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Spain Visa Insurance Requirements

The insurance requirements for international student visas for Spain

So you are applying for a Spanish student visa and have been told that you need to meet specific insurance requirements? Depending on where you are from and the type of visa you are traveling on, you will need to secure your own health insurance requirements, in order to enter Spain. It is important to understand whether or not you need a visa, how you acquire this visa, and what insurance will be required for your specific situation

Non-EU Citizen

Student in Spain Less than 3 Months

  • If you are a non-EU citizen planning to study for less than three months, you will most likely need to apply for a Schengen visa. US citizens do not need a visa to enter.

Student in Spain Longer than 3 Months

  • If you are a citizen who is not a part of the European Union and you plan to study in Spain for longer than three months, you will need to obtain a student visa.

Student in Spain Longer than 6 Months

  • If you plan to stay in Spain for longer than six months, you will need to acquire a student visa in addition to a student residence permit.

Spanish Visa Process

Spain visa insurance requirements allow 30 days from your entry into the country to commence the procedures leading to you receiving a residence permit. The foreign nationals office of the National Police can handle these procedures. Many universities in Spain will also provide guidance services for international students struggling to obtain a student’s residence card. Student visas can be requested at the Spanish consulate in your home country after an institution in Spain has accepted you into their programs.

Students cannot apply for a student visa after entering Spain with a tourist visa. They must revisit their home country and follow the proper procedures before studying in Spain for longer than three months.
The student’s visa can be used for a year or for the extent of the student’s studies and can be renewed until he or she is no longer a student.

Can I work in Spain?

International students can work up to 20 hours a week as long as the work schedule does not interfere with class or research. A work permit with the foreign nationals office is required before you begin work in Spain.

Health Insurance Requirements

According to the regulations of Spain insurance for international students, the student must show proof of health insurance coverage as part of the visa application. The minimum coverage must be € 30.000. For more, read our Health Insurance in Spain article.

EU Citizens

For EU Citizens, the steps to secure your health insurance and visa are as follows:

Step 1: Apply for a Foreign National Identity Number

If you are a national of a country in the European Union, you do not have to obtain a visa but should apply for a NIE (Foreign National Identity Number) upon your arrival. This document will help you:

  • Open a bank account.
  • Use health services.
  • Provide work authorization in Spain.

Step 2: Secure a health insurance plan, if necessary

These students are also authorized to work in Spain. Though a visa is not required, according to the insurance requirements for Spain, you may need to provide a medical insurance policy and certificate indicating that you do not suffer from an illness requiring quarantine in accordance with international health regulations, a criminal record certificate issued by the authorities of home country, and other legal documents.

Spain insurance for international students protects the students from economic hardship and allows all students, whether they are from Spain or elsewhere, to enjoy learning in a safe and healthy environment.

Step 3: Complete the necessary paperwork

It is recommended that international students gather the necessary paperwork and fill out the required documents and applications as far in advance as they can so that they can be sure that the insurance requirements for Spain are met before they begin their studies. Spain visa insurance requirements can be confusing and difficult for some, and there are many resources both in your home country and in Spain that can help you obtain the correct visa, if needed, and the proper health insurance plan. Spain insurance for international students protects the students from economic hardship and allows all students, whether they are from Spain or elsewhere, to enjoy learning in a safe and healthy environment.

Best Insurance Plans for Spain

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