persue for my Masters studies.
Thanks Stay blessed.

jack says:

Hi salee,
am booking a US visa appointment with my other funtional e mail address,but the system reject it ,asking me of my previous e mail i used in booking last 2 yrs and i have lost and close that e mail.what do i do to proceed with my regular e mail now?

Salee says:

you may call your local embassey and ask for help.
They would help you.

Shivain Sacheti says:

Hello! I’ve been accepted at Purdue, Pace and Bryant university. I’ve previously been rejected a visa into the US, although it was for a leisure trip to the US when I was around 12 and not for educational purposes. I was wondering if I previous rejection might ham my chances of getting a F1 visa for studying next year?

Shivain, it is at the discretion of the consular officer. All you can do is try. Good luck!

Shaan says:

Hello Vict6oria mam.
I am from Nepal and i have some quires about my visa chances. i have 3 yrs bachelor degree but have good score in academic part. but unfortunately i scored only 6 (not less then 6)in IELTS i haven’t taken Gmate. one university offered me conditional admission (Johnson wales JWU) and another one accepted fully (American national uni.) with some scholarship both of them do not require Gmat. which university should i go? without Gmat mean less chances to get visa ?

Shaan, have you considered a Pathway Program that can help you with your English and/or test scores to prepare you for a US masters program? Check out this programs:

Meenal Mahajan says:

I graduated in 2013 with Bachelor of Technology. Since then I have been preparing for GRE, TOEFL and did the research on graduate schools, filling out the applications and arranging for the application material. I have not done anything else in this time span. I got an admit from UNC, Charlotte. I am worried that this gap in study might affect my chances of getting a visa. Is it so?
Please reply.

Meenal, this is not necessarily a bad thing. If your consular officer asks, just tell he/she the truth and she will determine if you are eligible. Good luck!

Ashwini Shah says:

Hi Meenal. May I know if you got your visa as I have the same doubt as you?

Puja says:

Hello Victoria,
I am an undergraduate student from Nepal and my GPA records in high school is A.
I have a TOEFL score of 69 and the university of UsA has sended me I2o witl some scholarship. And now i am going to apply for visa interview but i am afraid to get denied because of such low score in toefl . Please help me, i should try the interview or not?

Hi Puja. Your consular officer may ask about this. Be honest. You can also consider ESL or a bridge program to improve your score before you start your degree program. Check out this bridge program at Roosevelt University –

Badrakh Tsogoo says:

Hello Victoria. First i have to who am i and what i have got. I’m Mongolian and i was studying in european university in Germany. But my business english knowledge was not enough for my study in here. And I decided to go intensive english program which is called Texas intensive english program. And one of my teacher has offered to me. She is citizen of the United States. She is living in Texas. And I made a appointment yesterday in united states counsel in Germany but it’s denied (214b). I did everything as they required. But my interview was really bad. And I said to my teacher what i have got. And she said maybe you couldn’t explain everything enough and reapply again next time i’ll go with you and explain what was your reason for studying. Is it possible to go with her in united states embassy. ? What should I do?

Badrakh, check with the embassy to see if they will allow your teacher to join you on your interview. I’m not sure if it’s allowed. Good luck!

Badrakh Tsogoo says:

I have to explain*

sathesh says:

Hi Victoria,

I have visa interview on Feb 20. I got the I-20 for MBA program but my GMAT score is low. If the VI asks about the university choice, what kind of facts would be appreciated to tell about the university to the Visa Interviewer. Also I resigned my job with the intention to pursue higher studies in abroad and I have been jobless for about 9 months. Will it affect my eligibility?

shardeep says:

I have given toefl exam for about 6 times. And last time I scored 80 marks.And in all the previous exam I took I scored between 70 to 78. Will i get rejected if i apply for f-1 visa after attempting toefl exam for 6 times??

kishan says:

hi, i am kishan i completed my mba i am looking for go to re mba i ,got i20 on re mba, what should i answer if visa officer questions me why u are interested to do mba again?

Hi Kishan. Why do you want to another MBA? You need to be honest when the consular officer asks you questions. Good luck!

kishann says:

because mba in usa gives me international recognition and high standard

shardeep says:

Mam, Please try to answer my question. My question number is 76.

Sangeeta says:

Hi, I’m Sangeeta and I have completed my undergraduation in IT from Mumbai University, which is a 3 years course. Thus, I have total 15 years education background.

Most of the USA universities requires 16 years educational background, tjough recently quite a few universities have started accepting 15 years too.

I have applied to only one university which accepts 15 years education and has the course I want to pursue.

Will that be a problem in Visa Interview, applying to just one university?

Hi Sageeta. It is up the consular officer whether this will affect your application. You must have a good explanation of why you chose that university. Good luck!

rohit patel says:

good afternoon madam , I m apply US student F1 visa , but US counselor reject my visa. he asked me what’s your father doing ? I said my father is a tobacco businessman. but she understand tobacco farmer. so she said me u have not sufficient balance for your study. but I have already sufficient balance in our bank account. and also I show balance certificate in application form and also I have hard copy in interview. but she doe’s not a approve

Vignesh Nagarajan says:

Hi mam,
I m vignesh, I am going to apply for F1 visa. My sister lives in america she is going to sponsor for my studies. Is any problem if show sponsorship from her ? please do a needful mam

Kiran K says:

Hi Victoria,I want to apply for a Diploma course (its a fashion designing course) in GBC, Canada as I am a undergraduate. Unfortunately, I have a 5 years gap after completing my Diploma in Textile Designing(2009). I have work experience of 5 years (full time) as Textile Designer and now i wish to srudy further,but one of my friend & my consultant told me it would be difficult for me to get the Visa (Canada) approved because of this long gap…. they say college will accept my Application however its a risk taking job when it comes to visa.. it may get reject or approve.. should I apply for the course and go ahead with the Visa process… I have all things sorted only this gap is the issue.. Please help me out with it. Thanks

Hi Kiran. It will be up to the consular officer to determine if you are a good candidate for the student visa. There is no specific requirement stating that you cannot have a gap between study. Here is more information about Canadian visas –

Shiva says:

Hi Victoria, I want to apply for F1 Visa, Now Presently am not in home country(India).
working in other country. Last 2 months back applied for masters in computer science.and received 2 admits. Now presently am in UAE. I want to apply visa from UAE. Is there any chances of facing difficulties while applying F1 visa from third country. I’m confusion what to do. Kindly please give the better suggestion.

Awaiting your reply!

Shiva, you are free to apply for a US visa from the UAE. Good luck!

devarshi says:

I have a master of commerce and get admission for mba in usa i have 12 year gap my visa is rejected should i reapplying

Dipshon says:

Mam I attended my f1 visa interview today but got rejected the vo said that I m not eligible ( I got 56% in my +2 and 87 in toefl) so is there any chance to get the visa????? I m reapplying for the interview next week…

Dipshon, you should only reapply if your circumstances have changed significantly enough to prove your eligibility. Best of luck!

Pallavi says:

Hello Victoria mam,
I’ve got admit from california state university,Fullerton for ms in computer engineering for fall 2015.I haven’t completed my BE.I’m in my final semester.July I’ll be getting my degree certificate.I’ve planned to apply for visa in may 1st week,BT many of them are telling u can’t apply for visa without completing BE.I’m very much confused mam.Please revert back

Harry says:

Hi Victoria,
I’ve completed Bachelor’s degree in India and I’d like to go for Associate Degree in United Stated so is it advisable to do an Associate Degree after Bachelor degree? Will it hinder my visa application in any way? I have hearing impairment will that be a problem for me in obtaining visa?

Harry, it is not typical to take an Associate’s degree if you’ve already obtained a Bachelor’s degree. The consular office will decide if you are qualified for the visa. Visa selections will not discriminate due to hearing impairment. Best of luck!

Harry says:

So it is not recommended to for an Associate degree? In India Bachelor’s degree is usual of 3 years so I was wondering if I should do it or not.
Thank you for your help!

Naveen says:

hi Victoria, I had 20 transcripts in btech they will be any problem for doing ms in usa!

Harry says:

to go for an*

Mohammad Safwan says:

Hello Victoria,
I’m applying for student visa. My passport says my father’s name as “XYZ” and my academic certificates say my father’s name as “XYZ Surname”. So will it be an issue for the visa ?


Mohammad, I’m not sure. Check with the embassy to see what they require. Good luck!

Mohammad Safwan says:

Hi Victoria,

How can one show strong ties to the home country? Is it necessary to have document of something? Won’t just verbal thing work that I’ve old parents?

Although written documentation is not required, it can greatly improve your chances of visa approval. Good luck!

Pramesh says:

Hi Victoria!
I’ve 3 years gap after my high school. But now I want to apply for US for bachlor degree. What are my chances of getting a student VISA?
Please Reply!

nikka says:

Hi Victoria, I had my 1 year internship in USA right after my college. Went home right after my internship is finished. Im applying for MBA in a college in the same location where I had my internship. I only applied for this school. It’s been 6 months since I went home from US, I am just turning 22 this March. Will there any be problem when I applied for F1-Visa?

Nikka, it is ultimately up to your consular officer. Here is a link to a list of F visa requirements to see if you are eligible:

Rakesh says:

Hi, I complete my Btech in 2005 and I have 8+ years of experience in international Software Sales, now I want to do MBA in US. Would I be eligible to apply for F-1 visa .

Rakesh, you must first be accepted into a US college or university. Here is a link to a list of F visa requirements to see if you are eligible:

NKT says:

Hi Victoria,

I have been accepted into Arizona State Univeersity’s MBA program with full scholarship as well as Graduate Assistantship. This leaves me with USD 12,000 as living/ insurance expenses to prove to ASU so that they will issue my I20. I am fairly confident that finances will not be of any concern for the Visa officer.

I have mainly two concerns:
1. My undergraduate scores are very low: A GPA of 2.1 out of 4, with 11 backlogs (all cleared.) I graduated in 2007 which is almost 8 years ago. Will this be of concern for the VO? I cannot go back in time and change my GPA but I do have a fairly high GMAT score 740 (97th percentile) and a strong 116/ 120 on the TOEFL.

2. My elder brother (only sibling) has been residing in the US for the past 8 years with his wife and kid. Will this signal them that i am a potential immigrant? My parents are both working and reside in India, with properties in their name.

Please guide me as to how to approach the F1 interview.

Unfortunately, these are not questions that I can answer for you. You will need to be honest and sincere at your interview and your consular officer will make the correct decision. Best of luck!

himani says:

hello mam am processing to apply for depedent visa but am confuse how to apply . how long time for processing .what type of question asking in interview at nepal and languge

Shokhrukh says:

Hi Victoria,
I have my own property its a house. But i heard that sometimes The consular officer does not ask about properties that you have. Can i show him my house document even he does not ask that ? Like, I have my own property, its a house, which will prove that i have strong ties in my home country. Can i Tell like that ? Thank you for your advice

Yes, this can be used to help indicate ties to your home country. Be sure to take proper documentation with you. Good luck!

