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International Travel Medical Insurance

Travel medical insurance is specifically designed to travel with you abroad and this article will dive into the key features of the plans, coverage options, and approximate costs.

International Travel medical plans are typically available for less than two years and can be used as a standalone plan or as a supplement to major medical insurance already in place. If you already have a permanent insurance solution, additional travel coverage will be considered secondary insurance, perfect for adding additional benefits like emergency medical evacuation. Travel insurance options can also help cover additional out of pocket expenses that your primary insurance may not cover.

Key Features of Travel Medical Plans

  • Worldwide Coverage

    Travel insurance is typically designed to provide coverage anywhere in the world outside of your home country, making it an exceptionally convenient option. Oftentimes, if you need coverage outside of the United States, you won't even have to pay towards a co-insurance, like with our Atlas Travel plan.

  • More Coverage For Less

    Typically these plans will offer high policy maximums and oftentimes, the flexibility to choose your own deductible. Prices are based on age, trip length and coverage amount, allowing you to purchase the exact number of days you need. Due to the short nature of travel plans, the exposure to an insurance company is less so they can offer great benefits at an affordable price.

  • Travel Related Benefits

    One of the largest differences between travel and traditional medical insurance are the benefits. In addition to traditional coverage like hospitalizations and prescriptions, travel plans also come standard with evacuation, repatriation and trip interruption. Some even include lost luggage and document assistance in case your personal items are misplaced. For a more in depth look at potential coverage options, take a look at the Understanding Travel Insurance Benefits article.

  • Travel Assistance

    Many plans provide excellent travel assistance packages that can range from concierge services, money transfers, translation services, bail bond assistance and more. Typically the insurance company through which you purchase a plan will provide toll free access in many countries across the globe so that you can easily obtain support around the clock.

  • Family Coverage

    Many travel medical plans allow you to insure your entire family at the same rate, or allow your entire family to be on the same plan.

What International Travel Medical Insurance Won't Cover

Since these plans are designed as short term options, they won't traditionally cover long term conditions such as maternity, wellness, preventative care and pre-existing conditions. As with any plan, be sure to contact your insurance agent and check the policy exclusions before purchasing.

Who These Travel Plans Work Best For

Anyone traveling outside of their home country for less than two years on business or leisure seeking traditional medical coverage with additional travel benefits like trip interruption and lost luggage. Travel plans also work well for dependents not covered by their spouses insurance and students looking for short term coverage without a strict list of school requirements, or students who may not yet have a student visa in the United States.

Typical Prices For Coverage Inside Of The United States

As with most insurance plans, international travel medical premiums are based on age, how long you need coverage, and where. Of course prices will depend on the plan you choose as well, but if you are under the age of 30 and needing travel insurance in the US, you can get a plan as low as $57 per month or about $1.90 per day. Keep in mind that you can lower the price of coverage by raising your deductible, but you're required to pay the entire deductible before your insurance company pays for eligible expenses. Above this age (30) prices tend to rise more dramatically with every decade and be wary for travelers aged over 80, as coverage becomes less available with fewer insurance options.

Typical Prices For Coverage Outside Of The United States

Coverage outside of the U.S. tends to be much cheaper. Travelers under the age of 30 are likely to find a plan for less than $1 per day. As with any insurance plan, the older you are the more expensive your insurance will be, based on the fact you're more liable to the insurer. It's not unusual for individuals over 60 years old to pay nearly $4 a day for affordable travel insurance, while the figure typically doubles within a few age brackets.

If an international travel medical plan sounds like the most suitable choice for your needs, check out the Atlas Travel plan. It offers worldwide coverage from as little as 5 days up to 364 days with benefits for hospitalizations, prescriptions, medical evacuation and repatriation, lost luggage and much more. If you aren't sure that a travel plan is your best option, contact us so that we may put our experience on your side.

International Travel Medical Insurance

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