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Sweden Visa Insurance Requirements

The insurance requirements for international student visas for Sweden

If you are an international student planning to study in Sweden, one of the first things you will need to do is determine whether or not you need a student visa or residence permit. Whether or not you need one of these depends on where you are from and the length of your stay.

Non-EU/EEA Countries, Stay of Less than Three Months

If you are from a non-EU/EEA country and you intend to stay in Sweden for less than three months, you will need a visa in order to study in Sweden. You should confirm possible visa requirements with the Swedish consulate or embassy responsible for your home country.

Non-EU/EEA Countries, Stay of More than Three Months

If you are an international student planning on studying in Sweden for longer than three months, you will need a residence permit before your arrival in Sweden. You should apply as early as possible, as it can take several months for your application to be processed. You will need to pay the first installment of tuition fees before applying for a residence permit. For your application, you will need:

  • Two recent passport photographs
  • Two copies of the passport (validity minimum 6 months)
  • Acceptance letter from the University in Sweden & copy
  • Two copies of educational degrees; university/college/high school etc. (attested by the Foreign Ministry)
  • One letter of confirmation from the sponsor of the studies & copy • Health insurance for students whose stay in Sweden will not exceed one year

You will also need to prove to the Swedish Migration Board that you will have an adequate sum of money at your disposal throughout the length of your studies. The amount set by the Migration Board is SEK 7,300 per month for ten months of the year. If you are bringing your family, you will need an additional SEK 3,500 for your spouse and SEK 2,100 per child and month. If you can prove to the board that you will receive free lodging during your stay in Sweden, the sum required will be reduced. This is also true if you have been awarded a scholarship through the Swedish Institute or another program.

Remember that residence permits are limited to the duration of your study period, or one year, depending on which is shorter. Permits can be renewed annually, if you receive the number of credit points required and can provide proof of adequate financial support.

EU/EEA Countries

If you are an international student from a non-Nordic EU/EEA country, you have the right to reside in Sweden. This means that you are permitted to stay in Sweden for more than three months without a residence permit. You will need to register with the Migration Board no later than three months after entering Sweden. To do this, you will need to enclose proof of enrollment in a Swedish education course, proof that you have sufficient funds for your stay in Sweden, and proof that you have comprehensive medical insurance valid in Sweden.

If you are an international student from Switzerland, you will need to apply for a residence permit.

If you are an international student from a Nordic country, you do not need a visa or residence permit to study in Sweden.

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