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Finland Visa Insurance Requirements
Insurance Requirements for International Students in Finland

Finland visa insurance requirements for international students is a very important facet of studying abroad in Finland. Students should take the insurance requirements very seriously when traveling as insurance allows students to access top levels of health care.

Mandatory Requirements

There are several insurance requirements for international students to meet while they are in Finland. Insurance is usually mandatory and required by most universities in Finland. Even though Finland is a safe quality nation, there is always the chance of an unexpected occurrence. For these reasons, international students must be sure to have access to health insurance in case of emergencies.

Finland Healthcare System

Finland has a universal healthcare system for their permanent residents and some immigrants, but the system is not designed to cover temporary visitors, such as international students in Finland. In most cases, Finland’s healthcare does not come free for international students. It is highly advisable that international students enter Finland with full private health insurance to cover any health problems that develop during their stay.

Healthcare for International Students

Healthcare can be expensive for those people who don’t qualify for the universal healthcare access, such as international students. In addition, some hospitals in several countries may have restrictions on treatment for those students who have no insurance. To make sure that students are covered, private health insurance is necessary.

In most cases, having private health insurance for international students in Finland is mandatory before a student can even be accepted to a school in the nation. Students are required to obtain a residence permit when studying in Finland. In order to obtain this permit, Finland visa insurance requirements mandate that students show proof of private insurance in their home nation.

Coverage and Specifics

For international students who are planning to study in Europe, you will fall into either one of two categories - which will determine if you need to purchase private health insurance coverage:

Students from the EU

May have access to the Finnish health insurance system if they have an EU Health Card

Students from outside the EU

Must purchase private health insurance during their full duration in Finland for coverage while in Finland

The full requirements of the Finland coverage requirements are as follows:

  • Deductible must not exceed €300 (approximately $350 USD)
  • €120,000 (approximately $135,000 USD) policy maximum if studying less than two years (less than four semesters)
  • €40,000 (approximately $45,000 USD) policy maximum if studying at least two years (four semesters or more)
  • Insurance coverage for your entire stay
  • If studying for more than 1 year, you need a min of 1 year coverage
  • You are not allowed to cancel your insurance plan

The Europe Travel, Atlas Travel and Student Secure plans will meet the deductible and coverage requirements that the Finnish officials require of international students. Students will receive proof of coverage immediately after purchase that will allow them to show the officials that they have secured coverage that meets these requirements.

Insurance for International Travel

Finland is close to many other great nations to vacation, visit or take time to explore. These nations have many different health care systems. Students should have access to health insurance to ensure any accidents that happen in a foreign nation are covered. If students are also relocating any family with them when studying abroad, their family members are also advised to access insurance. Insurance requirements for Finland are rigorous, but well worth it for potential international students.

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