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Portugal Visa Insurance Requirements

The insurance requirements for international student visas for Portugal

Visitors of all kinds come to Portugal, and there are a variety of visas available for any type of visit. Portugal continues to be a fascinating tourist destination and an even better choice for education. Because of Portugal’s involvement in the EU, studying in Portugal has compound benefits. Obtaining the insurance requirements for Portugal at the right time and for the right reason is definitely something to keep track of. With a list of different kinds of visas, Portugal insurance for international students is also simplified for international students.

Students from the EU:

Due to the way the European Union (EU) works, students within the EU do not typically need a visa to study in Portugal. Instead, they have the following requirements:

  • Students must be studying more than three months
  • Students must have enough income so they do not require assistance
  • Students must be officially enrolled at a qualified institution or university
  • Students must be fully covered in health insurance

Students outside of the EU who are staying for 90 days or less:

There is a special visa available for non-EU students. It is called the Schengen Visa. The Schengen Visa allows travel for up to 25 countries and is available for visits up to 90 days. There following points are important for obtaining a Schengen Visa and having insurance for it as well:

  • With a Schengen Visa no residency permit is required
  • To apply for this visa it is necessary to have proof of health insurance
  • The insurance must have a minimum coverage of EUR 30,000

Students in the EU staying more than 90 days:

As a part of the EU it is necessary to apply for a certificate of registration to ensure that you are able to stay within Portugal after 90 days. It is important to apply for this certificate before your 90 days are up if you are choosing to stay. This certificate is good for five years.

Students outside the EU who are staying for more than 90 days:

If international students are studying for longer than ninety days in Portugal then it is important for students to apply for a long-stay visa, this is tied to their education and is usually good for the duration of their study. It is then possible to obtain health insurance through the institution or to maintain the current coverage you have through your home country.

As you study in Portugal it is important to investigate where you fit within the visa and insurance requirements. To learn more about the Schengen visa please visit our Schengen page. In most countries it is important to have adequate health coverage to insure your safety within the host country. Be sure you fully understand the health insurance requirements in Portugal that are related to your specific visa. Once you have officially applied for study at an institution, received acceptance and are prepared to take the next step, having the important paperwork in place will make the visa process much less stressful and much more exciting during your time in Portugal.

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