Summer Travel Inspiration for Students

dreambubbleSummerAugust has arrived again and the carefree whims of June and July are nothing but a fond memory again. Sure, the sun is still shining, the pools and beaches still crowded, but the school year ahead is looming over again like the cool breeze of the autumn, waiting to force the white sundresses into the closets and the students back into the stale classrooms. It’s only a few short weeks now until you’re sitting at your desk, listening to your mundane professor ramble on about the obscurities of life, thinking back on the summer you’ve had. What do you see? Did you study to get ahead in school? Did you stay home and work to make extra cash? Although a commendable use of your time, do you wish you had escaped for just awhile to test your limits and see the world? Or maybe you took the trip of a lifetime and saw a far away place that you’ll never forget. Regardless of what memories your summer brings, it’s never too early to get inspired to make your next summer vacation the best it can be!

Planning the perfect summer trip can take time, so start early! Start now! Here are some summer travel inspirations for students to help you through the strenuous school year to come, and to help you on your way to the summer vacation of your life.

Social learning and work and travel programs – If you prefer to spend your spare time learning and preparing for your future, travel may offer some surprising opportunities. There are programs all over the world that that allow you to learn while traveling. For instance, if you are interested in studying a foreign language, language immersion can be a smart choice. Resources like and Study Travel offer different programs and information about studying language around the world.

If you want to attain new skills or study in the field, you can also look into intern abroad programs and trips. Check out Go Abroad and United Planet for great interning, teaching, and volunteering opportunities overseas. The programs look great on your résumé, and may even offer college credit!  Many programs are flexible with dates, duration and location.

Of course, your college or university might offer some interesting opportunities to travel abroad and earn college credit. Check with your Study Abroad office to see what programs are available.

Cheap travel deals for students – Let’s face it. Students are tight on cash. We pay big money to sit and listen to the professor ramble on and challenge our young minds to the core. Student deals and discounts make traveling easier when every penny counts. For example, Student Universe gives options for discounted travel and tours for students.

Travel sites like, PricelineHotwire and offer great deals on airfare and accommodations. Low-budget airlines line Ryanair are great money-saving options for short trips from country to country. Hostels, couchsurfing, and other hospitality organizations are popular among many students that can’t afford expensive hotels.

While you’re abroad, the International Student Identity Card can help ensure a cheaper summer trip, with discounts on travel and services. Showing the card will award you a student discount to most major museums and tourist attractions.

Unique experiences for a lifetime – Some destinations are especially great for students and offer a great combination of wonder, fun, and affordability. The Guardian recently rated the top 10 student trips. Here they are:


  1. Scotland
  2. Workaway
  3. Romania
  4. Cuba
  5. Budapest
  6. Ecuador
  7. Hamburg
  8. Macedonia
  9. Cornwall
  10. Ibiza


No matter your reason for traveling, you can be sure that leaving your comfort zone and experiencing new, exciting places and people will make your next summer vacation a memory that will last a lifetime. And you’ve got all year to look forward to it.


Posted by Victoria Troupe

Victoria is currently a marketing specialist with Envisage International. She has had the opportunity to live and study around the world, including Germany, Poland, and China. A native of Wyoming, Victoria received her Bachelor's degree from the University of Wyoming, her MBA from the University of North Florida and her Master's of Intercultural Communication from Fachhochschule Köln, in Cologne, Germany.

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