Insurance for your Backpacking Trip

Summer is right around the corner, close but not close enough. Sleeping has become difficult since all you can think about is your international adventure. You’ve just invested in a monstrous backpack that you’re debating to fill with either your clothing or the family dog. Eventually, you conclude after much thought and scrutiny, the family dog would not be as excited sitting in the baggage space compartment for the long hours. Instead, you settle on your clothes.

As summer approaches, you have accumulated your “must-haves” and sorted them into different piles nearside your bag. Your backpack is beginning to shrink as the size of your various piles are now overshadowing the size of your pack. As you open your bag and begin to fill it, you realize that the bag just doesn’t look as big as before – in fact, it doesn’t even close with half the stuff! Okay, you think, I’ll just economize and take only the most important items. After all, you have just embraced the life of a vagabond.

Then, when you thought the day couldn’t approach sooner – you finally are able to zipper the bag without having to sit on it. You have your boarding pass in hand; your friend is on his way to drop you off hours in advance to satisfy the special international traveling requirement; and you feel like you are missing something. You know that you have gone through the content of your pack at least a dozen times imagining different scenarios to ensure that you have everything.

All of a sudden, you realize you do not have insurance for your backpacking trip. You were planning to climb mountains, perhaps go whitewater rafting, and have always wanted to try the zip line! This is where international travel insurance is important as you backpack around. Not only will it cover you for your extreme adventures, but what about if your hostel roommate gets you sick? All of this is important when considering insurance for your backpacking trip. This way, you know that all the what-if’s are taken care of and it doesn’t even take up space in your pack!

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