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With over 200,000 US students studying abroad each year (and growing) the need for study abroad insurance is becoming more important each year. This article is designed to provide students with information on what to look for and what options you have when it comes to international insurance for your time abroad.

There are a couple of scenarios when it comes to study abroad insurance and there are several ways you could be covered. The first is through your school, as some schools provide their own insurance plan that they ask students to take out before they study abroad. These plans are often very comprehensive and because of this they can be expensive – you can find very good insurance plan that provides quality coverage at a lower cost, you just need to shop around!

The second scenario is coverage through your parents insurance plan. Although this may provide you with good insurance benefits while at school in the USA, most plans will ONLY provide a medical insurance benefit and most of the time this is a low benefit of just $50,000. Plus, these plans will not provide any evacuation, repatriation or travel benefits which you will need when studying abroad.

The third scenario is that you do not have any coverage through your school or parents and so will need to do all your research to get the best insurance plan. The International Student Insurance Study Abroad insurance pages provide you with detailed information about the plans available to students studying abroad so please take time to learn more about the options available and hopefully you will find a plan that fits your needs:

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HOT TIP – When looking for a study abroad insurance plan you will want to make sure you plan provides you worldwide coverage (so you can travel around – great if you are based in Europe) and some home country coverage so you can can home during the holidays or to visit.

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