Insurance Licensing

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Where required, our products are sold pursuant to state licenses held by our insurance carriers, our managing general underwriters and/or by us. Envisage International Corporation holds Florida resident agency license number L051464 and Keith Clausen, President of Envisage International Corporation, holds Florida agent license #P013357 and is licensed in the following states as a non-resident:

State License License Number
Alabama Producer 407035
Alaska Producer 70106
Arizona Producer 951193
Arkansas NR Producer agent 8614162
California NR Insurance Producer 0H92041
Colorado Producer 286274
Connecticut Producer 2275867
Delaware Producer 1036940
District of Columbia Producer 2843221
Florida Agent L051464
Georgia Agent 787308
Hawaii Producer 357176
Idaho Producer 148943
Illinois Producer 8614162
Indiana Producer 526390
Iowa Producer 8614162
Kansas Agent 8614162
Kentucky Agent DOI-649803
Louisiana Producer 422373
Maine Producer PRN136869
Maryland NR Producer 99947373
Massachusetts NR Producer 1877558
Michigan NR Producer 8614162
Minnesota Producer 40019080
Mississippi Producer 10067359
Missouri Producer 388714
Montana Producer 698740
Nebraska Producer 8614162
Nevada NR Producer 754185
New Hampshire Producer 2015077
New Jersey Producer 1092232
New Mexico Agent 197569
New York LAH LA-1049095
North Carolina Agent 8614162
North Dakota Producer 8614162
Ohio Agent 699706
Oklahoma NR Producer/Agency 3161
Oregon Producer 8614162
Pennsylvania Non Res Prod. Ind 454340
Rhode Island Producer 2043244
South Carolina Producer 432563
South Dakota NR Producer 6363876
Tennessee NR Producer 980649
Texas Gen. Lines Agency/Agent 1374870
Utah NR Producer 254622
Vermont NR Producer 526685
Virginia Agent 508281
Washington NR Producer 727517
West Virginia Non-res agent 455869
Wisconsin NR Intermediary Individual 8614162
Wyoming NR Producer 175437