April 2013 Travel Warning

shutterstock_132917792In the month of March the U.S. Department of State issued seven travel warnings for countries around the world as listed in this April 2013 travel warning report. If you will be traveling, make sure you are aware of countries with a current dangerous or unstable condition warning by checking out the April 2013 travel warning list.

Travel Warning in Syria- Issued March 1, 2013: This warning is to supersede the travel warning issued in August 2012 for Syria. Syria remains consistently dangerous throughout the entirety of the country, through hostile acts, terrorist attacks and kidnappings. Public areas such as shopping plazas and government buildings are amongst the highest targets for terrorist attacks. Additionally, the U.S. Embassy in Damascus is unable to protect or assist U.S. citizens as they suspended operations in February 2012. Individuals are advised to contact the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Damascus for assistance.

Travel Warning in Libya- Issued March 11, 2013: The travel warning for Libya issued September 2012 has been superseded by this latest warning as this country remains unstable and violent- travelers are strongly advised to avoid travel to Libya in all but essential travel instances. Those who must travel to Libya are advised to have an emergency plan and to remain aware at all times as violence is sporadic.

Travel Warning in Tunisia- Issued March 13, 2013: This travel warning is to replace the warning issued October 19, 2012 to provide updated information on the current status within Tunisia. The ordered departure is no longer in place, however, safety within this country remains unstable with sporadic acts of violence, especially amongst large crowds and demonstrations. Additionally, since December 2012 security forces within Tunisia have conducted raids to confiscate large armed weapons- several individuals have been arrested and one killed during these missions.

Travel Warning in Sudan- Issued March 13, 2013: The previous ordered departure status has been lifted meaning all U.S. government personnel are permitted to return to Sudan at this time. However, the terrorist threat is still critical and U.S. citizens are urged to avoid travel to the Darfur region of Sudan, the Blue Nile and Southern Kordofan States.

Travel Warning in Guinea- Issued March 14, 2013: Although Guinea has been relatively calm since December 2010, a recent protest turned violent leading to nine deaths and hundreds of others injured. Visitors are warned to exercise caution when in Guinea, stay in contact with individuals back home and to carry their travel documents with them at all times.

Travel Warning in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea- Issued March 14, 2013: A warning to North Korea still remains in effect as serious risks are associated with those traveling to the DPRK. Individuals may be fined, arrested or imprisoned for illegally entering Korea (without a valid passport and valid DPRK visa) or for other illegal acts that may not be considered illegal in other countries including taking unauthorized photos, exchanging currency with unauthorized vendors and unauthorized attempts to speak directly to North Korean citizens.

Travel Warning in Mali- Issued March 22, 2013: As fighting in northern Mali continues so does the travel warning for individuals interested in visiting Mali. Other risks include fluid political conditions and threats of attacks and kidnappings of westerners. Visitors are advised to avoid unnecessary travel, remain aware and to take necessary precautions to ensure safety.

These warnings are the April 2013 travel warnings as reported in the month of March. If you are an avid traveler, check back each month for the latest travel warnings issued by the U.S. Department of State.

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