Insurance Visa Letter

For some countries around the world, you will need to show proof of adequate international health and travel insurance as part of your visa application process. Countries that are popular for this requirement include France, Spain and the Schengen Visa – there are many more that require it but these are just the most popular destinations that require insurance coverage.

As part of this requirement, you will generally need to produce what they call a “Visa Letter” that outlines what the plan coverage is, confirms the insured is covered and provide other information about the plan that you have purchased.

To make your life easier, we produce a visa letter for all our clients and make it available for them 24 hours a day through the client zone. All you need to do is once you have applied for insurance coverage you will need to log into the client zone, and then click on the visa letter link. This will then provide you with a PDF version of the visa letter which is pre-filled with all your information and produced on company letterhead.

You will just need to download this, print it off and submit it with your visa application.

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