International Student Health Insurance Plan Update 2012


As of June 1st 2012, our International Student Health Insurance plan (Student Secure Plan) has received multiple enhancements to its benefits and the best part is that even though the plan is now better, the price is the same as last year!


Here are some highlights of the new enhancements:

  • Substance abuse is now covered as part of the mental health benefit of the plan –

Some colleges and universities in the United States require students to have insurance that will cover alcohol and substance abuse treatment. International students can purchase this plan to meet this requirement.

  • Emergency Room is now covered after the deductible whether you are admitted as an inpatient into the hospital or not –

Compare this to some other international student health insurance plans that will not provide coverage if an emergency room visit does not result in being admitted as an inpatient.

On the Select level of the plan there are even more enhancements!

  • Local ambulance benefit has been increased to $750
  • Emergency Reunion benefit has been increased to $5,000

Lastly, we have heard your request! The Student Secure plan now has daily rates as well as monthly rates. For those who don’t need full month coverage, students can now purchase the plan for the exact number of days needed. Students needing five and a half months of insurance are no longer forced to pay for six full months worth of coverage.

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With these enhancements the plan still provides comprehensive medical coverage for sickness and injury to international students including doctor visits, hospitalization, prescription medication, emergency medical evacuation, repatriation, etc. With the Budget and Select level of the plan, students will also have coverage for maternity, sports injuries as well as pre-existing conditions.

If you have any question about our international student health insurance plan please feel free to contact us, one of our licensed insurance agents will be happy to help you.

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Originally from Thailand, Apinant grew up in the United States and has extensive international experience traveling throughout Asia, Australia, North America and Europe. He has lived, studied and worked abroad in China, England, Taiwan and Thailand. Apinant is a graduate of the University of Florida with a Masters in International Business and a Bachelors of Science in Business Management.

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