Types of International Insurance — Explained For — International Students

If you are a student trying to figure out which insurance plan you need while studying and traveling abroad, then let us help you do the research and understand the different types of international insurance available.

International Student Health Insurance International student health insurance is tailor-made to meet the needs of students studying outside of their home country. Learn about features, coverage and the costs of these plans.
Need student health insurance? Learn more about the Student Health plan.
International Travel Medical Insurance Travel medical insurance is specifically designed to cover you while studying outside your home country, and often include both medical coverage and travel benefits.
Need travel insurance? Learn more about the Travel Medical plan.
International Major Medical Insurance International major medical insurance is designed to offer long-term coverage for 1+ years for individuals and families alike. Learn about what makes plans like these unique and comprehensive.
Need long-term coverage? Learn more about the Major Medical plan.
What's the difference between Short Term -vs- Long Term Health Insurance?
European Travel Insurance This article provides more customized travel insurance options for Europe, including health insurance that meets the Schengen visa requirements.
Traveling within Europe? Learn more about the European Travel plan.
Trip Cancellation Insurance Are you afraid that you may need to cancel your trip? Trip cancellation insurance can insure your trip, and offers many other benefits that protect you and your money.
Afraid you may need to cancel your trip? Learn more about the Trip Cancellation plan.
Dental Insurance / Dental Discount Plans International medical insurance plans typically provide limited or no dental coverage, so if you want something more, check out these dental insurance and dental discount plans.
Need dental coverage? Learn more about the Dental plans.
Medical Evacuation and Repatriation Medical evacuation and repatriation insurance is designed to provide these key benefits to a medical insurance plan you already have in place.
Want medical evacuation coverage? Learn more about the Emergency Evacuation plan.

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