School Insurance Requirements

As an international student in the USA or anywhere else in the world you are required by either your school or the government of the country you are studying in to meet certain insurance requirements. For most of you, this is not an easy task to try and work out if an insurance plan will meet these requirements so this posting is designed to help you work out the requirements and what plans will fit in with those requirements.

Firstly, you need to check the requirements of the country you are studying in. The US State Department has certain criteria for students coming into the USA, for example the J1 Visa has insurance requirements and for students coming into Europe, the Schengen Visa has certain insurance requirements. The good news is that all the plans offered on International Student Insurance meet and exceed these requirements, so students can purchase any student insurance plan they need.

Secondly, the school you are attending may also require you to meet certain requirements. These requirements are generally a little stricter than the country requirements and can vary greatly from school to school, so it can be difficult to work out if plans meets certain requirements. To help we have created a database of schools around the USA and listed them and indicated whether our plans meet their requirements – you can visit this at:

School Insurance Requirements for the USA – Listed by School and State

If your school is not listed however this is not to say our plans do not meet the requirements but simply that we have not had the time yet to list all schools, so you should check out our Student Secure Student Health Insurance which will most likely meet all the requirements.

Student Secure Highlights:

– PPO Network – Not restricted to any network, but can go to the Hygeia Network
– Deductible – $100 (reduced to $50 at Student Health Center
– Major Medical Benefits – $300,000 (Select Plan) and $250,000 (Budget Plan)
– Pre-Existing Conditions – Excluded for the first 12 months, full coverage after that
– InPatient Mental Health – $10,000
– OutPatient Mental Health – $50 per day, $500 Maximum
– Maternity – $300,000 (Select Plan) and $250,000 (Budget Plan)
– InPatient Prescription Medication – 100%
– OutPatient Prescription Medication – 50%
– Medical Evacuation – $300,000 (Select Plan) and $250,000 (Budget Plan)
– Repatriation – $25,000 (Select Plan) and $15,000 (Budget Plan)
– Sports Coverage – $5,000

You can view the Student Secure Insurance plan here.

We are very happy to assist students in anyway, so if you have an insurance requirement form from your school and you want us to check it to make sure our plans meet them please email us with the form and we will be happy to check it and let you know what plans are available to you.

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