Navigator Health Plan | Exclusions

The Geoblue Navigator Plan does not provide benefits for:

  1. Expenses incurred prior to the beginning of the current Period of Coverage or after the end of the current Period of Coverage except as described in the Extension of Benefits
  2. Hospitalization, services and supplies that are not Medically Necessary.
  3. Services or supplies that are not specifically mentioned in this Certificate
  4. Services related to pregnancy or maternity care other than for Complications of Pregnancy.
  5. Services or supplies for any illness or injury arising out of or in the course of employment for which benefits are available under any Workers’ Compensation Law or other similar laws whether or not you make a claim for such compensation or receive such benefits. This exclusion does not apply to Protection and Indemnity Insurance for marine crew members.
  6. Services or supplies that are furnished to you by the local, state or federal government and for any services or supplies to the extent payment or benefits are provided or available from the local, state or federal government whether or not that payment or benefits are received.
  7. Conditions caused by or contributed by:
    1. An act of war;
    2. The inadvertent release of nuclear energy when government funds are available for treatment of Illness or Injury arising from such release of nuclear energy;
    3. A Covered Person participating in the military service of any country;
    4. A Covered Person participating in an insurrection, rebellion, or riot;
    5. Services received for any condition caused by a Covered Person’s commission of, or attempt to commit a felony or to which a contributing cause was the Covered Person being engaged in an illegal occupation.
  8. Services or supplies that do not meet accepted standards of medical and/or dental practice.
  9. Investigational Services and Supplies and all related services and supplies.
  10. Routine physical examinations, unless otherwise specified in this Certificate.
  11. Services or supplies received during an Inpatient stay when the stay is primarily related to behavioral, social maladjustment, lack of discipline or other antisocial actions that are not specifically the result of Mental Illness.
  12. Cosmetic Surgery and related services and supplies, whether or not for psychological purposes, except for the correction of congenital deformities or for conditions resulting from accidental injuries, scars, tumors or diseases that occur after your Coverage Date.
  13. Services or supplies for which you are not required to make payment or would have no legal obligation to pay if you did not have this or similar coverage.
  14. Charges for failure to keep a scheduled visit or charges for completion of a claim form.
  15. Durable medical equipment not specifically listed as Covered Services in the Covered Services section of this Plan. Excluded durable medical equipment includes, but is not limited to: orthopedic shoes (except when joined to braces) or shoe inserts, including orthotics; air purifiers, air conditioners, humidifiers; exercise equipment, treadmills; spas; elevators; supplies for comfort, hygiene or beautification; disposable sheaths and supplies; correction appliances or support appliances and supplies such as stockings.
  16. Care and treatment by a Chiropractor.
  17. Care and treatment by an Acupuncturist.
  18. Special braces, splints, specialized equipment, appliances, ambulatory apparatus, battery implants, except as specifically mentioned in this Certificate.
  19. Blood derivatives that are not classified as drugs in the official formularies.
  20. Eyeglasses, contact lenses or cataract lenses and the examination for prescribing or fitting of glasses or contact lenses or for determining the refractive state of the eye, except as specifically mentioned in this Certificate.
  21. Treatment to change the refraction of one or both eyes (laser eye correction), including refractive keratectomy (RK) and photorefractive keratectomy (PRK).
  22. Hearing aids, including but not limited to semi-implantable hearing devices, audiant bone conductors and Bone Anchored Hearing Aids (BAHAs), except as covered under this Plan as shown in the Schedule of Benefits section. A hearing aid is any device that amplifies sound.
  23. Treatment of flat foot conditions and the prescription of supportive devices for such conditions and the treatment of subluxations of the foot.
  24. Routine foot care, except for persons diagnosed with diabetes, including the cutting or removal of corns or calluses; the trimming of nails, routine hygienic care and any service rendered in the absence of localized Illness, Injury or symptoms involving the feet.
  25. Immunizations, unless otherwise specified in this Certificate.
