Emergency Medical Evacuation

When purchasing a travel insurance policy, you will want to be sure that your insurance plan has emergency medical evacuation included.

What is emergency medical evacuation?

When you have an emergency overseas, depending on where you are located there may not be proper facilities and care to treat your illness or injury. In these cases, it may be medically necessary for you to be transported to another facility that is properly equipped to give you the care you need to recover. Whether by emergency air or ground transportation, many international travel insurance plans will transport you to the nearest hospital qualified to provide medical treatment.

Why do you want emergency medical evacuation?

You’ll want to be sure that you are properly covered with your international travel insurance since the average cost for international air medical evacuation is $75,000 – and it is possible that costs can get even higher depending on the treatment and where you are being transported to.

If you do not have a plan that will cover you internationally, the Atlas Travel policy is a comprehensive travel and health insurance plan that will cover you outside your home country. The plan covers doctor visits, hospitalization, labs and x-rays, repatriation, etc. Additionally, the plan covers up to $500,000 for emergency medical evacuation.

What if my domestic health insurance already provides coverage overseas?

If you have a current policy already in place, you will want to contact them to verify whether your plan will provide emergency medical evacuation while you are overseas. If your plan does not already cover emergency medical evacuation, you can purchase a plan to provide this.

Our Emergency Medical Evacuation travel insurance plan is a stand alone insurance policy designed to offer emergency medical evacuation for those traveling outside their home country. It is offered in 3, 6 and 12 month coverage periods and immediate coverage is available. Once you purchase the plan, you will receive an email with your policy documents to bring when you travel abroad.

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