Schengen Visas Just Got Easier with the Visa Code

Good news for those traveling to Europe! Twenty-five countries have just agreed to make the visa process for short-term trips even more convenient. Under this newly instituted agreement, the Visa Code allows visitors traveling up to 90 days (for every 180 days) to travel country-to-country without passport checks. According to the European Commission, this area includes EU and non-EU countries including the following:

  • EU Member States, except for UK and Ireland
  • Iceland, Norway and Switzerland
  • And soon to be Bulgaria, Romania and Cyprus once they become part of the Schengen area

Not only has it made the travel process easier, but it has also shortened your wait to find out about your visa status. With the implementation of the Visa Code, officials now have to interview you within 2 weeks and then provide a decision on your visa status within 15 days. Currently, visa requests can be denied without explanation, however on April 5, 2011 this will all change. Not only will you be provided with a reason should your visa be denied, but you will have the ability to appeal.

One of the requirements of the Schengen Visa is to show proof of insurance. The Atlas Travel plan meets and exceeds the Schengen visa requirements and is well suited for short-term trip through multiple countries. This plan also issues a customized visa letter that meets the Schengen visa requirements. Click here to find out more about our Travel Medical Insurance plan.

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