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Health Insurance in Portugal

Learn about howhealth insurance works in Portugal

Health insurance in Portugal is available in several different capacities. All students wishing to study in Portugal will need to have full health insurance. Residents of Portugal they have the option for healthcare by making contributions from their social security. EU members are also covered due to their affiliation with their own country’s healthcare system.

Health Insurance for Foreigners in Portugal

Practically everyone is covered to some level in Portugal - as long as they are there legally. Short stay visitors with a Schengen Visa will need to have health coverage of up to EUR 37,000 before obtaining entry into Portugal. Members of the EU have a reciprocal health agreement with Portugal and will be covered. Tourists and travelers in Portugal for up to 90 days will have access to any Health Center that is tax-funded and available for general care. In addition to these health care options, it is still essential to obtain adequate healthcare coverage to ensure your safety and proper care in the event of an emergency.

Health Insurance for Citizens of EU Countries

Members of the EU will need to bring their European Health Insurance Card to any hospital or doctor visit in order to guarantee medical care from the public, government funded National Health Service. It is required that all other international students studying in Portugal have full health coverage.

Student Health Insurance

Any international student wishing to apply for a visa should obtain student health insurance. There are several types of student health insurance that would be beneficial, such as:

  • Euro Travel (this covers up to EUR 100,000 and has a maximum time of 1 year of coverage)
  • Student Secure (this is a monthly plan with options of coverage up to 4 years and has a $300,000 maximum)

Health Insurance Requirements in Portugal

No matter your home country, health services are available for a price. Whether you are insured or rely on the public healthcare system of Portugal, you will still receive care if necessary. Many schools will not accept your enrollment, and the government will not approve your visa without adequate coverage, however. The basic health coverage does not include dentistry and that will need to be covered under your home country’s insurance.

If you are applying for a Temporary Visa, you are required by law to have supplementary health coverage—especially if you have no source of income.

Private Health Insurance in Portugal

Obtaining private health insurance in Portugal is also an option, due to the various operations in place for residents of Portugal. Finding coverage for dentistry, vision and other minor specialist healthcare options is not difficult and you can be certain that it will be more than adequate.

Identify your needs and the requirements of health insurance before your stay in Portugal. Be aware of the varieties of coverage (public and private) available and assess your potential needs while studying there.

Best Insurance Plans for Portugal

We have a range of insurance plans, however for students studying in Portugal the best insurance options are: