Finland International Student Insurance

On the 1st September 2007, the Finnish Government introduces new insurance legislation for all international students who are planning to attend school in Finland. The new insurance regulations for international students in Finland currently stands at:

  • Students who stay in Finland less than two years – These students must have a health insurance whose policy covers treatment and medication costs up to 100,000 euros.
  • Students who stay in Finland a minimum of two years – These students must have a health insurance whose policy covers treatment and medication costs up to 30,000 euros.

At, we are prepared for these new changes and have a variety of plans that are available and ideal for international students from all around the world who are planning to study in Finland.
Our current plans that will meet these requirements are:

Student Secure – monthly student health insurance plan
Atlas International – Travel health insurance plan
International Citizens – Annually renewable major medical insurance plan.

Although all three plans above will meet the options for International Students studying in Finland, we recommend the Student Secure and Atlas International as the main plans. The Student Secure is a dedicated plan for international students and will provide benefits such as hospitalization, mental health, maternity, prescription medication and much more. If are not looking for a plan as comprehensive as the Student Secure, then the Atlas International plan should be your second option providing travel health benefits (though if you need coverage up to $250,000 please make sure you select a policy maximum of €100,000 or more).

Please contact us if you have any questions about Finnish International Student Insurance

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    Dear Administrator, I am on my way to go to finland for my study. I am seeking for informations on Travel Insuracne . I want to know that exactly how much does it cost for me to have an Travel insurance for 1 year duration ? I would be grateful to u If anyone would not bother to andwer –

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