Venice Carnevale

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If you are looking for a getaway in February to get yourself out of your mid-winter slump, the Venice Carnevale might just be the upbeat event you have been needing. This annual tradition brings back Venetian culture from centuries ago. In the 18th century visitors from all parts of Europe would join in on the parties, theatre and masks.

Today’s Venice carnevale has developed a few changes since then; however, the Venetian mask is still a popular trade mark today. The masks were used as part of a costume, with the most fashionable costumes consisting of a black cloak, tricorn hat and white mask that Venetians wore to conceal their identity. However, there were a wide variety of masks used for various reasons such as theatre.

If you visit the Venice Carnevale you will see firsthand where the masks are made. Registered artisans today work year round using paper mache or waxed canvas to produce the sought after masks that are donned during this festival. Join in on the local fun by purchasing a mask and heading out to the parade in Piazza San Marco for the best masked costume contest. Other highlights of the Carnevale are the walking theatre show, the Gran Foyer circus shows and the Festa delle Marie.

One event of the Venice Carnevale that you won’t want to miss is the silent water parade. Here you are able to view traditional boats and gondolas float along the Canal Grande by candle light. It provides a memorable closing to the festivities.

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