What is the Difference Between Trip cancellation and Trip Interruption Insurance

Let’s say you are planning to study abroad in the near future and you paid your tour cost, your plane ticket, etc. What would happen if you no longer can go on your trip? What would happen to your money for your plan/ train ticket that you already paid for?

This is where trip cancellation comes in! Trip cancellation is designed to cover your prepaid non-refundable losses in case you have to cancel your trip. While every trip cancellation plan is different, many trip cancellation policies cover cancellation due to sickness and injury, death of primary insured or immediate family members, bad weather, travel provider going out of business, etc. Trip cancellation protects you against losing your non-refundable expenses that you paid for if you have to cancel your trip. While trip cancellation benefits usually disclose a list of reasons for canceling, some plans allow you to include the cancel for any reason benefit so that you can cancel for an unlisted reason.

Trip interruption is similar to trip cancellation but it provides protection once you have already begun your travel. If you need to return home due to substantial destruction to your home, or an immediate family member’s death, trip interruption benefit will reimburse you – or it may also cover your plane flight home.

If you want to protect yourself against losing money on your traveling expenses, consider our trip cancellation insurance plan. Our trip cancellation also provides other benefits like trip interruption, trip delay, lost baggage and more. If you have any questions about trip cancellation insurance or other insurance needs, feel free to contact our international insurance specialist.

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