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Why Study in Portugal?

Why study in Portugal as an International Student

The beautiful scenery, exciting mixture of old buildings and new life, and the affordable lifestyle that accompanies studying in Portugal are just a short list of the advantages for international students in Portugal. With a small number of universities from which to choose, and owning the third most widely spoken language in Europe outside of English and Spanish, this country is a huge draw for international students. The excellent education and beautiful Mediterranean climate make Portugal a top choice for international students around the world.

Higher Education in Portugal

Choosing to study in Portugal has several advantages, including:

International students choosing to study in Portugal will be impressed by the low cost of tuition and the equally affordable cost of living. On average, tuition is $1,500 USD per undergraduate year. This is also dependent on the degree level at which a student attends. The cost of living is a surprising 600-800∈ each month.
With the exciting Bologna Accords and the continued union between most European nations, transferring between two, three or even four universities is quite possible throughout Europe. International students who wish to gain life and experience in several places instead of just one have this opportunity when they study in Portugal.
Students who study in Portugal will have access to significant discounts to the metro, to museums and even to historical locations. This is a great way to improve the quality of your education in Portugal.
Why study in Portugal? It isn’t just Portugal! Africa is a great tie to Portugal and it will enrich students’ lives as they study in this unique country. Brazil is another strong tie that provides great education and association with Portugal.
There are a large amount of courses and entire degree programs available in English, and this is a great reason to choose Portugal for studies. If you are interested in learning Portuguese, however, you won’t want to miss this opportunity to learn a new language as well.
The educational quality of studying in Portugal dates back to 1290AD, when the ninth oldest university in the world was established and the standard of education was cultivated.
There are two types of education offered—University and polytechnic. Within these large institutions there are smaller subcategories of study that make studying in Portugal ideal.

Life in Portugal

Considering why you should study in Portugal, ponder these great factors:

Portugal is a beautiful country with 1,200 km of coastline. Between the shore and the beautiful mountains there is everything in between—from farmland to valleys. There is nothing lacking in beauty and the mild climate makes living and studying in Portugal a life of ease.
Due to the emphasis on education and culture, there are several ways that international students studying in Portugal can become a part of the life of Portugal. There are several sports and clubs on each individual campus as well as opportunities within the communities to be involved.
Portugal is a safe stable place to study.

A great website to learn more about the exciting possibilities when you study in Portugal is Be sure to check out the other information regarding insurance and visas for international students wanting to study in Portugal.

Best Insurance Plans for Portugal

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