Nastja says:

hey victoria, i applied for a one year master program in law in the united states. i got accepted, but i am scared i will get my visa (f1) denied because i have a boyfriend in the us. i have strong ties to my home country and will do the best to proof that to the officer. do you have any idea if people ALWAYS get denied when they have a partner? or is there a chance i will still get it? thank you so much for your answer.

Nastja, it is up to the consular officer to make that decision. All you can do it try! Good luck!

Ngoc Le says:

I’m currently attending a US high school on a F1 visa. I got a C in one of my AP class. Will this hurt my chance of getting my Visa renewed?

Misheel says:

Are you giving advice on Canadian study permit?

Misheel, this article is regarding an American F-1 student visa.

Nitesh Aryal says:

Hello miss Victoria?? i am from Nepal. I am passed BHM with 3.58 GPA.. I am applying for USA for june or july intake.. I scored 5.5 overall in Ielts.. R=4.5,L=5.5,W=5.5 and speaking=6 .. So due to this score do they reject my visa?? or is there any chances of getting visa.. please help me…

Heading toward yours response
Thank you

Unfortunately, I cannot answer these types of questions. Only the consular officer can make the decision. Good luck!

Excellence David says:

Hello Victoria.
Well done here yo are doing a great job answering all these questions.

I am to attend my F1 visa interview in weeks now, my school BERKLEE COOLEGE OF MUSIC, BOSTON MA does not require IELTS, GRAD GMAT or any English language test score for admission. But going through here I begin to think may be the embassy would require it. My school has already shipped my I-20, and all preparations are going on.

Please kindly enlighten me on this, so they won’t reject my visa.

Thank you.

David, it is not required by the embassy. Just remember, you’ll need to prove that your English is good enough to live and study in the US. Good luck!

Anup Shrestha says:

Dear Victoria Troupe,
Hi and Greetings,well I just wanted to know if my year gaps on my studies make any difference on chances of getting my VISA approved. I am worried my time gap might be my weak point. Due to some of my personal reason I had to work and I couldn’t continue my studies but now I would like to continue my bachelors but I am afraid my Year Gaps will disappoint me. Suggestion please.

Thank you
Anup Shrestha

Unfortunately, I cannot answer these types of questions. Only the consular officer can make the decision. Good luck!

Ashok Kiran says:

Hi Victoria,

I did my UG in media education. I have one arrear in Hindi(Regional Language). Is their any possibilities to do M.SC in US ?


Patel Ronak B says:

Respected medam/sir
collage:northwestern polytechnch university(NPU)
GRE 278
i got the rejection on this 25
so can u tell me why i got the rejection
visa officer ask me question are as follow
1. u r doing or study
2. which collage
3. why this collage
4 whyagain masters
5 what r u done here india
6 whats ur father
7 whats ur father role in his job.

Rahul says:

Dear Victoria ,
I have applied for fall intake for M.S and would be receiving my I-20 in a few days. Concerning about the visa,i am taking a bank loan for the first year of my studies.My dad works in a local company and his annual income is low,can my uncle who is in Bahrain sponsor me?actually my uncle was working in Dubai for almost 12 years and now he is transferred to Bahrain working in the same company.The problem is that the company that he works for is not in Bahrain so he is getting his income directly from Dubai and is been paid in hand,So he does not have any proof of Bank Transactions for the past 3 you think that would be a problem for my visa?if so is there any other options rather than showing bank statement?can he show his employment letter even if he cannot show his present bank transactions?

Thank you,

Rahul, you’ll need to be able to show financial statements that show you have enough to fund your entire education. Large, sudden transfers of money into an account are sometimes viewed negatively. Best of luck!

Ksenia says:

Hello, I am applying for Intensive English program at the college, I am Ukrainian, but i live in Turkey for a year now, can I go to US embassy in Turkey for interview with Ukrainian passport or will I have to go back to Ukraine just for interview?
Thank you so much

You should contact your embassy for more information about this.

razen d souze says:

Hello mam,
i have applied for fall 2015 and my interview is coming soon,i have got admitted by 4 universities and got a affortable i20 but i have still dout that i have scored E in all subject of my a-level programs and got ielts score of 6.But if the visa officer ask me about why your academic and test score are low,you cant5 study in usa .if suck question is been asked then what will be the perfect answer?please review me fast.
thank you

Razen, there is no perfect answer. You will need to be honest and sincere with your answers and the consular officer will determine if you are a good candidate for the visa or not. Good luck!

vignesh says:

hello,i had 2 years gap between my 12th and bachelor degree in engineering .will this year gap will affect my post graduate studies in europe particularly in visa

Unfortunately, I cannot answer these types of questions. Only the consular officer can make the decision. Good luck!

Rahul says:

Thank you very much Victoria. I also have a sponsor in Australia, I would like to know what all Documents which are needed for a sponsor from Australia?

You should contact your embassy for more information about this.

Anu says:

Hello iam applying M.s in c.s for fall 2015 I got my i20 but still did not get my final transcripts and degree certificate .can I apply for visa now or have to wait for final transcripts and degree certificate

Hi Anu, you should check with the embassy to see which documents they require. This article is a good place to start:

Vani says:

Hello Madam,
I am a 32 years old single working woman. I am working for a govt. Company in India since last 3 and half years. I want to pursue an MBA in the USA. Both my brothers are working in USA. What are my chances for this and what exams will I have to appear for this? Kindly advise.

Vani, you should check with the embassy to see what they require. This article is a good place to start:

Sagar Nayak says:

Hey Victoria,
I am about to complete my Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering from London. And I have been accepted for a certificate course in Systems Analysis (Computer Science) at UCLA Extension. Will the certificate course be a problem during the interview ?
What is a fitting reply to questions like – Why are you changing your stream ? Why a certificate course ?
And I even applied for MS in Mechanical Engineering at some universities. Would that create a stir ?
Hoping to hear from you.
Thank You.

Sagar, there is no perfect answer for these questions. You will need to be honest and sincere with your answers and the consular officer will determine if you are a good candidate for the visa or not. Good luck!

Vani says:

Thank you Ms. Victoria.

mathew says:

Hey miss Victoria I was admitted for a language course but the visa consule fo. Germany rejected my visa application reason :not sure whether I Will come back after the course now am applying for the winter semester how can I prove that because sincerely I want to come back and apply in my country for university .

Mathew, there is no perfect answer. You will need to be honest and sincere with your answers and the consular officer will determine if you are a good candidate for the visa or not. Good luck!

Mathew says:

Hello Victoria
i got an invitation for a language school of ISZ presenting every thing to the Germany console i was denied a visa reason: they are not sure whether i will come back after the course , am a student of my home country university but i never informed them about that in the first interview fearing questions ,sincerely i want to study that course because of its quality and weight on my CV then after i will come back and take on my bachelors program me , so please how can i prove and can my on going papers (bachelors) work , and please more reasons to prove thanks

hassan says:

i have an interview in a weeks time but i dont have gre or toefl. i never applied for it as my university doesnt ask for it. is that gunna make me fail the interview?

Ram says:

Hey Victoria.. I got my f1 visa denied. Because I was lied… actually my wife went on f1 visa last spring, and I also try to go on f1 visa this summer.. But in interview I told to VO… Like my wife working in India and she is staying in India.. But VO… Caught me that I am saying lies and he warned me that you saying lies! Gave me 214(b) form rejected visa.. Now I am planning to reapply my f1 visa, so how can I manage this issue??? This time I want to be very Janine.. please advises how can I manage this..if any question will rise why you lies last time?????

rajni patel says:

Hello Madam,
i m 30 years old. i have completed my 10th in 2001 with 78%, 12th in 2003 with 42% then wokred for company till 2008. then again start(2008/09) study in diploma in computer engineering(full time) completed in 2012 with 7.6/10(no backlog). then till date working for a IT company as mobile apps i plaaning to study Associate dgree in computer science in USA.
So, does this study gap will impact on my vissa approval ..???
i have working certificate and suficient funds for my study.
Kindly reply as soon as possible..
Thank You.

parminder dhillon says:

hi mam
new Zealand embassy decline my student visa application
.they say they are not satisfie with my interview answers and have no variable proof if my work experience , can I apply again with evidences,they will care about my application aur not pllzz rply me

I can only answer questions regarding a US student visa. Here’s a link to get started: Good luck!

Shashi.... says:

Hi Victoria..
In visa interview instead of showing parents as a sponsor of education; if a person is displaying personal savings and education loan as source of finance. Then is there a possibility of visa rejection in section 214B(potential immigrant). Please enlighten.
Thanks in Advance

Shashi, the answer is yes. You will need to prove that you have enough money to fund your entire education. However, even if you have sufficient funds, you can still be rejected if the consular officer believes that you intend to stay in the US after your studies. These are two separate issues. Those that wish to immigrate to the US permanently are not eligible for a student visa.

Ahmad says:

ma’m i am applying for student F-1 visa. can i have the choice of language. can i answer to VO in my native language URDU. or english is compulsory? and is there is any bad impression if i will answer him/her in my native language.

Ahmad, you will need to check with your consulate to see if this is possible. Good luck!

fardeenkhan says:

Hi victoria,
I have a bachelors degree in pharmacy which i have completed in 2013 with low score.I want to apply for associate degree in healthcare in US will i get rejected on the basis that i already have a bachelors degree

Only the consular officer can make the decision. Good luck!

Dayo says:

Hi Victoria,

I applied to only one University and got admitted to pursue Masters in Statistics. I am planning to go for my F-1 visa interview later in the month. My Uncle who resides in the US and as well a citizen is my sponsor and he plans to scan the bank statement he send to my school in February to me. Please may I know if this bank statement is good enough to be presented to the VO as I feel it has taken too much time? Also, can I inform him to scan across his work papers (Pay slip for the past two to three months), Tax Papers? Lastly, since I applied to just one University without GRE and Toefl, hope this won’t affect my chances?

I currently work in an Oil firm as a trainee and I am on the verge to get some documents to support ties to my home country.

Thank you and look forward to your response.

Best Regards,

Hi Dayo,

Be sure to have copies of bank statements and pay stubs to prove that your sponsor is able to cover the full cost of your education. Then, the consular officer will determine if you are a good candidate. Here are some common questions you can expect to get:

Good luck!

Dayo says:

Thank you Victoria!

I will print out a copy of the bank statements he sent to my school around February this year and as well require him to scan his pay stubs for the last 2 to 3 months across to pose a strong financial capability to cover by tuition.

Once again, very many thanks for your advice and the trails above. Very useful!


F1 for both couples says:

Hello Victoria,

Hope you are doing good :))

Me and my wife are both applying for our respective F1 visas and are admitted to the same university.

She is applying for MS ECE whereas I am applying for MBA
She is sponspered by her parents and herself and I am sponsored by my dad and me.

Can you please let us know what are do’s and dont’s while interviewing??

fardeenkhan says:

thanks for answering all these questions

lady doris says:

Hi victoria…please my visa has been scheduled for the 21st may..whilst my program begins on the 15th..will my visa be denied?

Missing part of your program is not a good indication of your ability to succeed. I would try to find a program that starts after your visa issuance. However, the consular officer will determine if you are a good candidate for the visa or not. Good luck!

shiva says:

Hi Victoria,
I was selected in Ph D program at University of Houston with a stipend of 25000 USD and full tution waver. However, I have 10 months gap after my masters and I would like to know whether visa officer reject my visa application based on this reason?

