6 Month Pre-existing Condition Coverage

As an international student on a F1 visa you are not required by the federal government to obtain health insurance. However, many schools have certain insurance requirements in place that you as an international student will need to abide by. One popular benefit that schools request students to include in their international insurance plan is pre-existing condition coverage after only a 6 month waiting period.

A pre-existing condition is any illness or injury that displayed symptoms, or that you were treated for, prior to your plan’s effective date. Some insurance plans will exclude these conditions from being covered or require that the student has been on the plan for a certain time period before coverage for those conditions is included.

When a school requires you to find an insurance plan that has pre-existing coverage after a 6 month waiting period, this means that after you have been on a plan for 6 months it needs to cover you for conditions that you had prior to having the plan.

If your school requires that you find an insurance plan that has 6 month pre-existing condition coverage, one plan option is the Student Secure 6 month pre-existing condition plan.

This plan has all of the great benefits of the Student Secure plan like hospitalization, doctor visits, emergency medical evacuation and repatriation of remains. However, you will only have to wait 6 months to have pre-existing conditions covered!

If you are researching international student insurance options that include 6 month pre-existing condition coverage, check out the Student Secure 6 month pre-existing plan. If your school has multiple benefits that you need to meet to waive out of a school plan or to show that you have adequate coverage, contact one of our licensed agents today to find a plan that will include what you need – including 6 month pre-existing condition coverage.

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Posted by Bryanna Davis

Bryanna joined International Student Insurance in 2011 after returning to the United States from teaching English in China. Her interest in international education, sparked initially by her own study abroad experience in Wales, led her to the company. Bryanna is originally from Missouri and is a graduate from the University of Central Missouri.

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I study in Turkey and I suffer from sickle cells anaemia in which I get admission once or twice a year not frequently. I need help

Bryanna Davis says:

Hi Fahim,

Thanks for your message. We have sent you an email so we can further assist you with finding coverage that you need.

We look forward to your reply and helping you further.

TK Pady says:


My daughter a good performing Indian student, now studying in India, is having Multiple sclerosis since
2013. She is taking medicines ( similar to disease modifying drug Avonex) and disease is under control.
She would like to Pursue her higher studies in PG level in one of the good United States university.
In this condition what will be ideal Health Insurance coverage she can opt for in case of education in US
Please help me with information on health coverage and probable cost



Generally speaking, international plans will have a waiting period on pre-existing conditions. The Elite level of our Student Secure plan, for example has a 6 month waiting period for these eligible conditions. If you’d like coverage for your daughter as soon as possible, it would be best that she enrolls into a group insurance plan offered by her university, as it’s not uncommon for school-mandated plan to cover pre-existing conditions immediately. We do hope that this helps!

TK Pady says:

HI Sutherland Beever
Thanks for the information. Definitely we have to cover as suggested by you I hope for the initial waiting

period of six months price concessions from medical companies is available


Andres Darquea says:

Hello, Mrs. Bryanna Davis, I am an international student since January 2016 and I have an Insurance plan with the Blue Cross Blue Shield but it will end on August 31st. I have been seeing a doctor from Texas A&M Corpus Christi and she gave me some prescription medicine for my headaches, stress, and lack of concentration and she arranged an appointment with a neurologist on June 30th and he might give me some new prescription medicine and I might come again regularly to see him. I called Blue Cross B. S. Insurance company to renew the program after August 31st and they said that I have to wait until January to join that insurance plan again. I can not be without an Insurance plan living here and worst if I have to see these doctors, having blood tests, another kind of examinations, and prescriptions. Then I called Insubuy Insurance to get an international student Insurance plan and they said that they will not cover my pre-existing condition because I had it six months ago, so I need an Insurance Company Plan that covers that.
Best Regards,

Inderjyot Singh says:

Hi . I am from India.i underwent Liver transplantation 3 years ago, and from past 2 and a half years. I have not had any related issues. I want some health insurance that could cover my liver transplantation related issues ( just incase they happen) . I am going to Nova Scotia in Canada so I need insurance for that place.

Bryanna Davis says:

Hi Inderjyot,

Thanks for visiting. We have sent you an email with further information to assist you.

Loan Nguyen says:

My son is Int’l student in the Us since Aug.2016 . He had cancer before and has been in remission since last year 10/2015, No more treatment but just annual follow up.
He would like to buy International Student Insurance to cover his health while studying in the US that excep to cover his pre exixting condition.
Could you assit some information ?

sagol kc says:

My friend is an international student and has been studying in US since 2015. But she doesn’t have any insurance till now. And she has been having problem with her menstruation period. Actually she hasn’t had her period in almost 7 months and she wants to go for a check-up, so she is trying to find an insurance which will cover her medical exams and treatment if needed. Is there any insurance plans that might fit her situation?

Hello Sagol,

Thanks for visiting. If your friend needs coverage for pre-existing conditions right away, I would recommend our Global Medical plan. I have sent you an email with more information.

Myrtle says:

I am an EU citizen diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and I moving to DC for 4 months with J1-visa. Which medical insurance do you suggest?

Hello Myrtle,

Thanks for your message. The typical waiting period for a pre-existing condition in our plans is 6 months, therefore, we would not have a plan that can cover a pre-existing condition immediately for 4 months, unfortunately.

We offer a long term plan that is medically underwritten and could cover a pre-existing condition if fully disclosed at the moment of the application and it is approved by the underwriters, called the Global Medical.

To read more about the Global Medical, click here.. Keep in mind, however, that the plan needs to be purchased for at least 1 year and you need the levels Silver, Gold or Platinum and a deductible no higher than $500.

Best of luck!

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