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May 2012 Travel Warnings

The academic is coming to an end, and for many of us, that means it’s time to make the most of our long summer break. Whether you plan to study or travel overseas, it is important that you are aware of the international climate prior to your trip. One great way to do this is by keeping up to date with the US Department of State’s website that issues travel warnings to update you on the risks and security concerns around the world. Since our last April 2012 Travel Warning announcement, there have been seven new warnings issued:

  • Travel Warning for Iran – Issued 4/27/2012 – If you follow the news, then it is no surprise that Iran continues to make the May 2012 Travel Warnings list. Replacing the travel warning from October 21, 2011, travelers should be aware of security concerns and avoid nonessential travel. The warning especially warns those individuals with dual citizenship (Iranian and American) that they may “encounter difficulty in departing Iran”…where in some cases “Iranian authorities have prevented the departure, in some cases for several months”.
  • Travel Warning for Cote d’Ivoire – Issued 4/23/2012 – The US Embassy in Cote d’Ivoire is currently operating and US government officials are now permitted to travel to the region. While there continues to be improving security concerns, there still remains the “potential for some civil unrest”. The warning also notes crimes such as mugging, robbery, burglary and carjacking to be possible concerns for travelers.
  • Travel Warning for Burundi – Issued 4/18/2012 – Replacing the travel warning from November 25th, the new warning states that there are security concerns due to terrorist organizations. The US Department of State has an outstanding travel restriction on Embassy personnel. Those who travel to the region should avoid political rallies, demonstrations, and crowds due to potential civil unrest.
  • Travel Warning for Eritrea – Issued 4/18/2012 – The travel warning in Eritrea has been updated, stating that the Eritrean government continues to restrict travel of all foreign nationals. While the US Embassy is operational, consular assistance is limited. This travel warning recommends that individuals defer all travel to the region.
  • Travel Warning for Mali – Issued 4/9/2012 – The Mali Travel Warning has been updated since our last April 2012 Travel Warning Update. The warning advises against all travel to the country due to political instability and the threat of attacks/kidnapping.
  • Travel Warning for Niger – Issued 4/6/2012 – Niger is included on the list of travel warnings due to the risk of kidnapping by terrorist groups. The US Embassy is restricting travel of US government personnel.
  • Travel Warning for Kenya – Issued 4/4/2012 – Due to the threat of terrorism and violent crimes, the US government has updated the already-existing warning. Kidnapping and crimes against foreigners continue to exist, and travelers should avoid bus stops or stations, unmarked taxis, and to be aware of your surroundings.

As always, be sure to check out the US Department of State for the latest information – and find out even more information on these May 2012 Travel Warnings – on their website.

Posted by Jennifer Frankel

Jennifer is the Marketing Director at International Student Insurance. Jennifer is a graduate of the University of Florida where she holds a Masters in International Business and a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration. She has lived and worked abroad in Mexico, Chile, Costa Rica and England, and traveled extensively in South America, Europe and Asia.

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