There is no rule that suggests you cannot have a gap between degrees and this gap is relatively small. I would concentrate on the other aspects of the interview. The consular officer will determine if you are a good candidate for the visa or not. Good luck!

Taymoor Sohail says:

Hye Ma’am Victoria,
My name is Taymoor Sohail, I am from Pakistan and graduated in Mechanical Engineering with 3.72 CGPA and had got 6.5 Bands in IELTS last year. I am planning to apply for my Masters Program at US in Florida State. The issue is that my father can’t afford my bank statement and tuition fee of Masters Program but on the otherside my Uncle (Moms Blood Brother) is a US Citizen and agreed to afford my studies in US all over being my sponser so Is there any problem from Embassy If my Uncle is my sole sponser?? I hope You’ll reply me soon. Thank You for consideration.

Taymoor, your uncle can sponsor you. You’ll just need to prove that he can fund your entire education during the interview. Good luck!

Karan Chavda says:

Dear Victoria Mam,

Hi! Mam! How are you? Mam, I want a best advice from you. I am bit embarassed due to my toefl and gre score. The fact is that, i have got gre of 286 and toefl of 66, though its my second attempt of both exams and results are still down for me. I am bit afraid of Visa interview. And my academics of Undergraduate is of 3.39 GPA. Mam, I am seriously want a best advice from you. Though my I-20 is of conditional, i have started preparing for ESL from internet and many web sources. And I am ready for any kind of exams or english courses they would like to give me.Trust me, mam, I was the best student in my undergraduate degree and I was in Top 5 in the class. So my question to you, how to tackle the visa interview question, when they asked about “Why gre and toefl score is less?” Please, Mam, I am expecting the best answer from you.

With best regards,
Karan Chavda

Karan, you should come to the interview with a detailed plan on how you will improve your English prior to your program. Consider joining an ESL program prior to your school program. Here is a great resource for finding ESL schools in the US:

Kiran says:

Hello Victoria,

I am a 2009 B.Tech passed out. I have been working for the past 5 years and now would like to complete Masters in US. My GRE score is 291 and TOEFL is 97. I was a bit late in applying for some good universities as their deadlines had passed, so have applied for 3 moderate universities and secured an admit from one of them. The other 2 are still pending. I would be really thankful if you can answer the following queries that I have got.
1. Can I attend my F1 interview now rather than wait for the other 2 admits ?
2. Will my F1 Visa be rejected as I am applying to moderate universities even after having relevant work experience. (Might be deemed as a potential immigrant, but I am going to return for sure)
3. Can I transfer to another university if I secure an admit after my Visa is approved ?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Kiran. You can interview now. You will only be accepted if you have a solid plan and funding for your education. Only the consular officer can decide if you will be found eligible. However, If your F-1 is granted, you can transfer to a different school as long as the school issues you a new I-20. Good luck!

Kiran says:

Thanks so much Victoria.
Can you also let me know what would be the transfer procedure as I am pretty sure that I will be admitted in the other 2 universities as well.

Ananya says:

I have applied for a PG course in canada. I have got an admit to cennetial college which is in Toronto. I heard that if there is a course direction change from our previous ones then the visa might get rejected? Like I have a degree in engineering (info science) and now want to do PG in project management!
Please help me out and give me tips how to face the visa people

james says:

my father is a refugee in USA, and am about to apply for an F1 visa. does his case may affect mine??

James, I’m not sure. Check with your consulate. Good luck!

shaikmohiuddin says:

Mam , I am a indian and iam working here in Saudi arab for the past 5 yrs and I want to know can I apply from here in Saudi arab for f1 visa and I have read in facebook abt a inter view of a doctor who applied for f1 visa got rejected because he did not show the country of origin of tie ( family staying in ksa , property . etc) and I have my brother working too and he can sponsor me can I show this kind of coutry of origin ties of brother as I dnt have property and parents here pls help me if possible and send me if you have anyther experiances of f1 visa belonging to ksa us consulates

Master Jeffrey J Robin says:

i have a multiple entry student visa issued for five years and is still valid upto december 07 2018.
i have been to the states in 29december 2013 have returned in 18 february 2014..i have not overstayed nor i have broken any f1 student laws.but i have not been travelling after that till now..recently i have got admission in a new college and got my new i-20 so can i travel with the same visa if i want? or do i need to reapply for a new visa?

Jeffrey, check with your consular officer or DSO.

SAS says:

hello am sas, an Indian. i was preparing for civil services examinations from past 6 years soon after my it is a huge gap. Now a I want to pursue MS. will i get 1-20 and VISA.

Raghu says:

Hi Victoria,

I have received an admit for a prestigious US university. However, I had also applied to 10 other universities and I got rejects from all of these. Will this high number of rejects cause problems in my visa approval?

prashant says:


Myself Prashant dasadiya. I want to ask you one importtant quiestion.
I did Bachelor in pharmacy in 2009. and then i put file for canada as student and i got visa in Dec 2009. but due to some personal problems i left the study and came back to india in Jan 2011.then i started job in pharma field from Feb 2011 to Feb 2014. then i applied for MBA in ireland as student but i chose wrong course before MBA. it was IBM which is related to commerce fiel. so i was not getting anything. so i left the study and got a part time job in MNC company. now My visa is going to expired in july 2015. and i want to make application for USA as student visa.

Could you please let me know is it possible to put file as student after this 1 year gap in study in abroad?

I will be waiting for your reply.


Yes, it is possible to apply for the visa. There is no guarantee that you will be granted the visa. Good luck!

saeedeh says:

I have an appointment for F1 student visa. How can I prove that I’ll return my own country?
DO they believe me just by verbal explanation?

Thank you so much

They are interested in family or land that you will return to, a job offer for after your studies, or proof of anything that will compel you to return home. Bring any proof that you can, as it is a crucial part of the interview. Good luck!

Chaitali says:

Hi Victoria,

I wanted to know if I need to carry all original fixed deposit receipts along with me for the visa interview or the photocopies would do?

Chaitali, I would bring both, just in case. Good luck!

Masi says:

Hello Victoria,
I have competed in 2008.
My GPA is 2.6, gre 275 , IELTS 6
Backlocks: 32. But I finished my degree with in the time ;4years.

After my UG I worked for 6 years as systems engineer in Singapore and returend to my home country.And now intended to pursue graduation in USA, MS in Technology Management.
I am sponsoring myself for my education.

I am yet to get admit in this fall2015 from univ where my profile has matched (TAMUC or Rivier Univ).
Pls suggest me how to answer :
Why you wanna study again after 6 years of exp?
Why in USA, why not Singapore.
Pls suggest with right answer as expertise.

Masi says:

Also, I am the sponsor for education.
My interview is held in india.
And my funding and savings are in Singapore bank.
So I will be showing proof of the bank which I have in Singapore.
Does the vo has concern about it, as I am attending interview in india as an india citizen.

Pls help with your answer.


Hi Masi, you’ll need to ask your VO that question! Good luck!

mallikarjun says:

Hi victoria,iam a student from india,as i applied for f1 visa and failed in all the times.I have applied for Ms programme in usa,n i have work experience too.My colleagues are suggesting me for applying programme for mba in usa.Does it effect my Visa rate if i change my status from ms to mba i visa interview.

Nirav says:

I’ve been accepted to US University and will attending interview soon.
In the recent 12th Grade exam, my marks weren’t good enough, will this affect my Visa?

I do not have a say in this. Only the consular officer can decide if you are qualified. Good luck!

samuel says:

Hello ma,
i have been denied a USA student Visa for 5th times, is there any chances of given VISA if i should re- apply again ? can America issued visa After 5 denials?

I do not have a say in this. Only the consular officer can decide if you are qualified. Good luck!

Racky sharma says:

helo mam, I have applied for f1 devry university .my interview will be on 15 june but i’ m very nervous. can you tell me how much spend time with me visa officer.

Hi Racky, this will differ depending on your consular officer and your qualifications. Best of luck!

Lily says:

Hi victoria :
I was suspended from my college for 1 year because of academic dishonesty ( I helped a friend during an exam…… I know.. it was stupid…. my GPA is fine)… My international student advisor terminated my previous ID…. So after a year, I was allowed to go back to the same university with a new I20 and a new SEVIS ID….. Can the VO see my previous record if I was given a new SEVIS ID??? I got an internship in my home city and I’m definitely going back to my country afterwards… Only have one year left for college….

Lily, I’m not sure if they will know this without you telling them. It is best to be honest if asked why you were suspended. Best of luck.

Dakshayni says:

Hi Victoria,

I had applied for total 7 PhD programs and 2 MS Programs in 7 universities and got rejected in all 7 PhD programs and selected into only 1 MS Program but that is the top ranked university. In the visa interview, if asked about how many universities did I apply for, do I have to tell them the truth? As that may seem that I was rejected by all others? Or can I say I applied to 2 MS Programs only. As the rejection in PhD was more of a lack of profile fit. Rest my all scores, profile is very good. Please advise me.
They would anyway not know how many programs I applied to right?

Dakshayni – Yes, you should tell the truth when answering all of your interview questions. The consular officer will determine if you are a good fit for a visa. Good luck!

Abel says:

Dear Madam,
I am planning to apply for the f-1 visa and i was worried about a few things; if i deposit a big amount of money before a day or two would that have an effect? And should i show more money than the required amount by the university?

Abel – a large, recent deposit of money into your account may indicate the inability for long-term financial stability. It is up to the consular officer. Best of luck!

vijaybabu says:

Dear Madam,
This is vijay from hyd,
i have completed my masters in VLSI Design
but i am working as software engg in software company(around 3 Years Exp.),so i decided to Study MS in Comp Science,I am planing To Write IELTS…Plz Guide Me.Since I have 6 Years Education Gap (i worked As Faculty in engg college Exp and 3 Years of software) pl Do favor
thanks madam

Mohan says:

Dear Mam,

My father is going to sell one of his properties to get liquid funds before my visa interview. I will carry an original proof of the transaction with me. But will the Visa Officer raise questions on this sudden large amount? Is it better to show bank loan as opposed to this? He would be sponsoring my education through the money generated from the sale. Please guide me. Also, is it ok to show different financial documents for I-20 and during Visa interview or do they have to be same?
Thanks a lot.

Mohan, yes, a large recent deposit can be viewed negatively. You’ll need to check with your school to see what documents are required for your I-20. Best of luck!

Meeta says:

Dear Victoria,

If I would be getting full funding from the university to cover my tuition as well as living expenses, but based on a condition to complete the course within a prescribed time frame, do I still have to show personal sources of funds for the total cost (tuition + living) for F1 visa or just the funding scholarship letter by the university would do along with a little bit of liquid funds at my end. Please let me know.
Thanks a lot.

Meeta, you must show proof of funds for everything – tuition, living, incidentals, travel, etc. This includes your scholarships, but you will need to prove financial ability to cover everything else without a problem. Good luck!

rafile says:

Hello,i have already applied for my french study visa and i have submitted all documents including my original acceptance letter,tuition payment certificate and all documents and the embassy doesn’t tell me additional documents rather they took my photo,fingerprint and visa application payment and they appointed me to collect my materials next week what do you think that the odd of the result?

