How Can I Meet My Schools Insurance Requirements in the USA?

This is a question that we are continually being asked, and especially as we head into August – its something we hear more and more often. For schools in the USA, they will require all students to obtain or purchase some form of coverage before they will let you enroll in classes – and you will run into a few scenarios:

  1. Schools will require you to enroll in their health plan – you have no choice and no right to waive out
  2. Schools will strongly suggest you to enroll in their plan – but you can waive out if you show proof of other, comparable coverage.
  3. Schools will let you choose and purchase your own insurance plan (either with, or without coverage guidelines)

In the first scenario – you will have no choice but to accept the schools insurance plan and pay for it. This is becoming more popular for schools to handle their insurance this way as the schools can regulate the coverage and will know what all their students are covered for.

The second and third scenario are also very common, but it has become increasingly complex for students to try and find coverage as many schools will require the insurance to meet certain guidelines and levels. Schools will also use what they call “Insurance Waiver Forms” which are documents that need to be completed by students who do not wish to purchase the schools insurance plan. It will contain your details, the details about the plan you have purchased and must be signed by your insurance company to show that the plan you have purchased meets their requirements.

Of course, this system can seem daunting and complex to many international students. So, to assist students, we have created the International Student School Insurance Requirement Database – which lists nearly every school in the USA and what their requirements are. You can quickly learn if our plans will meet your schools requirements, and in most cases we offer a link to your schools insurance section and to your insurance waiver form along with instructions on how to complete and submit the waiver form.

If you have any questions or need assistance finding an international student insurance plan, then let us know!

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