Can yoga have an impact on our health?

If what you are looking for is a well balanced life, yoga can be helpful in many ways. Balance is understood as the ability to adapt under any type of circumstance. Yoga can be extremely beneficial when it comes to creating balance as it provides you with philosophical principles, breathing techniques, physical exercises and meditation.

Through the consistent practice of yoga it is possible for a person to feel complete, and usually this happens when there is a solid connection between the mind and body. But, how can we align our emotions, feelings and thoughts in order to be at peace with ourselves?

The first step is to develop a sense of responsibility towards our own body and health, so we know how to use our inner energy positively whenever there is change in our lives or a challenge ahead of us.

Through yoga practice, you’ll also be able to further develop a sense of self and where you stand in the universe. You’ll be able to become more aware in identifying where you are currently at with your goals and aspirations versus where you would like to be. Through yoga, you can gain more clarity and confidence in how you view yourself, and what you would like to improve in terms of the mind/body relationship.

All these trains of thought are important because most of the time we act based on the idea that we can rely on ourselves. That’s why yoga invites you to return to a deeper sense of the “human”, which can help us make sense of what happens to us when we are aware of our body’s response to specific breathing exercises.

Another important step is to embrace healthy habits and let go of the bad ones. Consequently, we will be able to introduce new dynamics to our lives that could prevent us from having eating or sleeping problems; because if we modify our habits we restore all sorts of balance and therefore strengthen our physical and mental health.

Don’t wait any longer and start creating time in your daily life to practice yoga! It allows you to welcome new elements that will adjust the way your body works and the rhythm that comes from within.

In relation to the body, one example of how rhythm is expressed is through breath. Breathing is at the center of various yoga methods that are used to restore the nervous system. For example, it helps to relieve stress and produces a relaxation response, which is essential for a holistic functioning of the human body. With that being said, let’s explore some of the most popular  and beginner- friendly yoga postures.

Five yoga positions that benefit health:

1.- Ardha Matsyendrasana (half twist)

This posture is recommended for people suffering from diabetes, since the abdominal stretching of this exercise favors insulin levels. It also helps with muscle contractures and increases metabolism. 

2.- Adho Mukha (downward facing dog)

Downward Facing Dog is one of the most essential poses in yoga. It is a transition and rest position, it works very well to relieve insomnia or fatigue after a hard day’s work. In addition, it allows us to strengthen the muscles of the back, shoulders, arms and legs.

3.- Bhujangasana (cobra posture)

The cobra pose is perfect for calming cramps, irritability, fatigue, and menstrual cramps. It consists of breathing in a long and deep way raising the torso and keeping it that way for approximately one minute.

4.- Savasana ( neutral posture)
Savasana is one of the basic yoga postures to keep every part of the body relaxed. This position is perfect for calming the mind and treating anxiety, high blood pressure, depression, and headaches. As a general rule, yoga positions in which you stretch calmly are the best for relieving stress. 

5.- Surya Namaskara (salute to the sun)

Surya Namaskara is the name given to a sequence of postures that includes almost all the muscles and organs of the body. Through this set of movements you can improve the heart rate and have a greater supply of oxygen to the body.

Overall, the practice of yoga consists of breathing deeply so you can identify what it is that your body needs in order to find balance. Balance will provide you with a clear mindset and a healthy life. We encourage you to find classes around your area to start exploring yoga’s benefits. 

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