I cannot help with French visas. Maybe someone else can answer your question.

Rajarajan says:

Hi there,
I have applied for M.S computer Science. i dont have any score cards like TOEFL,GMAT. if i get the admission. What should be the next? can anyone guide me that college did not require any score cards.

thank you

Rajarajan says:

Hi there ,
I forgot to tell am working & having 1.3 years experience and i am a post graduate in M.Sc Computer Science university of madras

Emrul hasan says:

i just completed my college study now i want to go to USA for my higher study .

But i think i have a problem , the name of my mother in my certificate (study status ) is not fully correct ,(1 letter is missing)
is that will be really any problem to get my visa ???????

shariff says:

one interview question-please justify yourself why do i need to approve your visa? please help me this question,how to imprese the visa officer?

This is a very personal question and the answer is unique to you. Only you can answer it. 🙂

Srini says:

Hi, does the number of universities applied matter? I had applied for 20 universities.

jeet says:

i have gape after my school studies …of 3 years can i get student visa?


I hold a B1 US visa and am planning to apply for my f1 visa.
my question is
1. If I apply for a f1 visa will my B1 visa get revoked?
2. If yes, then what is the procedure to enter US prior to the date allowed to enter the US on a f1 visa? As I would like to enter US with my family for a vacation first and then stay back for my college.

You’ll need to check with your consular officer.


Thank you.

Bidisha says:

Hi Victoria,

I am accompanying my husband as a dependent and we would be applying for Visa together. My father and father-in-law are jointly sponsoring his education and dependent expenses. I also have my own Fixed Deposits. Should I show that I am self-sponsored for F2 visa or let my father only be as my sponsor? The funds are sufficient in either case. Please guide my which option would be better.

deon says:

What if someone job changes before they go to there interview at the embassy…what should they do?

mounika says:

Hello ma,
i have been denied a USA student Visa
for 7 times, is there any chances of
given VISA if i should re- apply again ?
can America issued visa After 7 denials? I dont know what should be the exact reason for my denial. plz help me.

HARRON says:

Hi how are u mam wish every thing is good with you, victoria mam i have 2 year bachelor degree in commerce not 4 year like i m a undergraduate for usa study bz i have 14 year education and i have got admission in community college but this community college is part of very big popular university like uni have 24 college senior college an other also and one is community college and financial resource of study paying my 2 uncle and both are us citizen one is providing me home for stay and an other paying my fee one uncle is my close uncle and the an other uncle is not my close uncle who is paying me fee it will issue ? And mam
here in my country i have tie like my father died since when i was 7 year old so, now his property on my name and one of my bro and sis and mother and my mother its a shop my mother has given on rent and we receive every month rent 50,000 and property value is 2 lack dollar and govt had given exemption on my mother tax bz she is widow and i pay tax and my bro also but we pay very low tax bz we showed to tax department that we receive low rent like 15000 thats why we pay low tax and tell me that can i make deed of rent on my name or its ok own my mother name bz if i make on my name then vo can ask about tax return but i think he can also ask my mother tax return but if he asks then i will say that govt had given exemption to my mom please tell me about this can i make on my name deed of rent like of 50,000 that i receive or mom is ok can i show in this metter my property or just i will show that my mother property
bz i have made one affidavit like my name is etc and harron is my son i have 2 land one land plot no is etc and other etc and both lands amount value is 35,000 dollar and this is reserve for my son study i can provide if he needs and i have one shop value of shop 2 lack dollar which i have given on rent and i receive 50.000 like 500 dollar per month he can use this amount for pocket expense during his study please tell me its is ok affidavit and tell me i show shop property own my mother name or me which is best for me during interview please tell me all about community college is it ok bz i have 14 year education 2 year bachelor degree and tell me about tie how should i show thanks for your time take care

I cannot answer specific questions like this. Good luck!

Parichay Sharma says:

Hey I apply my visa for Ireland in 2013 and rejected same financial and course and college is not proper and you can study here in India also as answer come from officer .but now I want to apply again Ireland for M.Sc IT-ims course and want 100% visa .so it is possible. In my case

Jane Monis says:

Hi mam,
I have taken an international student loan in the US to cover my tuition and living expenses. Will that be a problem to obtain the f1 visa?
Also applied to only one university is that okay?


Rajni says:

Hello Vitoria
My name is Rajni. I have completed my bcom in 2012 and after that I did 2 sem of my mcom and drop my study for next 1.5 years now I want to to apply for a student visa for USA with my husband. Are we able to apply together and what are the requirements for that please reply me

kelin says:

I am kelin from Ghana and have being admitted to north carolina A&T with assistantship of $28370 out of $29300 total for tution and living. i 2 sponsors but one was not available when i had to submit financial proof covering the remaining $920. i submitted bank statement from the first sponsor with $6500 in it and i20 has being processed and on it s way coming. i want to add the second sponsor also when i apply for my f1 visa. My question is will i encounter any problem because of this issue.
Thanks and hoping to hear from you cos i need to apply for the visa early because my school starts in august.

k. dandyan says:

Hello victoria
Will u tell me the visa success rate in North India of i20

Eleazer says:

Dear Madam,
I have an admission offer from a Private Uni in the US. I am suppossed to start studies in the fall. However my passport expires in 2017 and I know it should cover 6 months over the intended stay period. Applying for a new passport takes time here in Ghana and I might not get a new one before August when am supposed to start my studies. Do I stand a chance if I apply with my current passport?

kelin says:

@ eleazer. since your passport expires in 2017, u dont have any problem. u can renew your passport at any Ghanaian consulate in the USA. so dont panic. just focus on your preparation for the interview

Patricia says:

i got my visa refused coz of lack of sufficient fund and my purpose of visit yet i was a applying for student visa and my study plan failedme,planning to reapply again so guide me

Hussain says:

Hi ! Victoria, i have few queries please help suggest me,
1) am an Indian i was born and brought up in India i did my engineering and all studies from India.
2) i completed my engineering in 2010 , and was working in India till mid 2014, then i got the job offer from Saudi Arabia since then am working in Saudi Arabia.
3) now the main question is am planning to do MS from USA, but my family is living in india can i show my sponsors my dad and my fathers income and bank statement everything belongs in india. it will effect the visa approval or not..? as they look for home ties.
4) i want to attend visa interview in Saudi, so please suggest me , what should i do to convince that i have strong ties with my country.

Family members, job offers, property, and future plans can be a good sign of intent to return to one’s home country. Being honest is the key. Good luck!

vijaykumar says:

i applied for visa in hyderabad on npu it was rejected
and i want to reapply again can i apply in other consulate
i am in confusion state can i apply or it will be a problem and lead to visa rejection

please tell me

I’m not sure. You should contact the embassy to find out.

John says:

Hi ms!
Currently I am working in dubai for 5months I have got an interview with us embassy after 5days so what strong reason I can tell to interviewer when he asks why r not u applying for f1 visa from your hometown?

Tell your consular officer the truth. You should answer all questions honestly.

Dj says:

Hi john
How was your interview.. Did u get visa

Tarun says:

Hi Victoria,
I got admitted into Colorado State University but conditionally as I got 2 points less than what they require as minimum on TOEFL test. So can u tell me how to get through visa interview.


Mdakter says:

hi mem hw r u? mem my us visa interview will be held on 25 june…now i will have to know one thing that my expected reporting date on my I-20 has been expired at last day…will it any problem for facing visa interview? plz mem response me…

Check with your school to see if this is a problem and to see if they can extend your I-20 offer. Good luck!

Ashok Kumar says:

Dear Victoria,

I would like to study Ms on CS or MIS. Please look below my profile.if I got in medium university, May I get visa approval ?

10th standard : 67%
10+2 : 65%
B-tech (Civil engineering): 62 % (with 16 black logs)
Work Experience: Two years in software company (Autocad, and primvera softwars) in India and 9 months in Dubai. (total : 2 years 9 months)

Expecting score in IELTS : 6 band
& GRE : 285


I cannot answer specific questions like this. Good luck!

Chinmay says:

For my master’s studies, I’ve applied to 9 universities matching to my profile and program of interest.
I’ve got admit from 3 universities. Out of which two are located in California. According to many online experts this profile looks like potential immigrant. I’m sincerely only interested in education. Many advised me not to mention two California universities in interview. But I intend to be honest in interview. Do you think my chances of rejection are high due to this situation ? What should I do to tackle this problem ?

Basit says:

Dear Victoria
Could you please tell me that in a VISA interview the number of universities in which the student has applied matter ??
Because I have applied and got accepted in only one and that was the university I was hoping to get in.

I would be very thankful for your time.


Basit, it is fine to apply for only one university. You must have a good explanation as to why you only applied to one and why you chose that one. Being honest is the key. Good luck!

Aashutosh bajgain says:

I am an undergraduate from Nepal and i have applied to community college at california. Is their more chance of visa rejection when applied to community college for an associate degree? Please let me know. Thanks.

It is up to your consular officer. Good luck!

Jeremy Wu says:

Hi Victoria,

I’m currently studying in U.S and planning to renew my VISA back in my country. I’m wondering if it’s easier to get rejected if i paticipate in some internship programs legally?

Thank you!

As long as your are keeping within the legality of your visa it should not affect your visa renewal. However, it is up to the consular officer to decide if you are eligible for renewal. Good luck.

aamna sheenh says:

mam…what should i answer?… if embassy will ask me that ..will i come to back to india after my study…this question is confusing me a lot??

You must prove that you plan to return to India after your studies to be eligible for the F-1 student visa.

Kiran says:

I have applied for f1 visa to NPU and got rejected as I have masters already. If I have masters in India, am not eligible to do masters in United States?

Thank you.

It is at the discretion of the consular officer. Their decision is final. You can try to reapply.

Amrik Singh says:

i am from india and want to study in U S but i have gap of six years in my studies . can i apply for visa ? plz give me some suggestions ASAP..

There is no rule against having a gap in your studies to qualify for a visa. You must instead prove that you are a good candidate to study in the US. Good luck!

KAYODE says:

Hi victoria am from nigeria and have been addmitted to study in computer science in central wyoming college my fear is that my sponsor is not my family member but just a family friend so it was indicated on my i 20 that am being sponsored by a friend please will this affect getting my visa? thanks

Kayode – I cannot answer that. It is up to your consular officer. Good luck!

Kamali says:

Hello victoria, I was rejected last time for f1 visa for having low grades on high school and im reapplying but i want to know that is the same reason going to affect for my second interview (i know it will for sure) buy am i gonna get asked why low grades or why rejection last time? (which i hope they would ask) even if they dont ask can i request them to ask? what would be better, i would really appreciate your thoughts. Thank you.

Kamali, you should plan on answering all questions asked of you in the interview. Be prepared to address your high school grades. Good luck!

aamna sheenh says:

hi mam…what should i answer..if embassy officer ask me that ..will you come back to india after completing your study?..this question is confusing me the most.

