Indian Students Studying Abroad

After China, India sends the greatest number of students abroad. The majority of Indian students study in the United States, which is followed by Australia, the UK, Germany and Canada. Health insurance for Indian students studying abroad in important especially as health care may work differently than in India.

Unlike India’s national health care, countries like the United States provide private health care. In the United States, the medical expenses can be costly and you’ll be expected to provide insurance coverage in many doctor’s offices and hospitals. Indian students studying abroad in the US under an F-1 visa may be required by their school or organization to have coverage before the first day of school. Indian students studying under a J-1 visa are required by the US government to have insurance, including repatriation and emergency medical evacuation.

In Australia, the government provides insurance coverage through Overseas Student Health Coverage (OSHC), which will need to be purchased prior to arrival. In other counties like the UK and Canada where they do offer public health care, it is possible that you may not be covered. The British and Canadian Embassies recommend that Indian students have adequate health insurance before arrival since medical treatment can be expensive and students are not covered by their national health care. The exception to this is in the UK if you’ve been covered by a reciprocal health care agreement or enrolled in a course that is 6 months or longer.

Indians traveling to Germany to study are required to have insurance under the Student visa. Students under the age of 30 or until their 14th academic semester can take out the public health insurance, or you can choose to opt out for a private health insurance. International students over the age of 30 will no longer be eligible for the student rate and may voluntarily choose a public fund or a private health insurance provider.

When you are looking for your insurance while studying abroad or if you plan on traveling to other countries, you’ll want a plan that will cover you for the full duration of your studies or trip. The Student Health Insurance is designed to cover you up to 4 years of studying and meets many school and government requirements.  The plan includes comprehensive inpatient and outpatient medical coverage (doctor visits and hospitalization), prescriptions, mental health, maternity, sports coverage, emergency medical evacuation, repatriation, etc.

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