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Summer is only a few months away! If you are planning on participating in a summer study abroad program, you may want to consider a study abroad cancellation policy no matter where you are in the planning process.

According to a recent article on USA Today, there are many reasons why study abroad is a necessity – and not a luxury. So regardless of where you are in the planning process, it is an investment in your education and future so you should take steps to protect it.

With your tuition, housing expense, living cost, plane ticket and other fees, the cost of studying abroad can add up. While none of us want to consider the possibility of not going, you don’t have to lose thousands of dollars for an unforeseen emergency. To protect against this, it is important to consider a study abroad cancellation policy.

Depending on which study abroad program you will be participating in, the university or organization hosting your program may have a study abroad cancellation policy. If they do, usually the school will only refund your tuition cost if the destination country becomes too dangerous. However, it is possible that you’ll be responsible for your plane ticket and other miscellaneous costs that you have already paid for. Purchasing a trip cancellation insurance policy can increase your protection against events that even your school might not allow you to cancel for such as sickness/injury or even a death in the family.

Our study abroad cancellation policy can also be purchased with a cancel for any reason option, so you can have coverage even if you just happened to change your mind! Feel free to contact any of our representatives if you have any questions.

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Originally from Thailand, Apinant grew up in the United States and has extensive international experience traveling throughout Asia, Australia, North America and Europe. He has lived, studied and worked abroad in China, England, Taiwan and Thailand. Apinant is a graduate of the University of Florida with a Masters in International Business and a Bachelors of Science in Business Management.

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Short Term Study Abroad Insurance | AllTop Insurance News says:

[…] If you have any questions about short term study abroad insurance, contact one of our licensed insurance agents. You may also want to read our advice on purchasing your Study Abroad Cancellation Policy. […]

Fern Wolkin says:

What are the choices for study abroad cancellation or interruption insurance? My son may be going abroad for a semester from January to May. My understanding is that once everything is paid for, it is very difficult to recover any of the costs. Once everything is finalized, can I get insurance in case something happens that doesn’t allow him to go? Or if he is there and something happens and he cannot finish?

Thank you for your questions – I would suggest you give our team a call and discuss your situation in greater detail. There may a solution that fits your needs.

Sophia Nduwayo says:

Hello! I am looking to cancel my insurance. Covid-19 has sent me back home to Canada and I no longer need the coverage for the last two months. If you could help me out on how to do it that would be great.

Hi Sophia,

Thanks for your comment.According to my records, your cancellation request was addressed on March 26, 2020, however, we haven’t received a reply from you.

I will follow up with you via email shortly.

Have a nice day.

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