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Dental Insurance | Dental Discount Plans

While most international health insurance plans don’t provide traditional dental coverage, they typically offer the following benefits:

  • Accidental Dental – this will help pay the cost to repair your teeth in the event they are damaged during an accident.
  • Acute Onset of Dental Pain – some plans also include a limited benefit that will help cover the cost of treatment if you have an acute onset of dental pain.

If minimal dental coverage does not meet your needs, you do have a few options available to help cover your dental costs.

Pay Out-Of-Pocket

Most dentists will gladly accept you as a patient, even without dental insurance. At the time of the appointment you would simply need to pay out of pocket, but be wary as even a routine filling can prove costly.

Dental Insurance

Dental insurance plans can be a good option if they're available in your area. You will need to do some research in advance, but typically there are two main types of dental insurance available, dental PPO plans and dental HMO plans.

  • Dental PPO plans suggest that you visit a participating dentist. Typically you will have to pay your coinsurance and deductible at the time of the appointment and the rest will be taken care of by your insurance plan, as per its conditions.
  • Dental HMO plans don’t have traditional deductibles or coinsurance. Instead there are fixed prices for each treatment, payment is required at the time of visit, and you need to choose a dentist within the network.

Dental insurance plans are the best choice if you want the most coverage in place with little cost on your part for treatment. However the annual or monthly premium will be higher than other solutions listed here. If you are looking for some dental insurance options, visit Delta Dental as they have one of the largest dental PPO networks in the USA.

Discount Dental Plans

Discount plans offer the option to sign up on an annual or monthly basis and offer significantly reduced rates on dental treatment. When compared to dental insurance, Discount Dental plans will require more out of pocket payments and you must seek treatment from one of the participating dental providers, otherwise the discounts will not apply.

If you are looking for discount dental plans, they are based on location in the USA so you can search by your zip code to see what is available.

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