  26. Therapy or treatment intended primarily to improve or maintain general physical condition or for the purpose of enhancing job, school, athletic or recreational performance, including but not limited to routine, long term, or maintenance care which is provided after the resolution of the acute medical problem and when significant therapeutic improvement is not expected.
  27. Non-medical counseling or ancillary services, including but not limited to Custodial Care services, education, training, vocational rehabilitation, behavioral training, gym or swim therapy, legal or financial counseling, biofeedback, neuro-feedback, hypnosis, sleep therapy, employment counseling, back to school, return to work services, work hardening programs, driving safety, and services, training, educational therapy or other non-medical ancillary services for learning disabilities, developmental delays or intellectual disabilities.
  28. Diagnostic Service as part of routine physical examinations or check-ups, premarital examinations, determination of the refractive errors of the eyes, auditory problems, surveys, case-finding, research studies, screening, or similar procedures and studies, or tests which are Investigational unless otherwise specified in this Certificate.
  29. Procurement or use of prosthetic devices, special appliances and surgical implants which are for cosmetic purposes, the comfort and convenience of the patient, or unrelated to the treatment of a disease or injury.
  30. Services and supplies rendered or provided for human organ or tissue transplants other than those specifically named in this Certificate.
  31. Investigational or experimental organ transplantation including animal to human organ transplants.
  32. Consultations performed by you, your spouse, parents or children.
  33. Medical and Hospital care and costs for the infant child of a Dependent, unless this infant child is otherwise eligible under this Plan.
  34. Charges for the services of a standby Physician.
  35. Medical and surgical services, initial and repeat, intended for the treatment or control of Obesity, except for treatment of clinically severe (Morbid) Obesity as shown in Covered Expenses, including: medical and surgical services to alter appearance or physical changes that are the result of any surgery performed for the management of Obesity or clinically severe (Morbid) Obesity; and weight loss programs or treatments, whether prescribed or recommended by a Physician or under medical supervision.
  36. Treatment for hair loss.
  37. Growth hormone treatment for children with familial short stature (short stature based upon heredity and not caused by a diagnosed medical condition).
  38. Dental treatment, dental surgery, dental prostheses and orthodontic treatment unless otherwise specified in this Certificate.
  39. Dental Implants: Dental materials implanted into or on bone or soft tissue or any associated procedure as part of the implantation or removal of dental implants.
  40. Medical aids unless otherwise specified in this Certificate.
  41. Services and treatment related to elective abortions.
  42. Infertility, Assisted Reproduction And Sterilization Reversal
  43. Treatment of infertility, including procedures, supplies and drugs;
  44. Any assisted reproduction techniques, regardless of reason or origin of condition, including but not limited to, artificial insemination, in-vitro fertilization, and gamete intra-fallopian transplant (GIFT) and any direct or indirect complications thereof.

    Please Note: This exclusion does not apply to the diagnosis of infertility or the surgical correction or a condition causing infertility. This would be treated the same as any other medical condition.
  45. Expenses incurred for, or related to gender reassignment surgery.
  46. Any services or supplies for the treatment of male or female sexual dysfunction such as, but not limited to, treatment of erectile dysfunction (including penile implants), anorgasmia, and premature ejaculation.
  47. Non-prescription drugs.
  48. Nutritional counseling or food supplements, except for treatment of Phenylketonuria (PKU) and other inherited metabolic diseases and diabetes.
  49. Telephone, e-mail, and Internet consultations unless specifically approved by the Administrator due to limited resources while located in a country outside of the United States.
  50. Loss arising from participating in any professional sport, contest or competition;
  51. SCUBA diving
  52. Whenever coverage provided by this Certificate would be in violation of any U.S. economic or trade sanctions, such coverage shall be null and void.
Please note: The exclusions listed above is a consolidated version of the plan exclusions. Please view the plan certificate for the full list and limitations of the plan.

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