Visa Insurance Plans

For anyone that has every applied for a visa, whether a J1, F1 or even a Schengen Visa for Europe, they will know that getting through all the paperwork and red tape can be tough task. You need to comply with many requirements, make sure you have all your paperwork is in order, etc… the list goes on.

One of the main requirements of visa’s such as the Schengen or J1 Visa for the USA, is to require the applicant to show proof of a certain level of health/ travel insurance. At we provide access to range of plans that will meet and exceed nearly all visa requirements – the most popular visa’s that we provide coverage for are:

J1 Visa Insurance
F1 Visa Insurance
Schengen Visa Insurance

If your visa is not listed above, please simply contact us to talk with our customer service team about your requirements and we can find a plan to fit your needs.

For those looking for insurance to meet school insurance requirements please see our previous posting.

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