Seeking Treatment

If you need to seek medical care, here is some helpful advice on how to do this:


Teladoc is a way to seek non-emergency medical care virtually via your laptop or mobile phone. The service is included in your insurance plan, and a great way to seek medical care without the need to visit a physical doctor or hospital. Please click here to set up your account and schedule a virtual visit.

Find a Doctor/Hospital

If you prefer to visit a doctor, walk-in clinic, urgent care center or hospital you can search online, or call the number on the back of your insurance ID card to locate a provider closest to you.

Remember — Only use the Emergency Room (ER) in emergency situations. Urgent Care Centers and Walk-In Clinics are often the best places to seek medical care, as you don’t need an appointment, you can be seen quickly and you will pay less out-of-pocket.

Insurance ID Card

Make sure you present your insurance ID card when you visit your doctor, clinic or hospital. If you need a copy of your insurance ID card, you can login to your online portal to access a copy.

Prescription Medications

When picking up a prescription medication, be sure to use a pharmacy that accepts the Magellan Rx Network so you won’t need to pay up front for your prescriptions.

In certain areas of the USA there are discounted, or free, medication drug programs that will lower your costs — they include:

  • Publix — free medication drug program.
  • Walmart — offers a discounted $4 medication drug program.
  • ShopRite — offers a free antibiotics when prescribed.

Claims Follow Up

It is your responsibility to follow up with the claims team and make sure your claims are processed and paid! You NEED to complete a claim form for each new visit and submit that to the claims team via email. You can download the claim forms from the Claims Center. You can also track the status of your claims by contacting the number on the back of your insurance ID card or emailing