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Health Insurance Requirements for the M-1 Visa

School Insurance Requirements

Due to the fact that there are no health insurance requirements specific to the M-1 Visa, your levels of coverage will likely be based on your school’s specific requirements. Typically there are three options when it comes to health insurance coverage:


Mandatory school group insurance plan

If your school has a mandatory school group plan, you will likely be automatically enrolled in their plan upon the start of your studies, with premiums added to your tuition costs. Typically, these mandatory plans offer comprehensive coverage and, therefore, will often come at a higher price. It is important to ensure that your school's insurance policy will cover you during school breaks, if you arrive early, and if you plan to work on Optional Practical Training (OPT). If your mandatory school plan does not cover you during these instances, consider purchasing a short-term plan to ensure you have coverage during these times.

School group insurance plan with option to waive

If your school has a group insurance plan, but gives you the option to waive with your own policy, then you fall under this second category. This means that you are able to purchase an insurance plan of your choice that meets a certain minimum requirement as laid out by your school. In order to do this, you typically will be required to submit a paper or online waiver form confirming the insurance plan you have purchased. If approved, they will remove you from the school plan. If your school allows you to waive their plan, make sure that you are aware of the requirements for purchasing a different plan. Please see our School Insurance Requirements to see which plans will meet your school’s insurance requirements.

No school insurance requirements/optional coverage

If your school does not have a group plan and does not give you specific requirements necessary for coverage, you are given the option to purchase any plan of your choosing. In this case, it is important that you purchase a plan with comprehensive coverage and ensure that the plan is administered by a reputable company. As an international student, it is a good idea to have a plan that covers repatriation of remains and medical evacuation. We recommend looking into our Student Secure and Student Health Advantage plans to see an example of comprehensive international student coverage.
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If you have any questions regarding international student health insurance plans, do not hesitate to contact our licensed insurance agents.