Tusar says:

Hello , I am having my interview in 20 days and I am really nervous . I have got 72 % in High School , 86 in TOEFL and 1600 in SAT . Unfortunately , there are many students from Nepal that are applying to the University where I am intending to go . Will this effect my chances of getting the visa ? and one question , is Visa a luck or the result of confidence during interview ?

Tusar, only the most qualified applicants are granted a visa. The interview plays a big part in that, so be sure to practice your answers and always tell the truth. Good luck!

HARRON says:

Hi how are u mam ok mam but can u tell me that i got admission in community college and i have 2 year bachelor degree like 14 year so, community college is ok for me or not and tell me my 14 year graduation like according to usa i have high school degree m i right mam ? and can i say during interview that i will transfer my credits after earn associate degree into 4 year college or not just just take 2 year education visa please tell me all thanks take care

Harron, it’s up to the consular officer to decide if you are eligible. Best of luck.

Heena parmar says:

Hi mam
my undergrand is B.A(English)passout in may2015
i was apply for M.B.A in National university califonia.and i got admision in this university
Now,i am going to visa interview after 1 month
So,any problem with i complited B.A and admision in M.B.A

Heena, this should not be a problem. Good luck!

koteswara rao says:

Hello mam

Can i Apply to different Specialization for ms in us ?
Will I get visa rejected

Yes, you can apply with a different specialization. I am not a consular officer so I cannot tell you if you will be rejected or not. You must apply to find out. Good luck!

Ankitha says:

Hi Mam,

I am planning to apply PhD (Computer Science) program for spring 2016

I purseued Masters in Computer science from Kansas state univ,USA and bachelors in Computer science from JNTU, Hyd

Masters GPA-3.0
Bachelors-71% (no backogs)
10+2 class -87 %
10th class -84%

GRE-920- took GRE in 2010 which is going to expire in three months i.e oct 2015
Toefl -82-took Toefl in 2010 its already expired

My Questions:

1) As i already masters degree from USA they gave me TOEFL/IELTS waiver.but while attending to F1 visa interview Do i need to retake TOEFL/IELTS?

2) GRE is going to expire by oct 2015 inmean time if i get an admit for PhD by this september 2015 still i need to retake GRE while attending F1 visa interview?

3) My current F1 visa is still valid till (Oct 2010-Nov 2015). Do i need to still attend for F1 visa interview? or i need to request for extension?

Please advise

Hi Ankitha, I would check with the embassy before your interview to have your questions answered. Good luck!

Subharthi says:

Hi Victoria,
I hope you are doing great.
I have got MS admit with full funding and research assistantship. So VISA process is the last step towards my lifelong goal for a research career as I want to pursue my PhD from there also.

I have passed my BTech in 2013 and worked in two companies. I also have post graduate diploma which I acquired in 2014. But I left my last job in February to totally concentrate on my studies to prepare myself for larger goals regrading my graduate studies. Do you think it can have negative influence in VISA interview. Though I know why I took this break, VO can easily misinterpret things. This is my first time to face a VISA interview for any country. I am little nervous even if I sound crazy.

Don’t be nervous! You have good qualifications but it is up to the consular officer to decide. So be honest and confident and hopefully you will have a good outcome. Good luck!

Darshan says:

Hi Victoria,
I had gone to the U.S. Consulate in Dubai for re applying my F-1 visa and my application got denied. The person asked me what I would do with my business degree and I replied that I would want to open a business in the U.S.
She said that I was on a non immigrant visa and I’m not allowed to do that and it would be considered as illegal. She rejected my application. I’ve reapplied but I’m worried what if they reject it again by looking at the review of my past application. If they ask me the same thing and I reply to them saying I will head back straight to my home country after my degree, will they process my application ?
Please help !
Thank you.

Darshan, if you plan to stay in the US after your studies you are not eligible for the F-1 visa. You should not try to conceal this fact if you reapply.

Darshan says:

Hi Victoria,
Regarding to the pervious question. Wouldn’t the consulate people record the review of my previous application? If I say this time that I will finish my education and head back home, would they think I’m lying ?

Yes, your previous application and results will be kept on file. They could be reviewed by the consular officer. Good luck!

Nick says:

Hey Victoria,

I had applied for a Visa interview but was rejected under section 214b but planing to try one more time. l recently got a job offer from a potential employer in my home country here in Africa. The company is promising me a good job and pay but with a contingent l come back home after my studies. l have an official letter from the company which was mailed to my address. My question is do l present this before the consular officer lf asked my plans after my studies in the United States ?

Nick – Yes, I would definitely present the letter to prove ties to your home country. Good luck!

akita says:

hi victoria,
i applied for a master’s degree program which is an online course 1 yr full time. will I be granted a US student visa since it is online but I have to be in the US to do the program. any advise? Thanks!

If you’re required to be in the US, the school will need to issue you an I-20 form when you are accepted. This is needed for your visa application and to schedule a visa interview. Check with your school about this and then contact the embassy for additional questions on how to apply for the visa. Good luck.

HARRON says:

Hi how are u mam hope everything this is good with you i m going to interview on 6 july i need information that should i tell to Vo that i will transfer my credits after community college or just say him that i want to get skils in this major thats why i m interested to earn an associate degree please tell me and tell me that how will i show my all sporting documents or after approved visa will VO will get my all documents or not just will get passports from me

Harron, you should tell the VO what you truthfully plan to do. You should take all of your supporting documentation with you to the interview. Good luck!

rayhan khan says:

hello, madam , I got rejected for my F1 visa .when my interview started i was fine, suddenly i went nervous and started giving wrong answer according to my profile.
Like example I shown less annual income of my father which is actually more than what i said. she asked me my job profile I gave it in nervousness manner can i say this time my father’s actual income? my brother also supporting me but i didn’t mentioned him during interview.

Hi Rayhan. Yes, being nervous can definitely affect your interview. You can reapply, but I’m not sure of your chances, since it is ultimately up to your VO. Good luck.

Kapil Patel says:

Hiii Victoria… I want to do ms in USA… My father is farmer and my uncle is in USA who went ago 8 years and self employed…if i got sponsorship letter from my uncle and he will sponsor my education then if VO ask me that what doing ur sponsor and where is he??? So what are chances of getting visa approval and what i should tell to VO???…thanks…

You’re required to tell the VO the truth. You should tell your VO that your sponsor is in the US if he/she asks. Good luck.

Srijana KC says:

Hi ,
I recently attended my interview on 6th july 2015 but it was refuse under section 214(b), I want to repply again but the got my I-20 , is it possible to book the appointment without I-20 ??

Contact your embassy to find out. Good luck!

PM says:

Hello Madam,

I am an international student. I had applied to universities in the US as well as Canada. I have received an offer from one university of my choice from each of these countries. I already have a Canadian TRV on my passport but I will apply for F1 Visa to the US Consulate since I wish to attend the university in the US. Kindly inform me if this would interfere with the smooth processing of my F1 Visa application.

With best regards,

As far as I’m aware, these are completely unrelated visas from two different countries. Check with the embassy to be sure. Good luck!

Esha says:

Hi Victoria, this is Esha. I applied for the F1 student’s visa to America recently and will be facing and interview soon. I’m 21years old and going fpr my bachelors degree. As we know they want us to go only for the purpose of education and no intention of being an immigrant. My parents got divorced when I was a child and my mother remarried and is staying there since 2004. And she is a citizenship holder. I have contacts with her but things are complicated. But do you think this can hold the impression that I am going there for my mother? I’m worried if that may risk my chances of getting the student’s visa. Anyway I’ve mentioned about her in the application form and have chosen to be truthful in all ways. Waiting for a response. Thanks.

Esha, only the consular officer can determine your eligibility. It is always best to be truthful. Good luck!

Adam says:

Hi Victoria 🙂

So I have interview after like 15 days and The thing is I have got accepted by a college for an English training so I can get the ELTS or T and what dose worries me could he might ask me why ( English training if your English not that bad ? Or should just explain? And could my own car be a good ties back at home ? And I have heard that what really matters is how confident and honest you look it’s that true ? And thanks a lot 🙂

Adam, if you’ve been issued an I-20 to a university for English training then you’d better be ready to explain why this English training is necessary and useful to you. Your car is a good start to proving that you have ties to your home country, but may be considered disposable. Instead, focus on your personal and professional connections – family, land, job offers, etc.

Confidence and honesty are very important for you interview. The more sincere you look and feel, the more the consular officer will see you as a viable candidate.

Habtu says:


Thank you for all your help and guidance. You are most kind person to answer our questions.


gopi says:

hi victoria,
iam gopi, I got rejected for my F1 visa 2times on northwestern polytechnic university,so i want change my university from NPU to silicon valley university,is there any problem at interview and what type of questions they will ask,please help me.
thank you in advance.

B says:

Hi Victoria ,

I have been born and brought up in India , but recently acquired a Portuguese passport .Currently i am residing and working in India .
I would like to apply for my further studies in the US . I have assets like property , liquid cash in Indian rupees ? What are my changes of success at getting a student visa to the US ?

Thanks and Regards ,

Only the consular officer at the embassy can determine if you are eligible. Good luck!

Yousuf says:

I am Yousuf, a 31 years old graduate of commerce. I passed my graduation exam in 2005. Then I started search for job. I also did short courses of MS OFFICE and SPECIALIZATION IN BANKING after my graduation in 2006 and 2007. I got job in a bank in 2008, which is continued. Now I wish to go abroad (Canada/Australia) to continue my education. For this reason, I met with different consultants. Many of them refused taking my case due to education gap, while others assure me only admission in university but not visa. I would like to ask you that what are the chances of visa. Should I take risk? I am not financially strong as well. I have no source of income. My personal saving is as much that I can bear only my fees and other expenses till one year. I need your guidance. Please help me.

Financial ability to pay for your entire schooling is required to study in the US. I cannot help you with questions about visas in Australia or Canada. Good luck!

syeda saeeda jahan says:

Hi victoria
I am from pakistan ..i have got i20 from 3 unis….united states uni, uni of saint joseph and western kentucky uni…
I have completed my in maths frm pakistan..( 2 yrs program)
Ielts score 5.5
Nd i took admission in bachelors degree in usa….can i apply for f1 visa on the behalf of getting 2nd bachelors degree….??
Or how many chances to get approval from embassy…

You can try! Good luck!

HARRON says:

HI how are you madam wish every thing is good with you madam i have written on my application departure date from usa 2017 but my study plans of 4 year so can i tell to vo bout my 4 year plan it i issue for me please tell me and i got rejected now i m going again for interview please tell me quickly bz i m going in morning take care thanks

You need to speak with your VO about this. Good luck!

HARRON says:

HI how are you madam wish every thing is good with you madam i have written on my application departure date from usa 2017 but my study plans of 4 year so can i tell to vo bout my 4 year plan it i issue for me please tell me and i got rejected now i m going again for interview please tell me quickly bz i m going tommorw in morning take care thanks

HARRON says:

yes madam i will say him but please tell me i should tell him my 2 year associate degr ee that i want to earn an associate degree and want to get skills and i will come back to my country after 2 year study because i have written on my application deperture date 2017 and i have 4 year plan like i will transfer my cerdits after an associate degree please tell me now what should i do

Samira Patel says:

hi Victoria ,
My name is samira from India , I did my bachelors from London and finished in 2013.
Now I am applying for f1 visa and I have received my i20 from Florida Atlantic university.
My question was will I get f1 visa or am I eligible if f4 while is pending and the main applicant is my dad.
The file was filed by my dad sister in October 2003

Only the consular officer can decide if you are eligible for the F-1 visa. For questions about other visas, please contact your embassy.

