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M2 Visas

What is an M2 Visa?

M2 visas are available for spouses and children of the M1 visa holders.
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Insurance Requirements for M2 Visa Holders

As with M1 visas, the US Department of State does not have any health insurance requirements for M2 visa holders. In most cases, the school where the student (the M1 holder) is attending will not allow their spouse or children (the M2 holder) to be enrolled on the school’s insurance plan. This leaves the M2 visa holders to find their own coverage elsewhere.

Although it is not required for M2 visa holders to be insured by most schools, it is very important to have an insurance plan in case of an emergency. There is no national or universal healthcare coverage in the US, which means that anyone seeking medical treatment in the US will be responsible for paying their own bills out of pocket, or getting an insurance plan to help cover the costs.

The US is by far the most expensive place in the world for medical care so it is never recommended for any M2 visa holders to go without health insurance coverage. For more information about the importance of having health insurance coverage, please see our article on the US healthcare system.

Insurance Options for M2 Visa Holders

For M2 visa holders looking for coverage, there are several options. To ensure that you are getting the correct coverage for your family, make sure you know how long insurance is needed, how much you are willing to spend on coverage, and what benefits you want on the plan. This will help you decide which plan is the right one.

Here are three main insurance plan options for M2 visa holders:

Travel Medical icon This plan provides high quality benefits designed to give you coverage in the event your health is compromised.
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Major Medical icon This plan is annually renewable, and has the option to include coverage for wellness, maternity, and coverage back home.
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Patriot Travel icon This plan is designed for those traveling outside of their home country, with coverage for accidents and illnesses, along with travel benefits as well.
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For more information regarding health insurance coverage for M2 visa holders, do not hesitate to contact our licensed insurance agents. We are happy to help you decide what coverage is best suited for you!