International Student Insurance Explained

As a general concept, insurance is not hard to understand - however the intricacies of individual insurance plans and trying to understand all the different definitions, benefits and exclusions can be overwhelming for many students. Especially if English is not your first language!


So where do you turn to for questions like:

  • What is a deductible?
  • How can I compare different plans?
  • What specific requirements does my J1 visa need?
  • What is the healthcare system like in the USA?

The International Student Insurance "Insurance Explained" section is here to help - with information available in video and article format to help you dissect and understand the world of insurance!


Understanding Insurance Videos

We have a number of short videos to help you understand and learn more about the world of international insurance:


USA Healthcare System Overview
USA Healthcare Overview
International Student Health Insurance Overview
Student Health Overview
International Travel Medical Insurance Overview
Travel Medical Overview


After you have watched our introduction videos, the remainder of our international student insurance explained section delves deeper into the various details of international student insurance and into various topics. Each article below explains a different topic, starting with the different types of health insurance plans available to an international student, and then moving onto other core areas such as J1 and F1 insurance coverage.


Please view below to start your understanding of international insurance:


International Insurance Explained

Learn more about the various types of international insurance that are available to you as a student - it will help you understand the different coverages they can all offer:

Plan Research

Making sure you thoroughly research your insurance plan before you purchase your coverage can help you find the best option available to you and will avoid any surprises later:

F1 Visa Insurance

One of the more popular student visa's, the F1 visa is used by many students and so knowing about the visa and all its requirements is an important aspect for any student:

J1 Visa Insurance

The J1 visa is also very popular for students, especially scholars, and this visa does have specific insurance requirements that need to be met, so our J1 section will provide all this information:

OPT (Optional Practical Training)

An option for international students is to undertake optional practical training after their studies, allowing them to work in the USA for a certain length of time:

Understanding Insurance:

Learning about how you can understand your insurance plan and the process and systems can help de-mystify a lot of the questions you may have:

Health and Safety Abroad

Learn about top tips and tricks for when you are abroad to stay fit and healthy and avoid falling into traps that can make you sick and ruin your experience abroad:

Comparing Coverage Types:

Learn how to compare the different types of insurance coverage that are available to most international students, and work out which option is a better plan for you and your needs:

How-to Videos:

We have a range of how-to videos that show you how to navigate your way through the international student insurance world. You can also subscribe to us on Youtube and follow all our latest videos.


Applying for International Student Health Insurance Coverage Online


Applying for International Student Health Insurance Coverage Online


How to meet and find your schools international student insurance requirements


How to meet and find your schools international student insurance requirements


Student Zone Overview


Student Zone Overview

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Our insurance explained section is designed to help students understand and navigate the world of student insurance. We would like to make our resources available to you - so if you would like to show our videos on your website, or at orientation we actively welcome and encourage this. The individual pages for each video to embed are:

Country Specific Insurance Coverage

We offer a range of country specific insurance plans, with help explaining the healthcare system in that country along with how insurance works with that healthcare system: