End of Trip Home Country Coverage

Insurance can be quite a tricky subject especially when you are dealing with multiple countries. It is common for overseas travelers to find a travel insurance that will cover you outside your home country- but what about when you return home?

With the vast number of international insurance plans, you need to choose a plan that provides the appropriate coverage- whether internationally or back home. If you do not have a domestic plan already in place, you will want to consider a plan with end of trip home country coverage. This is normally an optional benefit that provides additional coverage in your home country.

This option is especially important since the first thing you will want to do when you return home will NOT be to look for insurance! Remember that great restaurant you regularly went to up the road? Or, that friend you haven’t seen in what feels like ages? Whether you spend the time at home recovering from jet lag, or just taking in the moment where you understand everything that is going on around you- you will also want to have the piece of mind that you are covered for the unexpected.

There are some international travel plans that will allow you to add end of trip home country coverage for a limited number of days. Some plans require that you’ve purchased a minimum number of months abroad to make you eligible for the end of trip home country coverage benefit. Other plans will cover you up until a certain number of days after returning home. This coverage is important so that you will have enough time to take-it-easy and find a long-term solution.

One popular option is the Travel Medical insurance plan. This plan has the option to add end of trip home country coverage. If you are covered outside of your Home Country continuously for at least 6 months you can add an additional 30 days of End of Trip Home Country Medical Coverage.

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