Meera says:


My parents took out about $ 50,000 a few months ago from my account for my sisters wedding. They and my cousin then deposited back all the money that they didn’t use/pay me back. It now shows two-three large lump sums of money where people deposited money back, but I can clearly show where a large lump sum of money was taken out before. Will all of this raise any red flags? I am very worried now. I didn’t think them depositing money they borrowed before would cause concern.

Meera – just explain the situation if asked during the interview. Then the consular officer will determine if you are a good candidate based on your true circumstances. Good luck!

Manoj says:

Hello madam.

Last September month, I got rejection in students visa. I’m planning to reapply next month. I want to change my sponsor name in the form, so may I do that?

mounika says:

hai mam, i got rejected my f1 visa because i failed to answer the question’why are u changing u r major electronics to management’. please help me to answer this question

krishna says:

Hello, there well I just finished my interview yesterday and realized that I just made a small mistake during my interview I told a wrong date for my certificate issued I told 4th as a date issued instead of telling 6th . Would my visa have issues because of this .

Krishna, I suggest contacting the consulate to see if you can correct this information.

Joe says:

I applied for an F1 visa and I was rejected. Could it be that I had a 285 on my GRE? Can I reapply please

Hi Joe. Yes, your test scores can affect your application. If you were rejected, you should have received notice of why you were denied. Read more here:

Ravindra says:

Today I had my visa appointment at Delhi consulate at 8:30 am. My visa got approved but the consulate had kept my I20 along with the passport. so when I can expect to get back my I20 because I will be needing it for further use.

jueli patel says:

What To Do If Your US Student Visa Is Rejected?
The F-1 visa is the one that is issued to the international students going to study in the US. Though there are other types of visa and with that you can enter the country but no admission will be given to any student without the F-1 visa. Obtaining this visa requires proper preparation and adequate interview skills as many reasons can cause its rejection. If for some reason, your application gets rejected, you always have other options. Some of them are as follows.


In case of visa rejection you can reapply for it. Many students get the visa when they apply for a second time even though they got rejected the first time. It is also very important that you rectify any possible problems that might have caused the rejection the first time.

There are some common reasons why a US student visa is rejected.
• Submitting wrong or incorrect documents
• Lack of enough financial support to last you till the end of your study
• Low score in the English language exams
• Incomplete or forged documents
• Inappropriate behaviour during interview or a providing questionable answers
• Insufficient documents to prove strong roots in the home country which would make you return to India
• Failure to supply enough information regarding the selected course and university

If you feel that any of the above reasons might be a cause for the rejection of your visa, then you better rectify the problem. Solving the issues with documents and proofs and reapplying for visa is a good option. You can apply for a student visa three times in a year. If your three chances are done then you’ll have to wait a whole year to apply again. There have been cases where the students who had to face rejections in the first and second tries got accepted the third time.

However, if an applicant is still not through with a US student visa, the best thing to do is to search for alternatives. These may include:
Pursuing education in other country
• Other countries like Australia, Canada and Europe are renowned for their high quality education and have many top ranking Universities
• Studying abroad does not only mean a degree from a US university alone. There are number of world renowned universities around the globe that impart equally excellent education and training.
• Visa process is not that strenuous in other countries and with the modern facilities and the opportunities available to students today, it serves as an ideal choice.
Looking for a job
• Ample job opportunities are available to students today. The only thing required is a good resume.
• Education can always be an option. The work experience will add to your current profile and help you get into a better university than earlier.
• Work experience also gives you a practical view on things and provides exposure.
Studying in India
• Even in India there are reputed universities and colleges that offer you a competitive edge in the market with excellent degrees and advanced curricula.
• It is beneficial to study in India as Indian education can always be used to better the situations in our country.

You can also apply for a US student visa next year though an agent. That will assist you in getting your student visa. If you have decided to study only in a US university, it will take a year’s time to reapply. Use the time to undertake some course of your interest. These courses will improve your knowledge, may help you obtain a good job after graduation.

So do not lose hope. A visa rejection does not mean end of your career.
– See more at: MSMBainUSA

Srijan says:

Hi mam,
I want to apply for student visa in U.S but my high school result is not so good.I have only 48% in an aggregate so am I be able to apply?

Matilda says:

Hi mam!

I have been applying for a f-1 visa but got rejected. I have my old Au pair family who is sponsoring me with the college. Do you maybe think that can be the problem why I got rejected and also, do you maybe think if I change my sponsor to my dad and really show them with paper that I’m gonna study a class in Sweden after my two years in USA, do you think that could work??


hello , can anyone tell that how much bank balance is required for usa f1 visa specifically for medical nursing program?

Tanjim says:

Dear Victoria,
Last 9th July my visa was rejected. I was totally flustered, cause the visa officer didn’t go through any of my documents. He just glanced at my passport and the I-20 form while asking me about 5-6 questions and refused me under the law 214(B). Then he smiled with telling me apply again and now I’m prepearing for the next at the following 29th July. I want to put a picture in detail of that interview and will you please tell me what n where the problems were? And there was a technical problem with my I-20, they didn’t give the english clearence though I sent my IELTS score, might be they issued my offer letter early. And now they sent me a new I-20 with a clearence of my english proficiency for the next interview. Now here the INTERVIEW below.
ME: Hello sir, good afternoon. (Wearings: Blue jeans with a white shirt, unfolded, boots in foot)
VO: Good afternoon. (Smiled) Please pass me your passport and I-20. (I didn’t understand and the vo asked me again n I pass them)
VO: which university do u want to go?
ME: It’s Wichita State University,
VO: Did u apply for other universities?
Me: I’m afraid no, sir. I only applied for the Wichita State.
VO: Why did u choose this university?
ME: (Fumbled and bit confused, then arranged myself) My university is in Kansas, we know it’s more like a country-side. So living in Kansas will cost me a low amount of expenses………………..(VO suddenly just skipped to listen the whole answer, though I wanted to tell more about the actual facts.)
VO: Who is going to fund ur tuitions?
ME: (well-organized) Well, my grandma is going to pay all my tuitions and expenses, while I’ll be studying in the US.
VO: And how’s she going to do that?
ME: My grandma has a four-storied building which she gives rent to people…..earns about 2 and a half million taka,(Bangladeshi currency, almost covers all of my expenses.) so I don’t have to be worried about my expenses in the US.
VO: Do u have any elder brother/sister?
ME: no sir, but I’ve a younger brother.
VO: (took a brochure) Sorry sir, I can’t grant u a visa right now. Try to apply for the next time. (Smiled)
I was moving out of the window while I returned to the officer and asked him humbly
ME: Sir, if u don’t mind, can u please specify the reasons of my refusal?
VO: He fingered at the brochure and told I can find that in it.

(Unfortunately, I didn’t bring the DS-160 form that day, but the guards discussed about the matter with an official inside through wakee-talkee and replied me that won’t b a problem, and I got inside to do my interview)

Thanks Victoria for going through all of my boring descriptions. But It might bright up a student’s education life, if u rectify my problems and give me your precious advice ASAP. Thanks again Mam.

Best Hopes
Tanjim Ashraf

Cyprian says:


Manoj says:

Hello madam

I got rejection in September-2014 and I saw only my mother for sponsors and now, I’m going to reply for visa so may I add my maternal uncle name for sponsor in DS-160 form?

Chrome says:

Hey there,

I’ve been accepted by Full Sail in Florida, I’m Egyptian but I grew up all my life in Kuwait and applying for the F1 visa there, should I provide ample ties to Kuwait or Egypt?

You should provide ample proof of ties to Kuwait. Of course, if you plan to return to Egypt, you can also provide proof of this as well. The idea is that you will not remain in the US after your studies.

Funtong yvette says:

Hi mam,
i have an interview in a weeks time, and i am working as a volunteer in a company they they promise me a job after my studies.please is it really a good tie.?Also i have a house inherited from my father with my name on it.ii dont know if i should take the document to my embassy too.And lastly my mum and silings, am too close to them which definately are b one of my ties to return back home.please should i talk on them all or just one?

Yes, take all of these documents with you! This is the hardest thing to prove, so take as much evidence as you can. Good luck!

Anushri Jain says:

I want to ask that you have been working as a volunteer in the company and same case is with me. I am alos working as a volunteer in education consultancy company.. So, can you please let me know that under what section in DS-160 form have you filled about the volunteering like in other or education?

Hi Anushri,

Thanks for your blog comment. Unfortunately, we can only assist you in health insurance matters. I would recommend visiting for more information about working as a volunteer in the US.

Best of luck!

Jasur says:

Hi Victoria, I need your help. My visa was approved yesterday and interview was very good. After consular embassy said me my visa is approved and date to get my passport, she didn’t return my I-20, SEVIS Fee and Acceptance letter from university and got them along with my passport. But, later I realized that I forgot to sign #11 band on page 1 of I-20. So, will there be any problems even my visa is approved?

Congratulations! You may want to contact the embassy to make sure that this will not cause a delay with your visa.

Hassan says:

mam i apply for F1 visa i only take admission in English language course.
Is it possible to take F1 visa by only taking admission in intersive English language course?

Yes, it is possible. Communicate with your language school to see which visa they recommend for you.

Karlos says:

Hi victoria… I plan to travel to Germany to pursue an undergraduate program in Business Administration. But I have been fail my exams in my current university where I am presently studying Banking and Finance, and I have a very poor GPA. But my results throughout secondary and high school are perfect. Do you think I will have the chance to be granted a visa to go to Germany?

I can only help answer questions about USA student visas. You’ll need to apply to a German college or university to see if you will be accepted and then apply for a German visa.

lakshmi says:

Hello victoria,

i ve finished my masters(CSE) in UK and applying for an other masters and got rejected 3 times and what could be the reason for 214 (b), i was clear on all counsellor questions. please help me out thank you..

Denial under 214b deals with Visa Qualifications and Immigrant Intent. Learn more here:

vanessa says:

Hi Victoria, my sister is 35 and has an excellent job in France. Her boss told her she would get a promotion if she learned english better. I live in L.A. Santa monica college has esl classes free for tourist visa. So she asked for one for 6 months and has been denied under 214b. It is not for that apparently. The agent didn’t even look at her documents. Anyways, SMC has also esl classes with credits and you need a student visa. Can she do a student visa only for intensive english for 6 months? Is she too old for that?
Thank you.

Vanessa, it is possible for your sister. She will need to apply for a student visa if her sole purpose is to study English. If she plans to visa you as a tourist, then she should apply for the tourist visa again. Then, the consular officer will decide if she is a good candidate.

Amrav Singh says:

Hi Victoria

My wife is applying for F-1 visa , I would be applying F-2 as dependent, our marriage is one year old, and have earned MBA from UK and currently working as professor in a college in India.
We have enough funds and ties in India. Please advice if we can be rejected on the basis of our recent marriage. VO might think we are planning to stay in US since we are married one year back and do not have baby yet.

