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Portugal International Student Insurance

International Student Health Insurance for Students in Portugal

Over recent years, more and more international students have been looking at Portugal as a great study destination. Why study in Portugal? The reasons are vast, but include low tuition, excellent climate, and a fantastic selection of courses and programs from any number of the universities in Portugal. Portugal has lots to offer international students from all corners of the world, and the number of international students who travel there are a testament to this.

Healthcare in Portugal

Like most European countries, there Portugal has a nationalised healthcare system, which makes access to healthcare in Portugal easier. However, for most international students who are planning to study or visit Portugal, you will need to show proof of international student health insurance coverage that covers you for your time abroad in order to obtain your travel visa.

Whether you are traveling for pleasure or to study, there are certain requirements that you will need to meet in order to obtain a Portuguese visa and in some cases you will need to show proof of health insurance coverage.

The Portugal visa insurance requirements at a glance are:

  • Foreign students from within the EU do not need a visa to study or travel in Portugal.
  • Non-EU students staying under 90 days will not typically need a visa for study or travel in Portugal.
  • Non-EU students staying more than 90 days, will need to apply for a visa and show proof of international health insurance coverage.

For those students that do not need to apply for a visa, you are still recommended to take out a private international student insurance plan to cover you for your time studying and traveling abroad. This way you can be sure you will have comprehensive coverage in case something happens. In most cases private medical insurance will offer coverage above and beyond any national health system such as medical evacuation, repatriation, lost luggage, and so forth.

For students applying for a visa, you will need to purchase one of the plans below and accompany the confirmation of coverage with your visa application to be approved. Coverage for all plans can be purchased online, and you will receive confirmation via email right after the purchase has been made.

We offer the following plans to students who are planning to travel, study or visit Portugal:

Europe Travel Atlas Travel Student Secure
Policy MaximumPolicy Max. €40,000 to €6 Million $50,000 to $2 Million $200,000 to $5,000,000 max$200k to $5M max
DeductibleDed. €0 up to €2,000 $0 up to $5,000 $25 up to $100
Currency € Euro priced $ USD priced $ USD priced
Premium Starting at €0.54/ day Starting at $0.85/ day Starting at $0.85/ day

Best Insurance Plans for Portugal

We have a range of insurance plans, however for students studying in Portugal the best insurance options are: