Insurance Plan Updates 2021!

It is that time of the year when we give our plans a thorough review and go through updates. 2020 left chaos in its path but it gave us a chance to examine the coverage offered through our plans and improve them so they meet the needs of our new reality. Our most popular plans have been updated as follows: 

Student Secure plan

  • All levels of the plan will now cover virtual physicians visits the same as a regular doctor’s visit. 
  • The Elite level will cover the Covid-19 vaccination under  the wellness vaccination on all new policies purchased after April 15th.

Atlas Travel plan

  • New Emergency Quarantine Indemnity benefit will cover $50 per day, up to 10 days for a mandated quarantine.
  • The plan covers virtual physicians visits the same as a regular doctor’s visit. 

Student Health Advantage and Patriot Exchange plans

  • Covid-19 covered the same as any other illness. This benefit includes coverage for any vaccine side-effects as long as the vaccine is received after the plan’s start date.
  • Prescription medications covered up to $250,000 maximum (Up to $100,000 maximum for dependents on Student Health Advantage plans).

To find out what plan best fits your personal needs, contact our team of insurance experts and they’ll be happy to recommend a plan for you. 

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Posted by Yessica Prato

Yessica joined the team in 2016. Originally from Colombia, she migrated to the United States in 2005 with her family. She has had the opportunity to travel through Latin America and Europe. Her interest in education and international studies along with her experience in bilingual customer service led her to EIC. When not in the office, you'll find her immersed in a good book or with her dogs at the beach.

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