Thanks in Advance.

I do not know the answer to this. Only the consular officer can decide if you are eligible for the visa.

Abel says:

Please have been admitted to study in USA and my admission letter and scholarship letter is with me and l-20 form. I don’t have any other sponsorer Will they accept that during my interview?

You must prove that you have finances to fund your entire study and expenses. Good luck!

Shailesh Patel says:

Hello !

I Have finished my B.E. in Mechanical engineering from India. and I want to do Civil Engineering from UniSA.(Adelaide, Australia) Can I apply or not ? because I heard that there are many chances for refusing visa.

Reply asap

Thank you !!

Yes, you may apply. There is always a chance that you will be refused. Good luck!

Sonal Agrawal says:

Hello Victoria,
I got the offer from University of Wyoming to pursue research as postdoctoral fellow. I have applied for J1 exchange visitor visa. What is the major question they ask during interview round. Please guide me so that I easily clear the interview

Hi, Sonal. Congratulations! I also studied at the University of Wyoming. Here is some advise about questions to expect during your interview:

Good luck!

Sonal Agrawal says:

Thank you so much ….
I have personal question as you mentioned that you are also from University of Wyoming Could you please give me some details about to living or how to find rooms to stay.

Danny Samuel says:

Hi Victoria,

Firstly I would like to appreciate you and Thank you for your Great service and patience to respond to all these queries from everyone. I too kindly have a question no one might have asked. So may i please:

– I am applying for an F-1 and am apprehensive about revealing my marital status.
– I am married but have been staying separate and hostile since a year now (would most probably end up in divorce in a year). – However I don’t want to waste time and want to study at US. – I will not get any sort of support from my wife. – So I am applying for an F1. – But I will mention that I am married and would not lie. – Would I need to be concerned about any no-objection document or approval from by Wife to be shown to the Immigration counselor? Would I be questioned anything about this? Please advise what can be done prudently.

Hi Danny. I’m happy to help. You should tell the truth about your marriage if asked by the consular officer. You do not need permission from your wife to apply for the visa, it is not necessary. Focus more on proving that you can financially support yourself during your studies and that you will return to your home country when finished. Good luck!

Danny Samuel says:

Thanks Victoria,

I was infact rejected an application from a US college last month due to the fact that I could not provide them a letter of approval from my wife. So I am now applying to those ones who does not require any approval letter from a spouse. And I hope this topic will not be brought up by the Immigration officers as well, which In that case I would be stuck for real.

ahmad says:

i have a question i’m applying for f1 visa and have completed my bba hons in pakistan and now been admitted to a technical college for english as a foriegn language in america n recieved i-20 plus admission letter from that college…..should i apply or not for f1 visa beacause i have a confusion that us consulate will ask why you are going for english as a foriegn language after completing your 16 years education in pakistan…….please help me please em confused??

Ahmad, yes, you can apply for the F-1 visa. You should explain truthfully why you want to study English in the US. If the consular officer determines that it is viable, then you have a chance at getting a visa. There are no guarantees. Good luck!

Sara says:

Hi Victoria
Im from Iran and as u may know there is no us embassy in Iran. I recently received full fund for PhD from Auburn university. Before this offer I had applied for a joint master and I got the scholarship from European Commission. so i had applied for Germany visa, and my visa is ready and I just need to go and take my passport for visa stamp. now with this PhD offer I want to contact EU and deny their offer to let someone else use the scholarship. But if US embassy doesn’t issue my visa I will lose both offer and that’s sad. what do you think? if I have germany student visa on my passport and I go for the interview in us embassy does it affect my visa process? can u guide me to decide .

Sara, I would suggest going for your US visa interview before you reject the German offer. There is no guarantee that you will be issued the US visa, so you may want to keep your “Plan B” available. Good luck!

Rajat says:

I’m currently in the third year of my undergraduate studies and my parents are moving to the US this year(my dad has already obtained an H1B to work there)
I’m planning to pursue my master’s degree in US
Now, I don’t have any strong family ties to show in my home country(India) since my parents themselves would be in US(although my grandparents still reside in India)
Would this result in a red flag?
Although my dad has a couple of properties to his name.
Any other cases you’ve heard of, which were similar in nature?

Rajat, this may result in a reg flag. You must prove strong ties to your home country to be issued the visa. This could be in the form of a job offer or property. Good luck.

Sonal Agrawal says:

Dear Victoria,
I have completed my visa interview successfully. They kept my passport, DS-2019 form and SEVIS fee receipt but they given me a form of requirement of additional information such as resume, research details, purpose of your visit, funding, Itinerary and travelers and told me to submit online. I want to just ask one question is there any problem in visa processing or it is a normal process. If it is normal process How much time generally they will take to get visa?
I am waiting for your reply.

Yes, this is normal. It can take awhile for your visa to be issued. Contact your consulate to find out your timeframe.

suwal says:

I have been to US for several times as i have B2 visa on my passport which is valid till 2019.Now ,i am panning to enter to US in F1 status.I have a little bit doubt that if i get rejected on my F1 visa ,what about the validity of my B2 status,do they will cancel it or still it will be valid and i can travel to USA on B2 status.
I hope to get answer from you.thanks

Hi Suwal, your best bet is to apply to change your visa status from B2 to F1 while you are in the US. You will need an I-20 form from a university that has approved your application. You can learn more about applying to switch the status here:

suwal says:

Thank you for your information.But,if they deny my application or donot approve it,what will be the validity of my B2 visa that is in my passport.Also ,i want to know how much chances i have to approve from B1 to F1.

sainikhil rangu says:

Hi ,
I have done my intermediate in distance (open inter ) and my course ( in regular ) from a reputed college in INDIA . Can I eligible for getting my VISA apprved for doing my masters course in USA

sophie says:

Dear Victoria
I have admission for a full funded PHD program. My spouse is a us citizen but we’re living outside us.
Do you think i have a chance to get a F1 visa?
We also have a son and we have not applied to get him an american passport.
Thanks indeed

Yes, you have a chance. Your son will need a visa also (F2?) if you wish to take him to the US also. Good luck!

harika says:

hi victoria,
i am a graguate of 2014 i am planing to study ms in canada for the month of sep. plz can u tel me will there b any kind of visa problem if i have 2 years gap in between my education.

Harika, I can only help with US student visa interview information. Good luck!

Deep Singh says:

Hello victoria… I applied for a associate education level major in business administration and management in a edmonds community college in usa because my father has a his own business and i am working with my father from last four year on the post of supervisiom in markiting and sales but i want to be a good businessman so now i want to complete my ASSOCIATE degree from usa but my visa got rejected two times. Because my english is not too good so that is why visa officer was not satisfy from me…. Now i want to learn english in us so i got i-20 from Spring international Laguage centre University of Arkansas, Fayetteville….. Education level. Language traning major Second language learning… Inensive english will be taught… Normal program lenght 12 month Tution and fees $20,000…can i get f1 visa now on language program because after finishing my language training i will apply for my Associate degree

You can apply and the consular officer will determine if you are an acceptable candidate. Good luck!

Deep Singh says:

Yes dear…. i am going to schdule my visa interview ….. But what should i say when visa officer will ask that why are you changing your major Associate to Language traning..?

You must tell the truth. Good luck!

rachana says:

hello mam,
I want to pursue my MS in US. I have given my gre exam too.
my fathers name(middle name) on passport is ravindra( as mentioned on my birth certificate ) whereas on all my other document its ‘ravi’ (short-form). At the time of visa interview will it create any problem? what should i do?
please rpy..

I do not know the answer to this. You should contact the consulate to see what you should do next. Good luck!

Jaspreet says:

Hello victoria
I need a quick reply plzz we are in trouble actually my brother applied for F1 visa for studying MBA in US he got his i 20 from metropolitian college newyork with a scholarship bt it was somewhat late during interview at embassy they refused application because his agent didnt pay the SEVIS fees then we did pay the fees and put the passport abd receipt in drop box but when we check the status they said that they already refused it under 221(g) now only 8 days left in begining of his course wgat should we do ?? We should reapply ?? Or what ?

A visa denial under section 221(g) of the INA means that the consular officer did not have all of the information required to determine if you are eligible to receive a visa. This means you are not eligible for the visa now, but your case is pending further action. You can provide the missing documents or information as soon as possible. After submitting the documentation, your visa application can then be processed to conclusion to determine whether you qualify for a visa. For more information, read here:

naveen says:

Hi Victoria,
my visa was rejected on sep3 i wanted to apply one more type.How soon i can apply for the next visa interview

After being found ineligible for a visa, you may reapply in the future. If you reapply for a visa after being found ineligible, with the exception of 221(g) refusals, you must submit a new visa application and pay the visa application fee again. If you were found ineligible under section 214(b) of the INA, you should be able to present evidence of significant changes in circumstances since your last application. See more information here:

ahmed says:

hi victoria i have f1 and my plane will stop in LONDON can i go out from the airport to see the city or not
without transit visa

Check with your British consulate to see if a tourist visa is required.

Latoya Johnson says:

Hi, this is Latoya Thompson. I want to apply for a US visa but plan to study in another country, Canada, which is not my home country. Is that a good reason to return to my home country since I’m not working nor in school now but planning to go to college in canada next year.

Latoya, if you are not planning to study in the US, then you won’t need to apply for the F-1 visa. You will probably want to apply for a tourist or travel visa.

alee says:

Hello Victoria
i am a greencard holder and my wife has currently applied for her Phd (F1).
Is it possible that she can get F1 approved
1.her passport has husband name on it .
2.can i give my financials for her F1?


It is possible, but you will need to go through the application and interview process. Only the consular officer can decide if she is eligible or not.

Latoya Johnson says:

Yes, I would apply for a tourist visa but I don’t know if my reason for coming back to my home country could be that I’m going to apply for a canadian study permit next year. So i would have to come back to my home country to do that because I really want to study in Canada.

Unfortunately I don’t have any information about obtaining a tourist visa.

mahtab says:

hi victoria i would like to ask what u say about associated degree (business) in united state does it take worth.
whats the visa ratio associated degree ?

Mahtab, it is possible to obtain an F1 visa to attend a 2-year college. I don’t know the ratio per school type off the top of my head, but you can investigate here:

Latoya Johnson says:

Okay thank you

Clinton Owusu says:

Hi Madam, I went for an F-1 interview on August 4, 2015 and I was denied. One mistake that I made when filling the DS-160 was, on the online form a section asks “Who is paying for your trip”. I made it my father and typed all his information. But I couldn’t get his bank statements on time so I sent my uncle’s bank statement. So during the interview the Consular asked who is sponsoring my education and I answered my uncle and she asked his name and I answered. I want to know if this can be the reason for my denial.
I provided my uncle’s personal bank statement and his business bank statements.

This could be grounds for the denial, but I cannot know for sure. You should have been given a denial code that can give you more insight as to why the visa was denied. Learn more here:

Subash says:

Hi Victoria,
My Name is Subash and I have visa interview this wednesday and one of my sponser is my Uncle who lives in usa and iam also gonna stay with him so i dont have to pay for food and house. So will there be any problem if i mention his name and tell them Iam gonna stay with him at the interview?

