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Health Insurance in Spain

Learn about how health insurance works in Spain

Requirements for health insurance in Spain require that all international students must have health coverage. While Spanish citizens must have health cover valid for Barcelona, depending on your country of origin, your medical insurance in Spain may differ. Nonetheless, it is extremely important that you obtain the proper health cover before you begin your studies in Spain.

EU Citizens

From the EU, EEA, or Switzerland? Get your EHIC Card!

Citizens of the European Union or the European Economic Area or Switzerland who are entitled to coverage under the social security system of their country must acquire a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) prior to departure for Spain. This card can be obtained from the public health authorities of the student’s country of origin. This form will give you the necessary health insurance in Spain, though it is important to keep in mind that only publicly-funded treatment is included in this card. If an international student wants to obtain private sector services, then they will need to purchase a private health insurance plan.

Non EU Citizens

Not from the EU, EEA, or Switzerland? Get private health insurance!

Since it is required for your student visa application, you must take out private health insurance in Spain to cover the duration of your stay. There are some countries with a mutual health provision agreement between their healthcare systems and Spain’s. If you are an international student who is not a part of the EU or EEA, it is strongly recommended that you research if such an agreement exists in your home country. If it does, you should attain a document from the relevant authorities in your country granting you free medical care in Spain.

Students from countries such as Peru, Paraguay, Ecuador, Chile, Brazil and Andorra, can benefit from free hospitalization in case of a medical emergency as long as the corresponding certificate from their home country is presented. If you are not of those countries, emergency healthcare is guaranteed no matter what nationality you are, but charges may apply. This may not cover non-emergency treatment so be sure to contact your home country to see what is covered and whether you need a private health insurance for Spain.

Private Health Insurance in Spain

Private health insurance in Spain is available in nearly every location in the country. The policies will differ, and it is important that international students read the policies closely so that the plan they choose will cover everything they need.

light bulb rememberBe sure to check with your insurance company as you’ll need a letter outlining these minimum requirements.

As an international student planning to study in Spain, proof of health insurance coverage in the amount of €30,000 is required for your visa application. Many Spanish consular offices will be strict on the insurance plans they will permit as part of the visa application. The plan must cover the entire period of the stay, be valid for all Schengen States and cover any costs that may arise in relation to repatriation for medical reasons, urgent medical attention, emergency treatment or death during stay.

Because health insurance in Spain requires all international students to be covered, it is imperative that international students planning to study in Spain acquire the proper medical health insurance before studying. There are many options for international students, and depending on your country of origin, you may have a specific plan to obtain your medical health insurance that is required by Spain for your advantage. Start the process as early as possible, and do not be afraid to ask questions to your local health services to ensure you are getting the correct insurance for your situation.

Best Insurance Plans for Spain

We have a range of insurance plans, however for students studying in Spain the best insurance options are: