International Student Insurance Requirements for University of West Florida

The University of West Florida has selected ISI as a pre-approved insurance option for international students. Learn more and apply online to meet your school’s requirements.

If you plan on being an international student at the University of West Florida, then you will be required to have medical insurance the entire period you are enrolled. Your school requires that this medical insurance policy meet a number of requirements, and you’ll be required to present proof of coverage before you are able to register for classes.

Our Student Secure plan has been selected as an approved option for all international students at the University of West Florida. Depending on your budget and benefit needs, your plan will cover you for accidents and illnesses, including doctor visits, hospitalization, prescriptions, medical evacuation, repatriation, mental health, and more!

You can purchase the plan right online with same day coverage, and you will have your documents instantly which will include your ID card and receipt.

If you enroll through us, there is no need to worry about completing a waiver form. If you state that you are attending The University of West Florida on your application, we will let your school know that you’ve enrolled with us, and your hold will be removed from your account – and you will be able to start enrolling in classes.

For more information about the plan levels and your school’s requirements for international students, visit University of West Florida’s school page for more information or please contact us directly and we would be happy to assist. 

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