Easy Monthly Payment Options!

As of June 1st 2007, our flagship international student health insurance plan, the Student Secure, now offer easy monthly payment options for students. The Student Secure has always been a renewable insurance plan, so you can purchase a set number of months and then simply renew – however for students that need to show proof of coverage for a certain period, such as 9 months, it was sometimes hard to make a full payment up front.

The Student Secure will now let you purchase 12 months of coverage and pay for the plan each month via your credit card. When you sign up, you will be given the option to either pay all up front, of opt to have your credit or debit card automatically charged each month – making our insurance even more affordable!

If you are looking for a low cost international student health insurance plan that will be accepted by most schools, and will meet and exceed all country visa requirements, the Student Secure is your best option. It also offers:

– up to $300,000 policy maximum
– Mental Health Coverage
– Maternity Coverage
– Pre-existing Condition Coverage after 12 months
– Sports Coverage
– and much more..

To view the plan and purchase it online please visit:

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One thought on “Easy Monthly Payment Options!”

David says:

I will not need coverage until 20 August 2015. When will my credit card be charged if I apply today and pay the full amount?

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