Thank You.

Subash, it is up to the consular officer to determine if you are a good candidate. Good luck!

jaaz says:

I have 1 year gap in my inter study nd I have 30 backlog in my b tech any how I cleared my backlog within 4 years can vo accept my visa
instead of my backlogs reply me

Karthikeyan says:

i had attended german student visa interview on 29th July,till now i haven’t received any mail
does it always take time ?some people who gave their interview on aug 5th have got visa.i am little nervous as course starts at oct 1 and i should enroll by sept 29th
thanks in advance

I can only help with questions regarding F-1 student visas to the US.

Clinton Owusu says:

I was give a letter about INA Section 214(b). I think I should have told the Consular about the mistake I made maybe she could have done somtime about it. Please what do you think? “Anyway mistakes are there just to open our eyes”. I was advised during a visa orientation at EducationUSA Advising Centre that incase one is denied for any reason, the most appropriate time to reapply is after 3months. During my next interview, I want to know if is good to let the consular know about the mistake i made earlier on?
I also want to find out if a business registration document is the right document for one to show a consular that indeed your sponsor owns the business that one is presenting its bank statement?
I am asking this because a friend was denied a visa because he couldn’t prove that his sponsor owns the business, he failed to send a document to prove that during the interview.

Prateek Singh says:

Hi Victoria,

my sister got her F1 studen visa rejected today but am not sure about the reason. she is a staff nurse and has been working from past 8 years and she applied for MBA in healthcare.
Her interviewer asked about her scope back here in India after her post graduation to which she replied that she is on a contract basis job and she would like to upgrade her skills and knowledge so that after returning back home she can implement all those skills and knwoledge here to get a better job and a position.
Do you reckon this might be the reason her visa got rejected?
the only thing my sister remeber what the VO said was I am sorry you are not ineligible for this….
Do you think that could be the reason of her rejection as she is already a skilled worker…

looking forward you to reply on this.

email –

Prateek, I cannot know for sure. She should have been given a denial code that can give you more insight as to why the visa was denied. Learn more here:

Prateek Singh says:

The code given to her was Section 214(b).

Is she eligible to reapply?

Tika says:

Dear Victoria,
I have all the required documents but I have been denied the f1 visa twice under the section 214(b). I wonder if it is because I’m planning to study at the 2 year college and not the 4 year university.
I also was not prepared for the interview but I am now. So should I reapply or it won’t make any difference since I am going to be studying for the associates degree and not the bachelors?
Many thanks.

Tika, you can definitely re-apply. It is possible to obtain an F1 visa to attend a 2-year college. For more information about why you were denied the first time, read the details about 214(b) here:

farhan ahmed says:

Dear victoria,
Thanks for helping all the students, i am from india, but works here in kuwait and i would like to apply for f1 visa for persuing masters in petroleum , as the future of this is really well in kuwait. i would like to know, whether i can apply visa from kuwait or i have head back to india. And about the financial status , do i need to show the information regarding the finance in kuwait or in india?? right now i am planning for 2016 fall so that i can gain more experience here in oil industry, and that would certainly help me in getting better addmission, please let me know thank you.

Farhan, check with the embassy to see what will be required.

Reza says:

Dear Victoria,

Is it possible to get F1 Visa for ELS program only even without having GRE or GMAT ? I wanna learn extensive vocabulary before attending the exam

Thank you.

Reza, it is possible. Your ESL school should give you guidance on which visa is appropriate for your needs.

madhuri says:

hi Victoria ,
My name is madhuri from India , I did my bachelors from osmania university and finished in 2013. I plan to United states for higher education.
Now I am applying for f1 visa and I have received my i20 Couple of days back.
My question was when can i go for my visa interview ( i mean any minimum period between the start of the college march 16th, 2016 and my visa date. or i can go even in the next couple of week for my visa interview).

Madhuri, F-1 student visas can be issued up to 120 days in advance of your course of study start date. However, you will not be allowed to enter the United States in F-1 or M-1 status earlier than 30 days before your start date. Good luck!

Windy says:

Hi Victoria,
I graduated in the university in Vietnam, I intend to US for my studying abroad purpose
I was rejected last time, I didn’t know the reason why they didn’t grant visa for me.
They ask me “what is your parent doing?”. I said that my family has rooms for rent and 2 fish ponds. our total income is over 800 million VND per year. After that, they want to see my banking account. At finally, they rejected visa. can you help you explain that,please?

Windy, you should have been given a denial code that can give you more insight as to why the visa was denied. Learn more here:

Ritu says:

Hi Victoria

I’m a single parent from india and want to apply for f1 visa do u think consulate would allow me visa as my spouse won’t be travelling with me, rather I would be taking my teenaged kids along for an international exposure. Please do reply also I would like to know I don’t have any property at my name in india , do you think I should ask my mother to transfer her share at my name. One more question how much would high school cost in usa for my kids. I have funds to show. Please guide also I don’t have good academic background. I can only say to have a better job in india I’m going for international studies and gain some confidence.

Would appreciate your quick reply.

Ritu, unfortunately I cannot answer this for you. Only the consular officer can determine if you and your dependent are eligible or not. Good luck!

Bibek Sigdel says:

I have been applying to USA for 2016 Spring. I applied for ELS program and my major in Psychology BS.
My high school percentage is 59%, I have been offered the I20 letter in which the price is about 27000$,
I have an available bank balance of 29000$, I also have a property valuation of 600000$, my Dad has a satisfactory income, mom has it as well.
But the problem is I have not been given any scholarships. My tuition fees is about 27000$ per year.
Will my tuition fees be affecting my VISA to USA?

Bibek, you will need to prove that you have enough finances to cover all of your education and living expenses during the course of your education abroad, with or without scholarships. Best of luck!

labh das says:

Hi mam , my student visa is rejected on 21 sept. he asked me regarding my father land. But my father have no land. he take land on lease. so please help me. what should I do for getting USA visa my next interview on 28 sept.2015.

You should have been given a denial code that can give you more insight as to why the visa was denied. Learn more here:

Maggie says:

Hi Victoria,

I applied for an F-1 visa last July but got rejected due to getting an Associate Degree with the same major I had for the Bachelor’s here in the Philippines, I know it doesn’t make sense to get an Associate’s when I already got Bachelor’s of the same major. To be honest, I really didn’t thought about it and just realized this after. Now I am planning to apply again for Spring semester at the same college but now I am getting a different major which is “Communication Studies”. This is actually a “Associate Degree-Transfer” since I applied for the “2 + 2” educational plan which allows student to take first 2 years in a community college and then transfer to a University Baccalaureate Program to get the Bachelor’s degree for the second 2 years. What do you think will be the major problem with this? Also what do you think will be the major question about this situation?

Looking forward to hear from you! Thank you.

A lot of factors are considered during your interview. Here are some questions you may encounter:

shilu karki says:

Having completed my double masters ,can i apply for another masters for my career enhancement?

Yes, you can apply. There is no guarantee that you will be granted the visa. Good luck!

NIS says:

Hi Victoria,
Im currently studying AS level therefore i would be doing the exam on June 2016.When do i start to apply for universities?please tell me ,can i apply with pending AS level results or should i apply now itselfor is it too early now.Most probably i want to go for Uni after my Alevel which would be done in 2017 but would like to give my details to uni (apply) and keep it ready with pending AS LEVEL result just incase i score very well and i can get in.

Every university has different requirements. Check with each individual one to see what levels are required and if you have a chance to get in with your current test scores. Once you apply, here are the next steps:

Sep says:

Dear Victoria,
I have a bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering and would like to take a business program in a famous college in the US. I definitely not having any plan to stay in america and will come back to my country as soon as my courses finished. The reason of studying in the us is to establish my own business in my home country. As you know most of the undergraduate students would like to have a master program in the US. Here is my question: Does it sound nonsense to the counselor if I only take a 1 year or two year program in a college?
I have almost read all the other questions and your kind answers, but, May I ask you to give me some tips too?

Thank you in advance.

Hi Sep, it is not unusual to have a 1- or 2-year master’s program in the US. Best of luck!

Justine T says:

Hi Victoria!

Really appreciated your article. I have a few questions regarding application for an F-1 visa, as well as transferring universities and receiving an updated Form I-20.

Can sufficient funds be demonstrated from loans? Do those funds have to be for the entire length of study or for the first 9 months?

When using a sponsor, is it acceptable for the sponsor to be a family friend?

I wish to study at a community college for my first two years, complete study at a 4-year college to receive my Physical Education BS and ultimately receive a Masters of Education. I intend on completing these degree programs sequentially. Will my initial F-1 visa allow for this if I continue to get updated Form I-20s?

Thank you so much for your help, I really appreciate it!

Sep says:

Hi Victoria,
Thank you for your quick reply.
I reckon I was unable to transmit my point properly.
I have bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering and would like to take a 2-year business program in college in states. As you said and as I was saying, it is usual to have a 2 year master in the us. Does it sound normal to a counselor having a bachelor degree and applying for a non-master program?

Thank you.

Anu says:

Hi Victoria,

I already been living in US for last 9 years as green card (permanent resident) holder. I am also a doctoral student at one of the midwest university. My sister’s son who has just passed high school from India has got admission in the same university in undergradutate program. He is going to appear for an F1 visa interview in India soon. Ofcourse he does not any intention to live here as he is the only son to his single mother who is well off and well established economically in India. If given visa and he comes here, he is probably going to live with me and my family. My question is should he mention about me, if asked that if he knows anyone here in US (he has travelled some 6-7 years back here in US to see us as a tourist) and should he also mention that he is going to live with me?


yousuf says:

Hi Victoria,

I have applied for F1 visa in year 2012 i got rejected 3 times.
i have applied once again in 2015 i got rejected twice(Sep 28 and oct 14).
Can i apply F1 visa once again in November 2015 or i should apply next sem.
Waiting for your reply.

omer khan says:

My Father is living in US and Overstayed in US… Can I apply for F-1 Visa to study

Sherry says:

Hi Victoria,
I had applied for change of status from B1/B2 to F1 on Nov 20, 2014. My application was accepted by USCIS on Nov. 24, 2014. I have completed by Bachelors and had applied for Masters program in the same field.
After nearly 10 months, on Sept 16, 2015 my case status was uodated online showing that my application has been denied on the grounds that the period between my I-94 end date and I-20 program start date exceeds 30 days. I recieved the letter with this explanation on Sept 21, 2015 and left US on Sept 24, 2015.
I am now planning on applying for F1 from my home country. What do you think are my chances?
My parents are currently working in US on H1B. Do you think that can cause problems for me?

rainbird says:

dear victoria,
i am from india appliying for f1 visa.
i got admit in FMCC,NY. i have already book interview date. how usa/canada citizen can sponsoer me for study in usa?

Paramveer says:

I have extreme low gpa and I have received i-20 from northwestern polytechnic university . Please help me with my interview

my mail says:

Gud day,I got denial after the consular went in with my bank statement for about 3 min and did not tell me the reason for my denials