Updated Student Secure Plan – 6 Month Pre-X

Many universities or colleges in the U.S. require international students to purchase health insurance, in fact most schools require you to purchase their plan. For many schools though, there is a waiver process in which you can waive out of the group plan and this will allow you to purchase a similar plan which can often cost much less.

Some schools have very strict international student insurance requirements and others may not have any requirements at all. For those schools that do have strict requirements we have updated our Student Secure plan for you specifically in mind.

The new Student Secure 6 Month Plan plan now meets the requirement of having pre-existing conditions covered after 6 months of continuous coverage, however still has the same great benefits of the original Student Secure plan at affordable prices.

If your school does have this 6 month pre-existing condition requirement, then you are eligible to purchase the updated Student Secure 6 Month plan. On the application, you will find your school’s name in the drop down box, and if your school is not listed, then please contact us and we can add your school to this list.

Please visit the 6 Month Student Secure plan today:

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