Find a Doctor/Hospital

When seeking medical care, please always try to stay within the network to facilitate faster billing and to avoid higher out of pocket costs. You can search for providers here:

Inside the USA

MultiPlan For providers in the United States, please mention your plan is part of the “MultiPlan” network.

Prescription Medications

MagellanRx When picking up a prescription medication, be sure to use a pharmacy that accepts the Magellan Rx Network so you won’t need to pay up front for your prescriptions. You will need to pay your plans prescription co-pay, which will depend on the level of coverage purchased.

For Treatment Outside of the USA — If you are seeking treatment outside of the United States and need assistance finding a doctor, please contact Point Comfort at or call +1(317) 210-2010.

Prenotification Requirements

Point Comfort Assist must be contacted prior to: (1) Inpatient Care (2) Any Surgery Surgical Procedure (3) Extended Care Facility (4) Home Nursing Care (5) Durable Medical Equipment (6) Artificial Limbs (7) CAT Scans (8) MRI (9) Interfacility Ambulance Transfer (10) All Transportation Benefits (11) Treatment of Mental Health Disorders